Fix NTLDR Is Missing On Windows 10, 8, 7

There are possible causes of an NTLDR error amongst which the most common being the ” NTLDR is missing” issue, which generally happens when the computer is trying to boot from a hard drive, which is not configured to be booted from. In other words, it means configuring from a non-bootable source, which also applies to boot from an optical drive or a floppy drive.

NTLDR also abbreviated as NT loader runs typically from a primary hard disk drive, and moreover, it could also run from storage devices which are portable in nature like CD- ROM, USB  flash drive and Floppy Disk. It boots loads the releases of Windows NT operating system, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. By providing an appropriate boot sector in a file, a son NT based operating system could also be loaded by an NTLDR.

How To Fix “NTLDR Is Missing” Issue On Windows 10, 8, XP

1. Restart Your Computer: The computer needs to be restarted as this issue could also occur by chance. So by restarting your computer, you could get rid of this

2. Avoid booting to Non-Bootable Source: The floppy and the optical drives for media needs to be checked and moreover we may have to disconnect any external drives. Booting to a Non-Bootable source, which includes a floppy disk, CD, DVD or a Hard Drive could also lead your computer to go through an ” NTLDR is missing” issue.

3. The” NTLDR “and the”” files need to be restored from Windows XP CD: The Issue could also be solved by restoring these important System files.

4. The Windows XP Master Boot record needs to be repaired:  When a Master Boot Record is corrupt, it is likely that there might be an NTLDR error message.

5. The boot.ini file needs to be either replaced or repaired:  When there happens to be a disarrangement in the boot.ini file then it is likely to cause an ” NTLDR is missing” issue, which is why the best option to be devoid of this issue is to have a replacement or a thorough repair of the file.

6. Have the Hard drive replaced followed by a new installation of Windows XP.

7. The Motherboard”s BIOS needs to be updated:   By not having the BIOS updated, there could be a possibility of an ” NTLDRis missing” issue.

8. The Windows XP needs to go through a repair Installation: Any sort of missing or corrupt files could be replaced by having this installation. If this issue has not resolved continue troubleshooting.

Fixing “NTLDR Is Missing” Issue On Windows 7

There is a no NTLDR in Windows 7, but it is replaced by BOOTMGR and winload.exe. Thus having a dual boot environment of Windows XP and Windows 7 or after having upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7, you may see ” NTLDR is missing press ctrl+alt+delete to restart”. In order to fix this issue in Windows 7, we have to make sure that Windows 7 is booted from the right hard drive. There are certain methods if there still exists some errors.

Solution 1: Have The System Repaired With Windows 7 Installation Disc

After having prepared the Windows 7 installation disc, refer to the following:

  1. Have the computer restarted on having inserted the Windows 7 installation disc.
  2. By pressing F12/ F8, access the Boot menu and as the first boot device in BIOS set the CD/ DVD.
  3. Have the computer boot from CD/ DVD from the Windows 7 installation disc.
  4. By having to choose the right option for language, format and input method, followed by clicking NEXT to continue.
  5. Instead of Install now, click Repair your computer, followed by clicking Next to go to System Recovery options and then in order to repair NTLDR issues, choose Startup Repair.

After a while of processing, the computer will be restarted, thereby fixing the NTLDR issue.

Solution 2: Have The MBR Fixed

In order to fix the MBR, we have to fix the Windows 7 installation Disc and the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

  1. Fixing MBR with Windows 7 Installation Disc:  By following the instructions in Solution 1, have it followed by choosing the Command Prompt option in the System Recovery Option Window. Have these commands Inputted to MBR. These errors can thereby be repaired by checking Disk for errors.
  2. Fixing MBR with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard:  Fix MBR under WInPE environment, on not being able to load Windows 7 to create bootable media with a normal computer to have the Windows 7 computer booted. Has the USB drive generated? The USB drive can be detected on inserting it in your computer, so install and have the program running to its home window. Select Make Bootable Media at the left panel.

Click Next in next window. Have the USB Boot Device ticked and then in order to create Windows 7 bootable media, press Proceed.

Once the Bootable media is created, use a bootable USB drive to have the Windows 7 computer booted to enter WinPE environment. After that have the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard running in order to rebuild MBR to fix NTLDR is a missing issue in the Windows 7. After having run the program to the main interface, have the Rebuild MBR selected at the Left Hand under Disk Operations.

Click Ok after having chosen the right MBR for Windows 7.

Press Apply to confirm fix corrupted MBR.

Final Verdict

The NTLDR is an issue in many Windows, but it is specifically an issue in Windows XP which has its process, somewhat different from other Windows. There are cases of NTLDR in other Windows but in different terms. For example, In Windows 7 NTLDR is termed as BOOTMGR.

The method of getting rid of this issue can only be the same in Windows XP and Windows 7 when there has been an up-gradation from Windows XP to Windows 7. But there are more and less cumbersome ways of fixing NTLDR is a missing issue in Windows XP as compared to Windows 7.

If you still need help with anything at all, do let us know in the comments section below and we shall get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

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