FIX: Stuck at Preparing To Configure Windows Loop

Have you ever felt helpless when your computer is stuck at “Preparing to Configure Windows” screen? If yes then you might agree with me that it is very frustrating and put us in a situation where we can’t do anything except waiting. Mainly the issue appears when new updates are released by the Micorosft and your PC wants to install a new update. Some time due to multiple reasons Windows update files got corrupted and lead us to face such types of issues.

Preparing to configure Windows

What Causes Preparing To Configure Windows Stuck?

causes of Preparing to configure Windows update

A few reasons are answerable for having a solidified Windows screen. The essential explanation is if there is any software conflicts occur or there is any prior issue that was covered up lastly went to the light establishment after the recent Windows update. In more rare situations you will be stuck on preparing to configure Windows issue because of a fault in the Windows update file.

Aside from these, there are some other factors also that can cause such types of issues. Whatever the reason is, you just need to follow the solution we have suggested in this post to fix the issue. So without revolving the topic shall we begin talking about the solutions.

How to Fix Preparing  To Configure Windows Stuck Issue?

Whenever preparing to configure Windows stuck issue appears you’ll see nothing except a blue screen.  We know how annoying it is, that’s why our tech geeks come to your rescue.  We have done extensive research and come up with some easy solutions, so you never felt helpless.

1. Perform Hard Reset On Your Computer:-

If the issue happens at the time when you try to power on or shut down the computer. Then the first thing we suggest you do is to perform a hard reset on your computer.  You can do this easily by detecting all the external peripherals connected to your computer. Then wait for a while and attach the power plug again with your computer, hold the power button until can’t see the Windows logo.

Once you have logged back to your computer, you should consider updating the Windows to the latest version. Simply navigate to the Windows settings and later click on Update & security. If you want to check whether the new update is available or not click on Check for updates, if a new update is available then you will installation button on your computer.

Check for updates

2. Take Help Of Startup Repair Tool:-

This is one of the powerful built-in Windows utility that adds help to fix the issue effectively that prevents Windows from normal startup. To done this effectively we have rounded up the list of steps involved in doing this task.

  • You need to enter the Windows Recovery Environment, you can do this by turning on the computer, when you see the logo of Windows shut it down immediately. Repeat this step twice or more and Windows will automatically prompt you to Windows Recovery Environment.
  • Afterward, drive to the Troubleshoot>Advanced>Stratup Repair.

startup repair

  • Now as you have entered the Startup Repair. It will prompt you to choose your user account. If any issue persists with your computer then this tool will automatically fix the issue.

3. Apply System File Checker Utility:-

System files are used by the operating system to perform important tasks. If any of the system files are missing or corrupted then you will see several issues related to OS. In such cases, you can take advantage of System File Checker utility, this tool is intended to find out the corrupted or misplaced system files and replace them with the cached copy. Here is how you can take advantage of this utility.

  • Head to the Command Prompt and launch the application in admin mode.
  • Once the CMD launched properly paste the following command to succeed to the next step.

sfs scannow command

  • Once all the proceedings are completed successfully, you should restart your computer. Most time win 7 preparing to configure windows got resolved after following these steps. But if still issue remains the constant then move to the next step.

4. Identify Hard Drive Issues:-

Some time due to a variety of reasons hard drive got infected with harmful files. Your computer took these issues seriously and as a result, you will notice decreased performance other issues alike Windows 7 stuck on preparing to configure Windows. To effectively face this issue, all you need to do is to follow the steps exactly as we have mentioned them.

  • Launch the CMD with admin privileges.
  • Feed the following command to the CMD and stroke the Enter button on your keyboard.

Preparing to configure Windows

  • Follow the steps for all the drive portions stored on your computer. Remember that you need to restart your computer if you’re doing this for the System drive.

This tool is answerable for identifying logical as well as physical errors you drive may contain. Since this utility can check one drive at a time,  if you have created more than one drive on your computer then you will have to follow these steps more than one time.

Final Take:-

We have tried to explain the steps in the best possible way we can. I hope after proceeding with these steps, you’re able to fix the issue. If you have additional methods in your mind that can help to fix this issue then let us know using the comment section. Our tech experts will examine your methods and if everything goes well then we will surely add the method in our post.

Well, this brings us to the end of this blog. If you have any suggestions regards to this post then don’t be shy to share with us.

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