How to Fix SKSE64 Not Working Issue?

Skyrim Script Extender 64 or SKSE64 is a tool that provides support to create complex game mods. This tool adds a number of additional functionalities to Skyrim Special Edition Game and enhances the gaming experience. Due to reliability and powerful features, SKSE64 got so much fame overnight. Most of the time it manages to deliver expected outcomes but due to multiple reasons, you might face issues such as SKSE64 not working.

SKSE64 Not working

In this post, we’re going to share a chain of possible solutions you can take in order to resolve the issue. These steps are suggested by our tech experts and help you a lot to get rid of the number of SKSE64 issues like SKSE64 not loading mods, SKSE64 loader not working, and many more.

All you need to do is to follow these steps exactly as we have mentioned them. So let’s get started talking about the solutions.

What Causes SKSE64 Not Working Issue?

Causes of SKSE64 Not Working

Our tech experts have done investigating the matter and come up with a list of possible culprits that trigger SKSE64, not loading mods error code.

  • Windows Firewall:-  In some cases, the Windows firewall prevents some of the essential game components to connect with the servers and as a result, SKSE64 starts crashing.
  • Third-party Antivirus programs:- Any third-party antivirus program installed on your computer can also be a possible culprit of the issue.
  • Updates:- If you have updated the game but forgot to update the SKSE64 tool, then possibly you will encounter the error.
  • Faulty/Corrupted Mods:- Some time any of the game modes becomes corrupted or faulty and starts creating issues. In such instances, you need to update the game mod.

How To Fix SKSE64 Not Working?

Now as you’re aware of the possible culprits of SKSE64 issues, it’s a perfect time to talk about the solutions. We recommend following this chain of solutions one by one and in the end, you will able to fix the issue.

1. Allow SKSE64 To Run Through Windows Firewall

Windows firewall is one of the best and powerful built-in tools of the Windows operating system. This tool used to prevent the computer from potential threats. But sometimes it starts considering Skyrim Script Extender 64 as a threat and does its job of blocking threats. To avoid such an instance you need to allow the Skyrim Special Edition game to run through the Windows firewall.

  • Head to the Windows Defender Firewall. You can do this by invoking the search box, enter the Firewall in the search field, and stroke enter.
  • In the left panel of Windows Defender, you will able to see an option Allow an app or feature to run through Windows firewall, click on it.
  • On the next screen, click on the change settings option.


  • Here you will see a list of applications, you require to locate the Skyrim and related applications, allow them to run through both public and private domains. Click on OK to apply changes.

Allow public and private domain

2. Create An Exclusion List Of Antivirus Programs

If you have installed any of the third-party applications on your PC then you can possibly encounter the error code. To allow Skyrim Script Extender 64 to run through the antivirus program you need to create the exclusion list. This task can be done easily by following the steps written below.

We are going to share the steps by assuming that you’re using the Windows defender.

  • Launch Windows Defender on your computer.
  • Click on Virus and threat protection to move to the next step.
  • On the next prompted window, scroll down and tap on Manage Settings available under the Virus and threat protection settings. 


  • Search for the Exclusions option and tap on Add or remove an Exclusion.
  • Click on Add an exclusion and browser for the installation folder of Skyrim Script Extender 64.


3. Update Or Rollback The SKSE64 Version

When you update the SKSE64, the game mod also needed to be updated automatically but as we know that worse things happen. If the issue starts to arise after the installation of the new update then you should roll back to the previous version of the SKSE64. Here we have mentioned the steps you can consider to roll back to the previous version of the game.

  • First, you require to head to the following webpage-
  • In the search box, simply type Skyrim and stroke enter.

Stream database

  • Remember the APPID written before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. For more understanding of the steps take the reference from the subsequent step.


  • Simply tap on the APP ID and this will lead you to a webpage.
  • Scroll down to view the Depots option, you need to click on it to proceed to the next step.
  • On the new webpage, you will able to see the number of IDs, you need to memorize the ID number of Skyrim.
  • Again you require to click on the Id number and as a result, you will able to see a new webpage.
  • At last, memorize the ManifestID of the older version, you wish to rollback to the.

Skyrim older version

  • Now as you know the Manifest ID of the older version, you should head to the Properties of Skyrim.
  • Simply stroke the Shortcut tab.
  • In the target box, you need to enter -console at the end of the previous text, click on OK to move.


  • Now simply launch the steam client application as you usually do and click on Console.

SKSE64 Not Working

  • You need to input the following information download-depot (App Id number) (Depot Id number) (manifest id number), download-depot (App Id number) (Depot Id number) (manifest id number), replace the app id, depot id, and manifest id with the value you have noted down earlier.

By following the steps we have discussed so far in this section will help you to roll back to the previous version of the Steam application. Most time the issues got fixed by following these steps.

Final Take

If you’re the candidate for the SKSKE64 error code then you might know how annoying it is. Thanks to our tech experts who took the time to come up with simple solutions. You just need to follow these steps exactly as we have mentioned them and in the end, you will able to enjoy your game without any interruptions.

We have tried to answer all of your questions, if still any of the questions remain unanswered then let us know using the comment section. We will answer your questions shortly.

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