Kik for PC: Download & Start Using Kik on Windows

If you use Kik as your go-to messenger, then you can expand its use over to your Windows PC. Wondering how to use Kik for PC? Well, just keep reading. As in this article, I will tell you how to use Kik on Windows or Mac devices with or without additional software.

Note that there are no official versions of Kik for PC. Our methods will help you use Kik on PC using third party apps that are completely safe.

So, let’s get started.

Kik running on Windows 10

What is Kik?

Kik is an instant messenger app that lets you send messages over your phone’s data.  Officially released in 2010, Kik solved many teen problems. From offering all the features of other messaging apps combined in one to the fact that you can stay anonymous as long as you wanted.  Kik not only offered insane flexibility, but it also had the least requirement for its use.

Kik messenger on Android Smartphone

In order to use Kik, all you need is an email address and password. No sim card, no making or verifying your profile, no phone numbers nothing, also it is free. With Kik, you can message anyone by just typing in their Username or scanning their Kik QR code. All you need is an internet connection and you can talk to anyone, even a stranger on the other side of the globe. In my context, Kik is literally the combined version facebook, WhatsApp and Tinder of anonymous people.

Kik For PC

Since Kik was never expected to be as big as it is today, its developer never thought about accessibility over PC, which is why there is no version of Kik designed for PC. Well, Windows Store used to have Kik before, but Microsoft removed it for unknown reasons.

Is there a chrome extension for Kik? No, there used to be one but not anymore. Even if you search for chrome extension for Kik, all you will find is All in one messenger, which lets you use all your mobile messaging apps on PC.

Kik for Mac OSX and Windows

So, if there is no PC version of Kik and you don’t have a chrome extension for Kik as well, then how will you use Kik on your computer? It’s simple, by using Android Emulators. An android emulator is a software that lets you use any android app on your PC.  And to make it more convenient, the emulator works on all platforms. With an android emulator, you can use Kik on Window, Macbook, and Chromebook as well.

1. Download Kik for PC using Bluestacks

Bluestack is one of the most famous and widely used emulators today, also it is free. Bluestack was originally designed for making android games accessible to PC but it can literally run any android app you can find on google play store. One of the best thing about Bluestacks is that it is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

You can download Bluestacks by visiting their official site or copy-pasting this link Just visit the page, Click on Download Bluestack, wait a moment and it will start downloading.

Download BlueStacks4

Once, the download is complete, simply install the software and open it. After opening Bluestacks, you can either use the Google Play Store that comes pre-installed or the search bar at the upper-right corner. Double click on Play Store app to open it. The user interface is pretty similar to your android device, so you should be fine.

Kik Search on Bluestacks

  • To install Kik, just type Kik or Kik Messenger on the search bar and press Enter. Now, click on the Kik icon to open it.

Kik on Google Play Store on Bluestacks App Player

  • Now, Click on Install to install the app.  Once the app is installed, you can access it from the main menu. To do so, click on the Home Button(the house one) located at the bottom of your screen. Double-click to open it.

Kik app on Bluestacks Home

2. Install Kik on Windows using Andy

Andy is another android emulator that you can use. There is not much much difference between Andy and Blustacks. They are both free, works on both Windows and MacOSX and allows you to use Kik on PC. You can download Andy by visiting their official site, using filehippo or copy-pasting this link

Download andy android emulator

Downloading and installing Andy is same as Bluestacks. Since both use android user interface, you can download Kwik with Andy in the same way you did with Bluestacks. Once, Kwik is installed, you can use it just like your own android device.

Download Kik.APK file from Andy

3. How to use Kik Online without Downloading

If for some reason you can’t download the emulator, you can use Manymo. Manymo is an online android emulator which lets you use Kik messenger online. The best thing is that with Manymo you can use Kik even on your Chromebook. Since you don’t have to download anything, it won’t take any space or there won’t be any hardware requirement to fulfill. So, in simple terms, you can use Kik on your Chromebook, Windows, and Mac without any external app or chrome extension for Kik.

Manymo Emulator

How to run Kik without emulator?

  • First, download the Kik.APK file on your PC or Chromebook from Google Play Store @ “”.
  • Once, the file is downloaded, visit Manymo’s official website.
  • To run your application, you will first need to make an account.
  • After, you have made your account, Login with the account details and click on Launch Emulator.
  • Click on Launch with an App and browse to the downloaded Kik.APK file, which can be found in Downloads. 
  • Select on Kik.APK file and click open. It should take a while to launch, so be patient.
  • Once, it is launched, proceed with the Kik login process, which will be no different than your mobile Kik application.

Login Kik on PC or Chromebook

One thing you should understand that even if you are using Kik on PC with Windows or MacOSX or your Chromebook with Chrome OS, you are running the same app. And since you are running the android version with an android emulator, the user interface will be exactly the same as the Kik app on your phone just with a bigger screen.

Now, to login in Kik on PC-

  • First, open Kik app on your PC with the help of online/offline emulator.
  • You have the choice of logging in with your old account or you can make a new one.

Kik new account

  • In order to make a new account, first, click on Sign-up.
  • Now enter a username, make sure it is unique. Type in a valid Email-id and choose a password.

  • You will be asked your date of birth in the next column. Keep in mind that if you are under 13, you can not use Kik.
  • Once, everything is done, click on sign up to make your account.

Kik sign up with new account

  • You will get an email from Kik interactive, once your account has been made. Do check your spam folder, if you can’t find it. Now you can use Kik on PC. Enjoy!

Bottom line

Kik is really fun to use application, but not having a PC version sure takes away its accessibility. And, you will face the same problem with Snapchat and other popular apps.  Well, luckily developer thought about that and introduced, android emulators. Android emulators were designed to run android games on PC, so people can have a better gameplay experience on a bigger screen.

Since the games are made on the same platform as the apps, android emulators ultimately support all the apps on the Google Play Store.  So now you can not only use Kik but also enjoy a huge array of android applications with Android emulator.

Well, there you have it! how to run Kik on PC, answer for Kik chrome extension, how to login Kik on PC or Chromebook and everything else you needed to know about it. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments section. Also, if you have any different way to run Kik on PC, please share and we will add it.

Thank you for reading this article, hope it works out for you.

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