How to Fix Minecraft Stuck On Mojang Screen? [Quick Fix]

Is your Minecraft not starting up properly or being held hostage by the Mojang screen? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Rest assured, many of the millions of players around the world have been experiencing the same issue. There are several reasons why your Minecraft client may be stuck and the fix can vary from person to person. Some people raised the issue that their Minecraft stuck on Mojang screen. Hence, in this guide, we’ll discuss several methods you can use to help pinpoint the issue and get you back into your Minecraft world.

How to Fix Minecraft Stuck On Mojang Screen?

Below we’ve mentioned some of the easiest and quickest solutions to follow if your Minecraft is stuck on the Mojang screen.

Method 1 – Restart Your Minecraft Client

Now, this may come as obvious to you, but you’ll be surprised as to how many people were able to solve this issue by simply performing a restart. If your client has become unresponsive and you’re not able to close the Minecraft client window, you can use Task Manager to force close the game by following the instructions below:

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys simultaneously and select Task Manager when the option appears.
  2. In Task Manager, select the Processes tab and then right-click MinecraftLauncher.exe or javaw.exe and Select “End Task”.
  3. Now restart your Minecraft client as you usually would and check if you are still stuck on the Mojang screen.

If the above method didn’t work, move on to the methods listed below.

Method 2 – Perform A Clean Installation Of Minecraft

Over time, as Minecraft files are constantly being patched and updated, there can be quite a buildup of unwanted cache and temporary files in your Minecraft directory. When attempting to re-install Minecraft it’s recommended that your clear out all of these files manually and then perform a re-installation. NOTE! Before you follow the steps below, be sure to make a backup of your files, especially your Minecraft world saves.

  1. Open the “Run” dialog box, by pressing the Windows Key + R and enter %appdata%.
  2. When the File Explorer opens, select the .minecraft folder. This is the folder you’ll be deleting. But before you do, go into the .minecraft\saves\ folder and make sure you back up all of the world files in this folder to another location. If you prefer, you can backup the entire .minecraft folder just incase.
  3. Now delete the .minecraft folder ensuring no file traces are left.
  4. Next, you’ll want to clean your PC of any temporary files that may have built up over time. To do this simply search “delete temporary files” in your start menu and select the System Settings option that appears. 
  5. Next select “Temporary Files”.
  6. Uncheck all the boxes except “Temporary Files” and select the Remove files button.
  7. That’s all there is to it. You can now re-install Minecraft from Mojang’s official website.

Method 3 – Update Your Graphics Driver

One of the main reason users get stuck on the Mojang screen is due to an outdated graphics driver. You can update your drivers manually using either of two methods. The first method being, downloading the drivers directly from Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA websites. Or, you can use Windows Device Manager to check for driver updates.

  1. In your start menu, search for Device Manager.
  2. Next, expand the “Display Adapters” arrow, and select your graphics driver. (If you have two display drivers installed, usually NVIDIA and Intel, select NVIDIA graphics)
  3. Right-click your display driver and click “Update”. 
  4. Select “Search automatically for drivers”. If you have any pending updates, Windows will automatically download and install the necessary drivers.
  5. After updating your drivers, check if your Minecraft is starting up correctly.

Method 4 – Try An Alternative Launcher For Minecraft

If you’ve tried all the methods above and still can’t get past the Mojang screen, then you should consider trying out another Minecraft launcher. The standard Java Edition of Minecraft may have trouble or compatibility issues running on your machine, hence you’ll want to try out Minecraft’s .msi and .exe installers instead. Whether you’re on Windows, Mac, or Linux, you’ll find the list of official launchers here.

Method 5 – Fix For PS4 Version Of Minecraft

If your Minecraft stuck on Mojang screen then restarting the PS4 and relaunching the game will not solve the issue. Instead, you’ll have to delete and reinstall Minecraft. If you’re using the disc version of the game, make sure you remove the disc first.

  1. Firstly, close your Minecraft application.
  2. Go to your Settings menu.
  3. Select Storage, and choose the storage device where it is installed(usually “System Storage”).
  4. Next, go to Applications>Minecraft, select the application, and delete it.
  5. Now, you may re-insert your disc to install Minecraft or re-download it from the PSN store. Minecraft should now load past the Mojang screen provided you have no other hardware issues. This should avoid Minecraft stuck on Mojang screen again.

Final Words:

Many of the solutions above are based on the fact that you may have faulty or corrupted installation files of Minecraft. In some cases, the reason why it takes so long to load past the Mojang screen is due to a hardware issue, specifically the hard drive. If you notice your computer is taking an abnormally long time to load games, videos, web-pages, etc., it’s likely that your hard drive is at fault.

Moreover, if you notice a high percentage Disk usage in Task Manager, it’s probably time to replace your hard-drive or free up some space. We hope this guide helped solve your issue and you were able to log back into Minecraft. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments below.

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