[FIXED] This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

Every time you buy a new Windows, you get a license key with it. That key is proof that the Windows you are using is 100% genuine. But, despite that, it is often seen that people face genuinity error. When facing this issue, your screen goes black and you get an error code saying – This copy of Windows is not genuine.

It is a common yet annoying error. You can still use all of your Windows features, except can’t have wallpaper, always get random notifications. It might not sound a huge deal at first, but it gets worse slowly. So, what to do when you encounter this problem.

In this article, I will tell you 5- different methods that can solve this issue. And since you don’t know the exact cause, we will start from the obvious i.e. learning about it.

What is this Windows Error?

This copy of Windows is not genuine” is an insanely common error and to be honest, I have faced it more than 3-times. One moment you were doing something, another you get a black desktop screen with the message on it. But as unpredictable as it sounds, there are several reasons that can cause this error, despite having a genuine Windows.

  • You didn’t activate your Windows before the end of the trial period.
  • Your license expired.
  • You got your license/Windows from a third-party source.
  • You shared your License Key to others, so Microsoft willingly blocked it.

Well, there could be other reasons but these were all I could think of. So, now we know the cause let us talk about the solution.

Methods To Fix Windows Not Genuine

Also, keep in mind that these methods do not make your Windows genuine, they will fix the issues permanently.

1. Check Your License

In this case of scenario, the most logical thing to do is cross-check your Windows License. Before following any other methods, make sure that your license is not expired, 100% genuine and definitely not blocked.  If any of this is false, then you can buy a new license. And if you don’t want to do it, follow the steps below.

2. RSoP Command

The Resultant Set of Policy(RSoP) is a report that tells us how existing group policies affects varies users and computers combination when local security is applied to it. It is basically a report about all group policy setting under Active directory. Which means that this command can also help in solving our problem.

  • Open Run, press Windows + R to do so. Now type rsop.msc and hit Enter.


  • Now navigate to Windows Settings -> SecuritySettings -> System and Services.

  • Double click on System and Services. Scroll down on the right side and find Plug and Play.

  • Right-click on Plug and Play -> Properties.

  • Select Automatic under Service startup mode.
  • Again, open  Run and type gpupdate/force and press Enter. And then restart your PC.

3. SLMGR-REARM Command

The SLMGR also is known as the Software Management and Licensing tool is Microsoft’s command line for licensing. It is a VBS file in Windows through which one can perform Windows activation task. The REARM command is used to reset activation timers, which mean, using this command your 30-day trial command can be restarted from day 1. Here is how-

  • Press Windows + X and select Command Prompt (admin).

open cmd as administrator

  • In cmd, type SLMGR-REARM or SLMGR/REARM.

  • Now, confirm by clicking OK and restart your PC.

4. Turn-off Windows Updates

The updates provided by Microsoft are meant for the betterment of Windows and user experience. But there are several updated that can detect expired Windows license and start showing Errors. So, if you don’t want anymore Windows not genuine notification or a black desktop screen, it is recommended to turn off automatic Windows updates.

  • First, open Control Panel.

  • Now, type Windows Update on the left or go to System Security-> Windows Update.  

  • On the left side, click on Change Settings.
  • Under Important updates, scroll down and select Never Check for updates, then click OK to apply.

5. Uninstall System Updates (Windows 7)

For any Windows user, who is running Windows 7 in their machine can also solve this issue by uninstalling a particular update. The KB971033 update in Windows 7 is particularly found responsible for this error. So uninstalling this update will immediately solve your issue. To do so,

  • First, open Control Panel and go to Windows Update.

  • Now, on the left side, Click on Installed Updates/View Installed Update.

  • Then select KB971033 and click on Uninstall to open uninstallation Wizard.
  • Uninstall the update and restart your PC.

The Bottom Line

Owning a Microsoft Windows comes with a lot of goods and bads. And getting errors is the most genuine thing that can happen to it. The BSODs in Windows are already dangerous enough and then you have this “This copy of Windows is not genuine”.

If you are using a pirated copy of Windows or got it from a different source, then you had it coming. But, to be honest, having expired Windows is no big deal unless you get to the professional stuff. From my personal experience, I can say that there are a lot of softwares/games that won’t run just because you have Windows is expired and, it gets annoying with time.

But, now you don’t have to worry as you have a solution to the problem. Also, do check with your providers, if you bought an original copy. If not, it is highly recommended to get a license key to prevent future error. Thank you!

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