Is Malwarebytes Safe, Good and Free in 2021?

Malwarebytes is an American company that saves your Windows, Android, and iOS devices from trojans and other viruses. Though this company was founded in 2004 the first application was released in 2006. During the year 2014-15, the company got a boost of user base directly of 10 million in number. By the end of the year 2015, Malware bytes had repaired more than 250 million systems suffering from malware issues. For many users, it is a go-to virus removal software, whereas others are doubtful about the privacy-related concerns. So is Malwarebytes safe? Read on to know the answer to your question.

Is Malwarebytes Safe?

After doing a lot of research and reading a lot of public reviews on more than 20 sites we came to the conclusion that Malwarebytes is totally safe to use. Surely it is the best Malware detection and removal tools available on the internet till now. Its CNET rating from users is 4.0.

As there is a free plan available yet everything is manually initiated. That is only required for malware scans and removals. You will need a paid version if you need an automated detection feature. Not even a single anti-malware program is full proof that prevents your PC.

The reason behind this is that the security field is rapidly in flux, with new attacks appearing constantly. Though it takes time for new malware to be reported, analyzed and verified before they can be incorporated into new database definitions.

Also, it is a known fact that zero-day malware is unlikely going to detect anything. May we tell you that, zero-day malware points to malware that is destroying a software vulnerability for which there is presently no solution available.

So malware identifying and reporting and then their verification takes a little bit time as the malware creators are the first players in this game and the anti-malware companies have to act as catching them. There is always a short span of time in which the malware enters into your PC and then is also removed later on when it gets identified and updated.

Is Malwarebytes Legal?

Yes, Malware bytes is totally a legal anti Malware program. This software was designed to replace early vendors offering named, RogueRemover.

After several years this application was published it became very popular for curing computers of homes and offices in alike ways

Should You Buy MalwareBytes?

We surely recommend the premium version of Malwarebytes. also, there is nothing wrong with the free version but extra features in the premium version are of great use and are very beneficial.

It also depends on the Operating System. We would not advise you about buying the Malwarebytes Mac version. It has poor performance. On Windows, PC Malwarebytes is strongly recommended as a malware removal utility. Buying the premium version of Malwarebytes is surely worth it.

So this article was all about Malwarebytes, Hope all your doubts about Malwarebytes might have been cleared. If you still wondering, is Malwarebytes safe? Yes, it is.

Do let us know in the comments section we will surely help you out there.

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