Fix: WOW51900319 Error on War Of WarCraft

Blizzard support States that this error “WOW51900319” is a catch-all error code for “You have been disconnected”. Some same complaints, comprise “getting dumped from WoW”, getting “disconnected from World of Warcraft” and “disconnected with error BLZ51900075”.

Finally, we got few fixes for the error- hopefully, they’ll be able to solve the issue on your side. Blizzard elucidates that this error can have different reasons- but there are some solutions you can try to clear the dilemma.

Possible Reasons that can cause this error to occur

The common meaning of Error Code WOW51900319 is “You have been disconnected from the server.” This states that the issue raises when your game cannot communicate with WoW Servers anymore. Blizzard states that one can get other errors like “Disconnected from World of Warcraft“ or “Disconnected with error BLZ51900075” which technically mean the same as Error Code WOW51900319.But users have complained about getting this error even with correctly running data connections. This error has increased after the release of World oF Warcraft Legion. Blizzard Support states that this error was very less before the release of Legion. Some users say that this error can be raised due to Blizzard tightening up their network latency requirements and hence WoW Servers quickly disconnect when the network does not respond. Another cause that users point out is the increased graphics over each frame and hence when one plays WoW on high fps, the internet connection cannot keep up with Servers due to network latency and hence disconnects.Also, there is no correlation between the software, PC Configuration and ISP that raises this Problem. Some users also complain of getting this issue only when they play Demon Hunter in Dalaran. So, maybe you must stop doing so? Haha!ah! Anyway, jokes aside, let us now talk about the Solutions.

How To Fix wow51900319 Error

Here are some of the solution to the error with code”wow51900319″.These solutions will surely help you in fixing this error. Let’s go:-

1. Changing The Background FPS To 30fps

This is a very famous and working fix that seems to solve the problem for a large no. of users across the world. The fix was found by a blogger who tested various cases in which he got this problem and saw a pattern about getting the WOW51900319 Error Code. He realized that he got the error only when WoW switched to background especially when he checked online for some walkthrough to play a stubborn quest.

How To Set Background FPS To 30fps In World Of Warcraft?

1. First, click Esc or press Menu icon in the game to run Game Menu and press to go into System Tab.

2. Then press Advanced to go into Advanced Options.
3. Afterward, you will see the option to set Max Background FPS, then press to check the box near it.

4. When the slider is enabled, make use of the slider and set the Max Background FPS to 30fps. This happens to fix the problem instantly and you can continue your game without getting the WOW51900319 error so frequently again in World of Warcraft.

2. Make Sure You Have The Latest Network Drivers

This problem may occur if you are using the wrong or outdated network drivers. So you should update your network drivers to see if it fixes your problem. If you don’t have the ample amount of time and skills to update the system drivers manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t require to know exactly what system your PC is running, you don’t need to be Panicked by the wrong driver you would be downloading, and you don’t need to worry about making an error when installing. Driver Easy manages it all.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the free version of the driver easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and press the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your system and detect any problem drivers.

3) Press Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of ALL the drivers that are missing or outdated on your system.

You can do it for free if you like, but it’s partly manual.

4) Reboot your system for the changes to take effect.

5) Run World of Warcraft once again to see if the WOW51900319is fixed. If yes, then congrats and enjoy the game! If the issue remains, please move on to the next solution below.

3. Optimize Network For Speed

Another helpful trick in solving the problem is to make sure you optimize the network for speed.

Here is how to do so:

1. While in WOW, click System to go to the system settings of the game.

2. Click the network tab and tick the box for Optimize Network for Speed. Then click Okay to save the changes.

3.Run World of Warcraft again to check if the WOW51900319 issue is fixed. If yes, then it’s good! If it’s still there please move to the next solution.

4. Reset The User Interface

The WOW51900319 error may also be caused by some display and interface issues. So it’s recommended that you reset the user interface to see if it can fix the problem.

Here is how to reset the user interface:

1. Exit World of Warcraft.

2. If you have any addon managers, please uninstall to make sure they don’t re-add the removed addons.

3. In, click Options and select Show in Explorer.

4. Exit

5. In the pop-up windows, double-click on the World of Warcraft folder.

6. Double-click on the game version that is having the connection issue ( _retail_ or _classic_ ).

7. Rename these three folders: Cache, Interface, and WTF folders to CacheOld, InterfaceOld, and WTFOld.

8. Relaunch and World of Warcraft to see it the game connects properly. If yes, then great – you’ve solved the issue!

5. Restart Your Network

The WoW won’t connect to server issue may be a glitch caused by your router. So you can restart your modem to see if it fixes the issue.

Here is how to restart your network:

1) Unplug your modem from the power socket.

2. Wait 60 seconds for your modem (and your wireless router) to cool off.

3. Plug the network devices back in again and wait until the indicator lights are back to the normal state.

4. Open WoW to see if it connects to the servers properly.


These were the solutions to fix this irritating error “WoW51900319”. Hope these methods help you in fixing this error.

If you feel any difficulty in these methods please let me know in comments I will help you for sure. Thanks!

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