Fix System Service Exception on Windows 10, 8, 7

There are a number of things in the computer that can go wrong to cause a System Service Exception and thereby the error thereby tells us that while there was a transfer from processing non-privileged code to privileged code in the system, there happened to be a cease to the function.

If you have bumped into a BSOD and the not sure the reason causing it is SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error? Then scroll through article to learn to fix it.

What is System Service Exception?

A death of errors on a blue screen referring to an error code of “0x0000003B” also known as System Service Exception is a problem in the computer indicating that there been some trouble in the Windows operating system to proceed with one or more of the system’s process. The System Service Exception has been present in all versions of Windows and almost all Windows has more or less a similar set of methods to fix this error.

How to Fix System Service Exception on Windows 10.

Let’s take a look at how to fix the System Service Exception Error On Windows 10.

1. The Webcam Needs To Be Disabled

At times the System Service Exception error can be caused by certain hardware such as Webcam which is already built in the monitor. By disabling the webcam, one can get rid of the System Service Exception when one opens Device manager, and by finding webcam we need to right-click it and choose to disable from the list. There also needs to be an in deep exploring of the system before we find out by which device the error is being occurred.

2. McAfee antivirus Software Needs To Be Uninstalled

It is very usual that the cause of the System Service exception could also be an anti-Virus software, especially in Windows 10 where reports had been made that the cause of this issue could be a McAfee Anti Virus Software which is advisable to be removed and moreover users have resolved this issue after having removed this software. By going to the settings app, have the McAfee uninstalled.

3. Have The Virtual Clone Drive Uninstalled

A Virtual Clone Drive can also cause a System Service Exception which thus uninstalled can help the computer get rid of System service exception.

4. Have The Drivers Updated

The Issue can still be encountered even if the graphics card driver is running out of date, so we need to have the GPU drivers updated. This can be done by opening Device Manager, expand Display adapters and go to Update driver by right-clicking the graphics card. Allow your computer to automatically find new drivers from the GPU and have yourself patiently waiting for the process to finish. After a while, restart the computer.

5. Run the Troubleshooter

There are many issues and errors in the computer which are resolved and likewise one such BSOD error like System Service Exception is also dealt by a Microsoft Inbuilt Troubleshooting tool also known as a Troubleshooter. Having gone to the settings app, proceed to Update and Security and go to Troubleshoot, find BSOD and click on to ‘ Run the Troubleshooter’.  By further following on to the Screen on instructions, have your computer restarted.

6. The Hard Drive Needs To Be Checked

This issue can also be caused due to the corrupted system drive, which needs to be checked to see if its running fine. This can be checked by going to Command Prompt and have the line chkdsk/f C entered followed by the allowance of the process to get over and have the computer restarted.

7.  The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool Needs To Be Run

By having gone to search, type in Memory Diagnostic and open the memory Diagnostic Tool. Choose restart now and have the problems checked, when the windows pop up and allow the PC to restart.

 Likewise, there are other Windows in which these problems can be resolved.

How to Fix System_Service_Exception on Windows 7

Let’s take a look at how to fix the System Service Exception Error On Windows 7.

1. Device Drivers Needs To Be Updated At All Aspects

By having an outdated Device driver, there is always a possibility of a System Service Exception Error which could be only be fixed by having an updated device driver or by having the requisite computer skills and patience, one could manually update the driver or have it done automatically with Driver easy, which recognizes the system and finds the driver to fix the problem. This will enable you to not worry about how exactly would be the process of running the system and we may not worry about making a mistake while installing as the Driver Easy would handling everything. Drivers could be updated with a free or the pro version of the Driver Easy. In the free version, we just have to have the Driver Easy downloaded and installed, followed by running Driver Easy and click Scan Now button. This will enable the driver easy to scan your computer and have your computer problem drivers detected.

By upgrading to the pro version, click Update All and have the system download and install the correct version of all drivers which had been missing or outdated. By Restarting your computer, you can expect the System Service exception problem never to occur again.

2. Running Windows Memory Diagnostic

There are cases where the user makes changes to their computer. This is where, one needs to run the Windows Memory Diagnostic which is an inbuilt Windows tool, which enables the system to check for memory problems and fixes System Service Exception. This process of running the tool takes about 20 minutes. By pressing the Windows button on our keyboard, we click on to Windows Memory Diagnostic which pops up on the screen on pressing the windows button.

We need to make sure to save all our work and close out all apps on our PC and Click Restart Now and have all your problems checked.


After having the PC restarted, we need to see that if there is a report of memory errors, then have the on-screen functions followed to further troubleshoot. If No memory errors detected, then there is no failure or failing memory on the RAM.

3. Run SFC

It stands for System File Checker which is a handy feature helping a user to scan the system files and have the missing or the corrupted files repaired that causes a System Service Exception blue screen error. On pressing the Windows logo key, type cmd and right-click on it and click Run as administrator.

When prompted to confirm, click Yes.

Type in the Scannow and Press enter in the Command Prompt Window.

It might take a while for the SFC to have the corrupted files replace with the new one, depending on if there is any detected. After a while, restart the computer and check if the blue screen problem has vanished or not.

4. The Disk Errors Needs To Be Checked

An inbuilt Windows tool that scans the hard disk and external drives for errors and fixes them is known as Disk Check. It takes a few minutes for the disk error to scan. But on detecting an error, it might take a few hours for the Fixing procedure to complete. Press the Windows logo key and E simultaneously and right-click on Local disk C, followed by clicking properties.

Click the Tools tab > Check.

On making sure that there are both boxes in the pop-up window, click Start.

Have the instructions screened for Windows in order to detect and the have the found errors fixed. Have the computer restarted to see if the System Service exception blue screen error is fixed or not?

Final Words

System service exception which is also known for its Bug check error code ‘0x0000003B” is not such a serious issue, but it halts most of the system process and thereby procrastinates the user in most of the aspects especially when there are changes made in the computer and then due to a pile-up in the memory, the user needs to get rid of some memory which might also cause a System Service exception blue screen error.

A System Service exception error is a prey to the very common things a user does in the computer, which is why there are ways as mentioned above and most described one could be System file checker in Windows 7 where the corrupted files are detected and likewise reducing the risk of further virus in our computer and trying to make the Windows as clean as possible.

If you still need help with anything at all, do let us know in the comments section below and we shall get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

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