How to Use PS3 Controller on Windows 10?

Ever wanted to connect a PlayStation 3 to your Windows device, but, didn’t know how? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will get to know about how to use a PS3 controller on Windows PC. You will also learn other different methods to use a PlayStation 3 controller on your PC.

PlayStation 3 is used to play your favorite games on your device. It is the best alternative to a keyboard and mouse. Ps3 is more comfortable to play games when compared to the keyboard and mouse.

So, without waiting for a sec. let’s get started.

PS3 Controller on Windows 10

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

Before connecting your PlayStation 3 controllers to your Windows PC, you need to make sure that the following hardware and software requirements are available on your device.

Hardware Requirements:

The following are the hardware requirements, you need to have before connecting the PS3 controller on Windows PC.

  • An original DualShock 3 controller.
  • A mini-USB cable i.e the default PS3 cable you get for charging it.
  • If you wish to connect wirelessly, you need a Bluetooth dongle but it is completely optional.

Software Requirements:

Now, Connect your PS3 controller by using the mini-USB cable. Then download the following software requirements on your device.

Most of them you will already have the above requirements. But it is better to check to avoid any further errors especially when you don’t have any knowledge about whether they are available or not.

Guide to Use PS3 Controller on Windows 10 PC:

There are different ways to connect your PS3 controller to PC depending on whether you wanted to use it with wired or wireless.

Let’s get started…

1. Connecting the PS3 Controller Using SCP Toolkit

Here is the step by step procedure to connect your PlayStation, 3 controller, to your device using SCP toolkit. If you want to use your PS3 controller wireless, then make sure you have a Bluetooth dongle in. Also, make sure your motherboard’s Bluetooth is enabled. SCP toolkit is compatible only with Bluetooth 2.0 or higher dongle that supports Enhanced Data Rate (EDR). So, make sure you are using that.

Step 1: Firstly, download ScpToolkit. Then run the installer after accepting the terms and choosing your install location. Now, you’ll get a menu of all the options to install. I recommend leaving this to the default. To begin the installation, click Install.

Make sure the ScpToolkit Bluetooth Pair Utility option is ticked for using the controller wirelessly.

Step 2: ScpToolkit will be installed. You’ll see a big green button that says Run Driver Installer. Click it.

Step 3: First check the boxes you want to install for the drivers. Make sure you check the Install Dualshock 3 driver (it should be by default). Now expand “Choose Dualshock 3 controllers to install” to see a list of USB devices that are attached to your computer. From the list search for the PlayStation 3 controller and check it.

Make sure the “Install Bluetooth driver” box is checked if you wanted a wireless controller. Click the arrow next to “Choose Bluetooth dongles to install”. Now, find your Bluetooth device in the list and Check it.

Step 4: The SCP Toolkit installation process starts. When it detects your hardware, it will show a pop-up on the right side of your screen. Scroll down and find “Dualshock 3 USB Driver installed” (and “Bluetooth Driver installed” if you chose to). If you find it, your installation is successful. Now click Exit.

Step 5: After it is installed, in your system tray, you’ll see ScpToolkit as an icon. Open Start Menu for ScpToolkit Settings Manager. In the ScpTollkit Settings Manager, you can change some settings like disabling rumble, adjusting analog stick dead zones, etc… which you need to leave alone.

To disable the obnoxious sound effects, click the Sound settings tab and uncheck “Enable notification sounds.

2. How to Use Your PS3 Controller With Your Computer

After a clean installation, the DualShock 3 will automatically work with the client or any PC game that supports gamepads. For individual games, you have to adjust the control settings. Your device will always recognize the PS3 controller as an Xbox controller, so adjust the button mapping accordingly.

Turn off the DualShock by holding down the PS button on the center of the controller when you’re done playing.

3. How to Use a PS3 Controller With PC via Bluetooth

If you want to use a wireless PS3 controller, then you have to connect the PS3 controller to your device using Bluetooth.

For connecting via Bluetooth, you need to follow the steps regarding the lion mentioned above. After following everything regarding Bluetooth connection in the above steps, you simply need to unplug the mini-USB cable from the device and wait for a couple of seconds. It will automatically sync via Bluetooth. When it connects, you will get a notification in the system tray.

Otherwise, you can reboot the system too. Allow the ScpToolkit to start with Windows and then simply plug in your PS3 controller again. It’ll instantly be recognized. When the LED light is on, unplug the controller to sync via Bluetooth.


The above-mentioned guide is the quick and simplest way we came up with to use a PS3 controller on Windows PC.

If you have any doubts regarding it, please drop them in the comments section below. I hope you had used the PS3 controller on your PC successfully.

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