MalwareFox Review 2021 – Is it Safe & Worth Buying?

PC Health? Another Antivirus Again? Put an end to your search, with this MalwareFox Review for the 2020s most positively reviewed Software- MalwareFox. Your Office desk, study couch, and laptop bag are not the only places your PC visits. It might appear still, but it sure is wandering places. Virtual environments that are so full of dark and ugly codes, you and I don’t even know of.

We are trusting web security as we are trusting the government tackling the COVID. Who knows just where the other pop-up on your PC might lead to! Concerns should be as real as these death threatening hazards. Let us find out more about the MalwareFox!

Detailed MalwareFox Review

Malware is a software or a set of underlying code, especially and intentionally designed to breach hideously into the computer system via the Internet or data transfer. It may damage the Computer system, user, client, server, or even to the targeted file location, either corrupting it, erasing it, or encrypting it. Moreover, the risk of information leakage, either personal or official, increases multifold.

There is a wide variety of Malware depending upon the type of harm they inflict. Some of the most popular forms are worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, rogue software, and scareware. These are inevitable, but can easily be avoided, and the damage can be repaired, on timely detection, removal, and prevention. These services are offered by Software known as Antivirus Softwares. MalwareFox is one such Antivirus software that has been reviewed to be the best Antivirus Software of 2020, so far.

Why MalwareFox?

MalwareFox has created some hype over the Internet for the last few months. Though we never came across any targeted advertisement about the Software. But it sure was recommended via some of our readers and tech geels.

We started our research about it in various Internet portals and discussions to check if it worth the time to study it properly. Joanne, our Ethical Hacking Security Inspector, got ready to buy the premium version. Been a week now and to quote her- ‘I couldn’t even hack into my own system. The Antivirus program is so robust; I had to turn it off to test some of my own codes’.

Joanne is also using it for her kid sister’s Android Tablet now. It comes loaded with certain worthy features, and in such lightweight, one wouldn’t even notice if it’s there. How? Boot Speed remains unaltered. Well, to learn more, muster along.

Over Windows Defender

Windows Defender has improved its ranking in AV tests, in leaps and bounds in recent years. It is an in-built capacity available for Windows 10 and works quite powerfully too. But it has its limitations over some Apps, including Chrome and specific other Software as well. One does require a third-party Antivirus Software necessarily if the system is being used out of Home Network.

  • Windows Defender can not detect real-time Malware Introduced to your PC unless it is updated from Windows. Almost 40,000 new virus definitions are uploaded on the Internet each day, making it essential to rely on MalwareFox.
  • Defender automatically turns off itself while a file is getting installed, many times. This will not be the case with MalwareFox, as it is programmed explicitly for such a purpose.

Over Other Antiviruses

Avast, AVG, McAfee are undoubtedly the deal-breakers when it comes to Antivirus choices. There is no need to question their performance, security procedures, and reliability, but there is one little thing that has to be pointed out. Their license is too costly. Moreover, these Software’s are so big, and they feed upon your RAM. And rest on the battery as if it is meant merely for their luxury inside the CPU.

How about Boot Speed? Install an Antivirus and forget comfortable boot speed. No matter how premium your Laptop is, boot speed has to be sacrificed if you keep these running.

MalwareFox is so light. You wouldn’t even notice the space it takes. Moreover, it brings in similar levels of protection as others but in a more advanced and data-friendly way.

Unique Features of MalwareFox

Let’s dig into the features that this tool offers.

1. Anti Adware

MalwareFox eliminates Adwares. Adwares are Software responsible for plunging unnecessary ads and pop-ups in the system, thus misbehaving with the screen space and website experience, online. Some Adwares are so harmful that they might steal your confidential info without a trace.

2. Browser Cleaner

Stay Free with MalwareFox’s Browser Cleaning. Browser Hijackers are such mysterious codes that might change and configure your browser’s system settings according to their own benefits—mostly developed and introduced by Marketeers and Hijackers.

3. Ransomware Protection

MalwareFox can detect and destroy the most dangerous Malware- Ransomware, in your system. Ransomware is a hazardous Software that encrypts all or some of your own data without even letting a single loophole until you pay to recover the data.

4. Rootkit Remover

Rootkits are designed in such a way to obtain the System administrator’s privileges of your own computer. This might result in disabling your Antivirus and other system settings altogether. MalwareFox is potent against such rootkits.

5. Anti Spyware

Spyware is the most creepy among all kinds. You wouldn’t know who, where, and when is keeping track of your location, data, websites, and even media on your system. Advanced spyware also uses your camera and microphone at will, making your privacy a joke. MalwareFox stands straight against any of such spyware in your system.

6. Trojan Killer

DDoS attacks are more likely to happen with Trojan Viruses. Trojan Horses are mostly low-key active, but sometimes they download some files without permission, thus degrading overall performance. MalwareFox takes all the care from trojans.

7. Free Version Benefits

MalwareFox does have a free version, which is pretty useful. If your system needs are not as hardcore as an accountant or a gamer, the free version is more than enough as it performs:

  • Browser Cleanup
  • Rootkit Damage Prevention and Files Repair
  • Malware Detection and Removal

8. Premium Version Perks

Inclusive of all the Free Version benefits, the premium MalwareFox is a total game-changer with such additional and professional features:

  • Ransomware Protection – Ransomware protection and Online Banking Security features make it win-win to improve the free plan to a premium one.
  • Real-Time Security – With absolute protection, overall anti-malware updates are detected and removed daily in a matter of a few hours.
  • Zero-Day Attack Protection – This feature is as unique and premium as its lightweight software package. While you work online, shop, or play, this Malware Fox runs silently and unobtrusively in the background, aiming to defend its use entirely.
  • Support – With the premium feature, you get the benefit of professional technician advice and assistance in the case if any new malware is creating a problem and that too 24×7.

Where To Download MalwareFox?

One should download MalwareFox only from its official website. To download the free version, click here.

Buy the premium version of Malware Fox and own the peace of mind you deserve with the best-in-class digital security and protection.

Is It Available For Android?

Yes, in fact, it is in use worldwide in Android smartphones and tablets. You can easily download it from PlayStore or its official website. 

Final Words

In this MalwareFox review, we tried to showcase the usability of the Antivirus Software. The importance of a premium antivirus service is as necessary as sanitizers nowadays. Let us know if you have any doubts or queries regarding the software and eve

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