Mediacom Router Login Guide – Access Admin Page Here

Mediacom router become quite popular among individuals and small businesses. The company manages to serve in more than 22 US States. Aside from the router Mediacom company also offers internet services. When we used Mediacom and the internet together it will help to enhance your browsing experience. However, in order to effectively use Mediacom routers, you might need to know the basics such as the Mediacom router login guide and default username and password of Mediacom routers.

mediacom router login

Today’s article will make you aware of the steps involved in the Mediacom router login. Likewise, it will remain the same for other routers also such as finding the IP address, the default username, and the password of the Mediacom router. So without taking your soo much let’s jump to the section where we have shared the Mediacom router login guide.

Medicom Router Login

This task doesn’t require to have extensive knowledge. You should keep certain things ready with you such as router IP address and username & password in order to access Mediacom router login details. To access the Mediacom router admin panel, you need to follow the steps given below exactly as we have explained them.

  • First, you should ensure that your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Now you need to note down the IP address of your Mediacom router. The default IP addresses for the Mediacom router are 168.1.1.
  • Head to your preferred choice of a web browser.
  • Navigate to the webpage.
  • Now enter your Mediacom router login details in order to manage local network devices and services.

Mediacom router login details

If you manage to enter the correct login details, you will able to make the following changes in router settings.

  • Change SSID.
  • Change the default username and password associated with your router.
  • Customize DHCP settings as per your convenience.
  • Access the setup of the firewall.
  • Configure routers’ other useful settings to get optimal performance.

Mediacom router admin panel

Default Username And Password Of Mediacom Router:-

Default username and password

If you haven’t logged in to your router before or unaware with the username and password associated with your Mediacom router. Fret not, below we have mentioned the default IP address of the Mediacom router along with the default username and password of Mediacom router. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Default IP address:- or
  • Mediacom router default username:- admin
  • Mediacom router default password:- admin

If you are unable to log in using the above-given details, then you should check the stickers placed on your router. Most of the router manufacturers place stickers on the router to share useful details as such default username and password along with IP address with their users.

How To Change Default Username And Password Of Mediacom Router:-

If you have managed to log into your Mediacom router, then you will able to change the default username and password of your router. The steps involved in, modifying the username and password of the Medicom router are quite simple, we have mentioned these steps below.

  • First, you should head to the Mediacom router login page, to do so follow the steps we discussed above.

Mediacom router login page

  • Once you have able to access the Mediacom router login page, you need to search for My Wireless Network.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi option. Afterward, you will able to see an option name SSID.
  • Now feed your username and password and hit enter.

Mediacom router password change

How To Reset Mediacom Router:-

Most of the time Mediacom router works as we expected. However, sometime you might face difficulties while using the Mediacom router. To fix the issue of the Mediacom router, you have two options either perform a soft reset or perform a hard reset.

 Soft Reset:-

A soft reset will reboot your router which means it won’t affect the setting of your routers such as password and username or other configured settings. Let’s take a look at the steps given below to perform a soft reset.

  • First, you should need to unplugged the cables attached to the Mediacom router.

Mediacom router cables

  • Wait for a while and connect the power cable again with your router.
  • Now your router will start the reboot process.  This process might take up to 10 to 15 minutes, so keep some patience.
  • Once your Medicom router is successfully rebooted, check your issue got resolved or not.

Hard Reset:-

However, most of the time soft reset is enough to fix ongoing issues of Mediacom routers. But in the complicated task soft reset won’t able to fix. Remember that by performing a hard reset all your router settings will be erased and set to the default. If you’re sure about hard rest then to go through the steps we have shown below.

  • First, you should need to remove the coaxial cable.
  • Take a paperclip and hold the reset button located at the rear side or router.

Reset Mediacom Router

  • Once the LED lights start blinking on your Mediacom router, attach the coaxial cable to the router. Keep some patience until the router performs a hard reset.

Once the router is set to the default setting, you need to visit the Mediacom router login page in order to modify the default settings of your to the preferred ones.

Final Take:-

Mediacom router login steps do not require to have expertise. You can easily modify the settings of the Mediacom router just by following the steps we have mentioned above. We have tried to mention the steps in simple words, but still, if you face trouble while using them then let us know using the comment section.

This guide concludes every single detail you need to know about Mediacom. If you face any difficulties or won’t able to log into the Mediacom router then you should need to contact the customer support of Mediacom, they will able to assist you better.

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