Fix Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

The computer might be your work station, but the Internet, well that’s your Source, your everything. Today, we have several ways to connect with the internet, but Wifi is our go-to option. No matter where you are, just turn on the wifi and you are connected to the whole world.

But a simple error with your wifi adapter will jeopardize your whole workplace. In this article, we will be dealing with one such error.

Problem with wireless adapter or access point

It is a pretty common error and it’s mostly seen in some particular devices from certain manufacturers.  But no matter which device you are facing this on, a small error like this can damage your carrier. So without further ado, let’s get this error fixed.

Fix “Problem with wireless adapter or access point” Issue:

Well as you have already figured this error is related to your wireless adapter or access point. In this error, your PC is unable to connect to the internet via wifi. There could be several reasons for this, but whatever that is, you choose to troubleshoot to solve the problem. And since troubleshoot was only able to detect the problem, you get a message- Problem with wireless adapter or access point

So, what caused it?– Considering that your wifi adapter is physically okay and you are just facing software issues, there are few reasons for that.

  • Error with Wifi drivers
  • Problem with your Wireless profile
  • Virus
  • Outdated Windows
  • Problem with router
  • Disabled Wifi adapter

There could be several other reasons, but solving it is the priority.

Before Proceeding

Before Proceeding to any of the given fixes, ensure few things first.

  •  Make sure your Internet is working. And your device is not blocked.
  • Re-check the password you are using to connect.
  • Also, check that your Wifi adapter is on. It’s the small button with waves and a small led light.
  • Refresh your Router as well.

If all that checks out, proceed with the fixes.

1. DIY Fix

If you need to access the internet immediately or its an emergency situation, this fix will help. All you need is a USB cable or ethernet. There are two things that you can do right now.

USB tethering

It is one of the instant ways by which you can share your Phone’s internet connection with your PC. You can also do so if you have a spare dongle.

  • First, connect your PC and android device via USB.

  • Then, simply go to Settings, and search USB Tethering.
  • Now turn on USB tethering and make sure that your Phone’s Internet connection is ON.

  • Wait for a while and your PC will be connected with the internet.

Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable is a way to connect your PC directly to the router. Hence establishing a physical connection. If you have an ethernet port in your PC then connecting an ethernet cable will connect you to the internet directly. And its better than USB tethering.

Why? Well, the ethernet connection is the fastest internet connection you can secure through the router. No other waves can interrupt your internet connection and you will get the best speed your router can offer.  At public places, You can always find an ethernet cable at a cyber cafe.

2. Update your Wireless Driver

If the whole fuss is not about hardware failure, then the only software failure Windows can’t comprehend is a malfunctioning Wireless Driver. A driver is something that allows Windows to use a piece of hardware at full capacity.  Without it, Windows will have no idea what to do with that driver.

And it’s most likely that somehow your Wireless Driver malfunctioning is causing this error. This can happen due to interruption caused while Windows update, manually deleting some files by mistake or maybe being infected by a virus.

To solve such error, just manually update your Wireless Driver. To do so,

  • Open Start menu and type “Device Manager” in the search menu.

Device Manager

  • Now go to Network Adapters under which you will find your Wireless driver software. It usually starts with Intel or Realtek.

Update Network Adapter

  • Right-click on that software and click on Update Driver Software.  If you have multiple, then update all of em’.

3. Delete your Wireless Profile

One another logical reason for this error could be that your Wireless profile got corrupted due to some reason. And. Deleting your Wireless profile will automatically make a new non-corrupted one. You will need to reconfigure it though.

To delete your Wireless Profile,

  • Open Command Prompt as an administrator by pressing Windows + X.

  • In CMD, type –  netsh wlan delete profile name= “YourProfileName”.

Delete Wireless Profile


  • Then, hit Enter. Reboot your PC and reconnect to see if the problem persists.

4. Check Wireless Adapter

As foolish as it sounds, there is still a good chance that your Wireless adapter is turned off. There is a physical button on most of the laptops to switch it on and off. The button Kind of looks like the image below.

But to ensure that you can also check that manually. And since none of the fixes worked so far, that is the only option left other than scanning your computer for virus.  To do so,

  • First, Open Device Manager.

  • Under that, go to your Network Adapter and search for your Wireless adapter.

Wireless Adapter> Properties

  • Right Click on it and open Properties.
  • Now search for Disable. If it says Disable your Adapter is working. If it does not, then click on Enable and then OK.

5. Check Antivirus

It does not happen quite often, but if your antivirus decides that the Wifi you are trying to connect is not safe, it will block it. The same can happen with your Windows firewall as well. And just to ensure that not the case, disable antivirus and then try to connect with it.

In order to disable the firewall,

  •  Open Start Menu and search Windows Firewall.


  • Now click on Turn Windows Firewall On and Off, located on the left side of the screen.


  • Select Turn Off Windows Firewall in both Public and Private Network Setting.

  • Click OK and Exit. Now try to connect again.

If even this does not work, as the last resort perform a full system scan for the virus. If found, make sure delete them all. Or else, your Wireless adapter has met its end. And only a computer mechanic can fix that. If you have a Warranty, you are eligible to claim it.

Bottom Line

The error, Problem with wireless adapter or access point, is not common or lethal at all. And as long as it is a software error, you can fix it in five minutes with the help of this article. Otherwise, claim your Warranty.

That also pretty much concludes this article. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments.

At last, thanks a lot for reading this article. I hope it works out for you.

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