Ubee Router Login – Default Username and Password

Ubee is one of the well-known companies that offer several useful products to make multimedia connections effective. They have a wide range of products starting from wireless gateways and modem/routers, which you can own at competitive prices. Ubee routers well configured to offer up to 300 Mbps speed to make your browsing experience much smoother. If you wise to make changes into the default setting of the router then you need to access the Ubee router login page.

In this post,  we will make you aware of all the information you need to access the Ubee router login page. We will also tend to make you aware of the default username and password of the Ubee router.  So without further, shall we begin to talk about how to log into Ubee router:-

Ubee Router Login


Ubee Login Instruction

There are a series of instructions you need to follow in order to log into the Ubee router. If you’re completely unaware of them and wish to know, then scroll down, we have mentioned those steps in a very simple way.

  • First of all, you should make sure your computer or router both connected with each other and working properly.
  • Afterward,  head to your PC and launch any of the web browsers.
  • To get access to the Ubee router login page, you need to enter the default IP address associated with your router. is the most commonly seen Ubee router IP address.

Ubee router IP address

  • If there is a halt between your router and computer, then you will be redirected to an error page. If you have successfully accessed the login web page then it will prompt you to enter the default username and password of the Ubee router.
  • Have you purchased a router in the recent days and accessing the login page for the first time. You can see the default username and password of the Ubee router in the user manual of Ubee router or you can check the stickers labeled on your router.

Router sticker

  • If you have managed to feed the right password then you will able to access the Ubee router login page.

Default Username And Password Of Ubee Router:-

deafult username and password router

If you have no idea about the combination of username and password, then below given guide will prove helpful for you. Here we have mentioned all the possible combinations of Ubee router default username and password. You can try them one by one to check with one work for you.

Ubee Router Default Login IP:-

Ubee router default IP address is very important in order to access the admin panel. That’s the reason why we have decided to share some steps with you involved in knowing the Ubee router default IP address.

The following steps will let you know the default IP address of your router on the Windows operating system.

  • Head to the Command Prompt on Windows operating system.

Commnad Prompt

  • Once the Command Prompt is launched successfully, you need to type ipconfig.
  • After that, a list of IP address appears on your screen, you need to locate the Default Gateway.

Gateway IP

This is the easiest way you can follow in order to know the default IP address associated with your router. Default Gateway shows the IP address of the routers.

How To Reset Your Router?

Router reset

Are you not able to remember the username and password associated with your router? Then it is best practice to hard reset your Ubee router to change your customized settings to the default settings. To do so, follow the steps we have mentioned below.

  • The most prominent way to reset the Ubee router is to hold the reset button on your router. You need to keep the router turned on.
  • You can take the help of a paperclip to press the reset button.
  • Wait till lights start blinking.

Once you have reset your router, you will able to use your router using the default username and password. If you wish to apply some customized settings to the router then follow the steps we discussed above.

How To Modify Login Details Of Ubee Router?

The steps we have mentioned below will be proven helpful for you to change the login details of the Ubee router.

  • Follow the Ubee router login steps we discussed int the previous section.
  • Once you have logged in the Ubee router admin panel, need to click to Wireless available in the top menu section.Ubee router web interface
  • Now tap on Primary Network.
  • You should need to locate the serial number available under the WPA/WPA2 section.
  • Now as you have able to see your password, delete the current one and enter the new password. We suggest you use a strong password.
  • Once all the steps are completed, scroll down and click on Apply to save a password.

Final Take:-

It would be beneficial for you to know the login details of your Ubee router. For instance, in the future, if you wish to apply some customized settings to your router,  then these login details will help you to do so. In this post, we have mentioned every single detail you need to know about your router, also we have tried to mention them in a simple way so anyone with limited knowledge of technology can go through them effectively.

If, still any of your questions remain unanswered then let us know using the comment section.

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