How to Fix Minecraft Lan Not Working? [4 Solutions]

Minecraft is fun to play the game, but sometimes due to occasional hiccups, this fun turns into the trouble. Minecraft LAN not working is the most common error reported by several Minecraft users. If you’re the victim of this error code then you might acknowledge how annoying this error code is.

Most of the time we face difficulties while trying to fix the Minecraft LAN connection timed out issue due to lack of the proper guide. To help those Minecraft users, our tech geeks examine the issue sincerely and propose some of the common steps that will help to fix the Minecraft LAN not working issue within minutes. In this post, we will talk about those solutions and also addressed the reasons that cause Minecraft issues.

How to fix Minecraft LAN not working

What Causes Minecraft LAN Not Working Issue?

What causes Minecraft lan not working issue

Before continuing to any of the proposed methods it is best practice to know about the potential reasons that cause Minecraft connection timed out issues. Based on our research we have found out the various reasons that trigger the Minecraft LAN not working Mac issues.

  • Maybe a firewall preventing Minecraft from running:- At the time of installation, Minecraft asks you to grant some permissions. Some users due to lack of understanding tend to hit the cancel button. In this instance, the Windows firewall will prevent Minecraft from running.
  • AP Isolation is halting the connection:- This is another prominent reason for Minecraft connection issues. AP Isolation or Access Point Isolation is an important feature of Minecraft, any misconfiguration in AP Isolation will prevent the devices involved in connection in communicating with each other.
  • Network discovery disabled:- This is the most common reason for Minecraft connection issues. Sometimes we set the connection to the public but forget to enable the network discovery mode.

Now as you’re aware of the possible culprits of Minecraft LAN not working connection timed out the issue, the time arises to talk about the possible solutions that will help to fix the error code.

How to Fix Minecraft LAN Not Working Problem?

In this section, you will know about the solutions recommended by the tech experts. All these solutions are tried by thousands of users and they are able to fix the issue using these methods. All you need to do is to follow the methods one by one until you managed to resolve the issue.

1. Allow Minecraft To Run Under Windows Firewall:-

A firewall is an important feature of Minecraft and helps to block the threads that can cause issues. But sometimes if you forgot to grant permission Minecraft to run under the firewall then possible you will see the error. You need not worry about it, you just need to follow a couple of the steps mentioned below and in the end, you will able to allow Minecraft to run under a firewall.

  •  Go to the Control Panel on your Windows computer. You can simply do this by invoking the Cortana search box.
  • On the next window, you will able to see an option called Windows Defender Firewall. If you are unable to see the option then click on View by and change it to the large icons. 

Allow Minecraft run under Window Firewall

  • In the left panel of the Window, you will see an option Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall click on it.

Windows defender firewall

  • In the list of Allowed apps and features, you need to ensure the checkbox available next to the javaw.exe is checked. If you see an unchecked box then click on the Change settings option and mark the checkbox. At last click on Ok to save changes

Windows firewall allowed Minecraft

2. Enable Network Discovery Mode:-

As I have said earlier, if the network discovery mode is disabled then you will probably confront such types of issues. It won’t take much time and effort to enable the network discovery mode on your Windows PC.

  • First, you should open the Control Panel on your device.
  • Now, you need to navigate to the Network & Internet and then Network sharing center.

Network and sharing center

  • In the left panel, you will see change advance sharing settings, simply click on it proceed to the next step.

Change advanced sharing settings

  • Under the private tab and make sure that network discovery is enabled.

Network discovery mode3. Turn Off AP Isolations:-

If you’re aware of the router’s security features then you might know about the Access Point Isolation. This feature proved helpful for users to connect with the internet but the users might be able to connect with each other. If AP Isolation is activated on your router then you will possibly encounter the error code. In this instance, you can consider taking the help of the following steps.

  • Launch your preferred browser and enter the IP address of your router in the search field.

Router ip address

  • On the follow-up webpage, you require to enter the username and password of the router.
  • Once you are able to access the admin panel of your router, locate the AP Isolation and disable the option.

AP isolations

4. Reinstall Minecraft:-

fix Minecraft LAN Not Working

This is the last solution, you can take to fix Minecraft LAN not working issue. Perhaps there are some issue persists with the Minecraft application you have installed. If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you then simply uninstall the Minecraft from your PC and consider reinstalling the Minecraft from the official website. We suggest you avoid downloading the mod Minecraft application on your PC. If you tend to install a mod Minecraft application then these steps might not work for you.

Final Take:-

It could be frustrating to encounter issues on Minecraft when you seriously willing to enjoy playing the Minecraft games. However, with a little bit of discipline, this issue can be fixed easily and I hope after going through this detailed post, you are able to fix the issue.

We welcome to share your valuable opinions with us, using the comment section. Remember to let us know which method helps you to fix the issue. And with that, we come to the end of the post.

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