How to Fix Windows 10 Start Button Not Working Error?

When Windows 10 works, it’s a great operating system. When it doesn’t, you’ll want to throw your computer out of the literal window. Among Microsoft’s pile of peculiarities is its talent for throwing up brain-scratching bugs. One of the worst of these is a tendency for the Windows 10 start button not working.

If you are newly moved to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, variant 1709, and find that your Start menu is not running, stopping you from using the very handy search feature, you’re not the only one.

Many Windows 10 users are complaining about this problem as well. But no issues, we’re here to assist. The much-loved feature was made a welcome return in Windows 10 but freezing and other problems have been experienced by a various number of users. If you’re encountering one of these bugs, try the solutions we’ve given below and hopefully your Start Menu will be up and working like normal it was earlier.

How To Fix “Windows 10 Start Button Not Working” Issue?

Here are some of the effective methods that will help you in fixing this error.

1. Run A New Windows Task

When the Task manager window runs, press the More details option to expand it, then choose Run new task from the File menu option.

2. Relog Into Your Account

Logging again to your PC is one of the easiest ways for you to try. If your Start menu was only gone occasionally, you should really try this option. Here is how to log again into your account:

1. On your keyboard, click the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same time. Press Sign out.

2. Write in your password and log in.

3. Verify if your Start menu runs all right now.

If the same issue keeps occurring again, you need to try other tricks given below.

3. Kill Explorer

This is an instant-and-nasty fix that may come in comfortable through a variety of conditions, such as when you have non-responding windows or spurious problems on the Windows desktop – it’s not sure to work, but it’s saved us a bunch of times over the decades we’ve been tinkering with Windows systems.
  1. Run Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar, selecting Task Manager from the menu, or pressing down Ctrl+Shift+Escape.
  2. If a UAC prompt displays, press yes and then press “More details” on the bottom right of the task manager window.
  3. Move to the “Processes” tab and scroll down till you see “Windows Explorer”.
  4. Right-click on the process, and choose “Restart” from the Index menu.

4. Create A New User Account 

1. Right-click the taskbar on your desktop at the bottom and click Task Manager.2. On the top of the Task Manager tab, choose File option and then select Run new task.

3. Then write PowerShell and tick the box for Create this task with administrative privileges. Hit OK.

4. In PowerShell window, copy and paste in the following command and hit Enter.

net user newusername newpassword /add

5. Reboot your system and log into the new user account.

6. Your Start menu must run now. You can alter the new local account to a Microsoft account and shift your files and settings.

5. Rebuild Index

If you’re too serious to try the Media Creation Tool fix below, then it will be worth giving this a try.

  1. Press the Windows Key+R to run the Run window. Write in the following without quote signs: “control /name Microsoft.IndexingOptions”.
  2. Press Modify on the bottom left of the Indexing Options Tab. Press the “Show all locations” button, then untick all the ticked locations. Press OK.
  3. Now Press Advanced, then press Rebuild in the Troubleshooting section. A message will be displayed saying that this might take some time. Hit OK.
  4. Press Windows Key+R to open the Run window. Now Write in “Shutdown -r” without quote signs to restart your System.

6. Update Windows 10 With New ISO

Windows 10 Taskbar/Start button won’t work in some Windows build Operating Systems, so make sure you keep your windows 10 up to date. Auto-update won’t help. Download Windows 10 ISO file. Here is the download link for Media Creation Tool:…load/windows10

Run the Media Creation Tool after downloading, it will download Windows 10 ISO file to the PC. Run the Windows ISO with windows explorer, run the exe file. You got two options to proceed further, download and install updates or Not right now. Both of them shall fix the problem.

7. Use Command Line Utilities

If the thought of tinkering with code doesn’t chill you to the bone, then there are a couple of utilities you can use to address the Windows 10 start button not working problem. Before you start though we strongly recommend backing up any files that you don’t want to lose.

Scan File System

System File Check is a built-in utility that will, as the name suggests, go through your system to see if anything is corrupted.

The first thing you’ll require to do is run the Task Manager window, which is achieved by clicking Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

At the top of the new window, you must see the option for File > Run new task. Press this and then in the Create new task box write CMD, but don’t hit enter. Below the area where you Wrote in CMD, you’ll see a box entitled Create this task with administrative privileges which you require to have ticked. Now hit OK. A new window will now appear with a cursor flashing next to c: \windows\system32>

Type in the following command;

SFC /scannow

and press Enter.

Windows will now run a scan on your file system and let you know whether it discovers any discrepancies.

If you see the message Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them then you’ll need to open another application to see if these problems can be fixed.

At the command line prompt Write the following;

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

ensuring that you comprise the spaces after each word.

This might take a little time to open, so leave the PC to its business. When DISM is completed you will receive a message making you know that all is well. It’s a good idea to run the SFC /scannow utility once again to confirm that there aren’t any other issues lurking in the computer.


These were all possible methods to solve this issue “Windows 10 start button not working” these methods will surely help you in fixing this error. If you feel any difficulty in implementing the above-given steps.

Let us know in the comments below how much this issue frustrated you and for how long. Cheers!

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