Can You Download Snapseed for Windows PC?

Digital art and picture editing are some of the most loved professions and a hobby in this era, and a person needs to be creative and hardworking to comply with this profession. To be a good digital artist, one needs a good professional photo editing software. Beginners are suggested to go with free software rather than a paid one. Just like – Snapseed, but Snapseed for PC available?

Let us find out!


In the initial years of launch, Snapseed was available for all the operating systems, including Windows. But after two years in terms of operation, the company decided to keep the software limited for IOS and Android platforms.

About The Snapseed App:

No doubt, Snapseed is one of the best professional photo editing software. Originally developed by Nik Software Pvt Ltd in the year 2011 for iPad, and now owned by Google. In the initial years, Snapseed was available for PC as well, but after two years of launch, it was made solitary for mobile devices.

When it comes to creativity, “Hard Work Beats the Talent,” and “Talent Beats the Hard Work,” both the statements are true in correspondence to the situation. But, there is no doubt that a professional picture editing software gives an artist a Head Start.

Snapseed is loaded with various features and tools that make it a choice of beginner, intermediate, and professional creators and artists. Almost every artist prefers to use a PC for editing purposes, due to the bigger screen and hardware stability. Although this software is not available for PC users anymore, yet it can be used on your computer with the help of certain third-party software. Below we have described how one can use Snapseed on Pc.

Is it Possible to Download Snapseed on PC?

As we have already mentioned, Snapseed for Windows was officially discontinued by the company. However, it is yet possible to use this software on PC via various methods, as many users miss the desktop version of Snapseed. Here in this article, we have mentioned multiple ways of downloading and installing Snapseed on PC with the help of android application emulator software, so without wasting time any further, let us get to the guide itself.

How to Download Snapseed for Windows?

Official Snapseed IOS and Android applications can be downloaded from the apple store and play store, respectively. But when it comes to PC, one needs to download the application via an android emulator software. Below we have mentioned some of the best android emulators for PC, which will surely help you run the Snapseed application effortlessly.

Getting a Perfect Android Emulator Software –

Without an android emulator software, it is impossible to use Snapseed on PC, let us have a quick eye on some of the best android emulator software in the market.

1. Bluestacks

It is the most trusted as well as popular android emulator for PC, every person who uses android applications on PC has used this software at least once in their lifetime. Bluestack is worth all the hype as it has several features that make it “Best Among the Rest.” This software does not make your computer system slow or laggy and enhances the user experience. One can download this software from the official website of Bluestack.

2. LDPlayer

This is yet another awesome android emulator software for computers, LDPlayer ranks among the top emulator software. This software is designed to run heavy android games and applications smoothly on PC, LDPlayer is the first choice of gamers. Its simple user interface makes it easy to use, and all the advanced features help users run heavy applications easily.

3. BLiss OS

It is not a proper android emulator, yet something that you will surely love. Bliss OS is a separate operating system that can be installed on your computer parallel to the operating system installed on your machine.

bliss os

Moreover, we can install this operating system in a bootable pen drive. Although Bliss OS is not an android emulator, yet it can provide you a better experience by providing a full android interface on your computer.

How to Install Snapseed on PC?

Once you have successfully installed the android emulator from above or one of your choice, you are ready to begin the installation of Snapseed application on PC. There are two different ways of installing Snapseed, and below we have described both in detail.

Method 1: Installing Directly from Play Store

In this method, we need to download the Play Store (If not already installed) on the emulator, after that we can download the Snapseed from there. For better clarification, we have elaborated this procedure into steps down below.


  1. After installing the android emulator, install play store (if not already installed)
  2. Log in or Sign up into a google account on play store.
  3. Once you have successfully logged into the google account, download Snapseed.
  4. Once the downloading is completed, Snapseed will automatically get installed on your emulator.

Method 2: Indirect Method

In this method, we need to download the Snapseed application directly from the browser and install it using the default file manager application on android emulator software. For better understanding, kindly refer to the procedure mentioned below.


  1. Once the android emulator is successfully installed, open the default internet browser.
  2. You can either search the web for Snapseed application or can download it directly from here.
  3. After downloading the application, open the default file manager and install Snapseed from there.
  4. Now you are ready to use Snapseed on your computer via emulator.

Features of Snapseed for PC:

No doubt, Snapseed is one of the best professional photo editing software in the market. But what makes software better than its competitors? Yes, its features are the one that makes it stand out among the others. Snapseed is loaded with numerous amazon features that make it the first choice of most artists and creators, let us have an eye on some of its amazing features.

  • Variety of Tools – Snapseed has its shelf full of useful tools. These tools help a user to create a beautiful end product.

  • Simple User Interface – Despite having many tools, this application has a very simple and tidy user interface, which makes it easy to use and understand for beginners.
  • Compact Size – Being small in size, Snapseed neither consumes much space nor makes your system slow. Hence let the user render the final result easily.


Nowadays, digital art has become a hobby and profession of a wide number of people. Talent is necessary for this field, but apart from talent, creativity, and hard work, Photo editing software plays a vital role in digital art. Above in this article, we have discussed the principal elements and attributes of Snapseed for PC.

There are several paid and free professional photo editing software available in the market, Snapseed is always recommended to beginners as it is available for free and has features similar to the paid software. Above, we have mentioned all the details good to our knowledge, if you have any doubts or queries related to the subject feel to ask me down below.

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