Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10

It is very difficult for an iPhone user to run or use its apps in Windows PC. If you are an Apple device user then you must have experienced a lot of problems while sharing your files from iPhone or your iPad to your Windows Desktop or laptop and if you want to share files to your Windows PC / Laptop or vice versa you have to always use iTunes as a mediator to do so. Hence, we have come upon a simple and convenient solution for you and that is iOS Emulator that will help you to run your iOS apps to your Windows PC.

What is an iOS Emulator?

Since iOS is the most secure Operating System hence it is not easy to share its file or apps with any other operating system. Here’s how iOS Emulator is best for you. iOS Emulator makes your Apple Device’s apps to install and run in your Windows PC or Laptop.

iOS Emultars for Windows 10

iOS Emulator works as a mediator hardware or software to allow the host device that is Windows Device to work or behave like the Guest Device which is Apple Device. Emulation means it is an ability of an electronic device, basically a computer device to behave like another device.

What are the uses of the iOS Emulator?

Apart from running iOS apps and games in Windows Device, iOS Emulator has various other uses too and they are :

  1. Use as a development program to build or test certain apps.
  2. It can be used to run multiple devices with one iOS Device.
  3. While working on testing the apps, it can clearly show you the problems at the very initial stage of developing the apps that may occur after complete development.
  4. You can test any app with a working tool.
  5. It really helps to understand about Xcode and iOS Development before the actual app development.
  6. Works as a simulator of testing apps and virtual simulation of its problem.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 PC:

There are dozens of iOS Emulators, free or paid available in the world but which is the best suited for your vision and use is certainly depends on you. That is why we have summed up the top 8 iOS Emulators that could possibly make you understand and choose your perfect iOS Emulator.

Top 8 iOS Emulators are :

1. Smartface

Smartface is majorly for App Developers that cater some of the major third party apps and come with some powerful and most secure features. App development on C or Java is more tedious and complex than it seems. OS to OS issues screen issues, technologies upgrade issues and many more hurdles do occur when we program to develop an application. This is why people are opting for third-party cross platforms mobile development programs like Smartface.

How to install and use Smartface?

Smartface is very convenient and easy to use mobile development program and below are the methods to install and use it :

  1. Download Smartface app from the iOS app store.
  2. Connect your iOS device to your Windows PC or laptop.
  3. Make sure you have iTunes installed in your PC so as to recognize an apple device.
  4. After your device got recognized start developing applications via Smartface.
  5. To use it on Android device just set your Android SDK path in project settings in your Smartface program.

To get Smartface on your device visit here: 

Smartface setup

2. iPadian

As the name suggests, it is an another popular and influencing third-party cross platforms mobile development program that allows users to use Apple Apps to their Windows devices and the best part of this simulator is that it has its own app store that provides an exploration of numerous third-party apps. Just choose your free version or paid version to enjoy apple apps in your Windows Platform.

To download the iPadian just click on


3. MobiOne

This is an another excellent option which allows users to develop apps and in a very hassle-free way.  Indeed a very use- friendly smooth platform where developers can develop Apple and even android apps in their Windows PC. Unfortunately, this service stopped a few years ago but still we can use its beta version and this particular software is highly recommended to those who want to develop applications.

To download MobiOne one can go through

4. is the most trusted and valuable third party cross platforms mobile development program which provides a smooth render to run iOS  apps on your windows device and develop the apps. This is by far the best emulator which provides you a great environment for the development of applications. However, it takes a lot of time to load and run the application almost around 20-30 minutes and comes with a trial version and after satisfaction you can upgrade to the paid version. All you need to synchronize ios.appi pack with this emulator and you are ready to use it. Just easy to install and use.

Visit website here module


The best alternative of is as it has lots of features to choose from. This emulator works for free for a limited time then you can choose from various paid programs as per your usage. This doesn’t use the IDE instead it uses your cloud storage to work and it has a lot more to offer to experience a hassle-free smooth testing.

Some key features are :

  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. Use cloud storage.
  3. Compatible with all devices.

How to install

Installation of involves below simple steps:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Upload your iOS application file.
  3. Now you will be asked to enter your valid, active and genuine email address.
  4. Once you enter your email address, you will receive an email that incudes the installation link and that’s it.

6. Ripple

It is a Chrome extension which is a smooth and light gateway to develop and test your apps through this. It avoids complicated setups of apps and file, instead directly provide a platform to test the HTML extensions. You can download it from Chrome Webstore and use it on your browser directly to test your applications.

Some of the highlighting features of Ripple are :

  1. Browser-based emulator and not software-based
  2.  Lightweight and simple.
  3. Simple user interface.

You can easily download your ripple by visiting Chrome Webstore at

7. Delta Emulator

It is an emulator for installing and playing classic games like Super Mario Bros. , Gameboy and other Nintendo games on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. As Apple is very strict regarding the installation of third-party applications, hence Riley Testut brought a third party app store that you can install on your Apple device and then you can install delta through it.

How to install Delta Emulator without Jailbreak?

Let us understand step by step how can you install Delta Emulator without Jailbreak on your iOS device :

  1. Download third party app server Alt Server via link
    Alt App Store
  2.  After the succesfull installation of App Server connect your iPhone to your PC
  3. Install iTunes from the link 
  4. Select your iPhone from Alt Server menu after launching the app.
  5. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID credentials.
  6. Now go to Settings > General > Profiles and then Verify the Alt App Store in Device Management.
  7. Launch Alt App Store and enter Apple ID Login credentials.
  8. Search Delta App and install it the way you install other apps in your App Store.

8. Xamarin Test Flight

It is an apple owned emulator that provide an extensive features to test and run your Apple Apps on your Windows Device. It provides extended user support. However, it is not easy to get used to it but once you have learned everything about it you will not get any problems. Previously it was available in Windows Webstore but got removed due to some unknown reasons. You can get your Xamarin Test Flight installed here :

Xamarin Test Flight

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS Emulator?

Advantages of iOS Emulator :

Since iOS Emulator is a gift to app developers, let’s see how it can benefit them :

  1. It is available free of cost, however its solely up to you to purchase the paid version.
  2. Easy to use and install.
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. Can be optmised to run and test various apps and learn about their issues fore-fronted.
  5. Emulator act as a sub-OS to test your apps rather than directly testing it to your Windows Device.

Disadvantages of iOS Emulator :

While reading and getting the knowledge of pros of iOS Emulators, now let’s get aware of its disdavntages :

  1. Restricted only for low RAM consuming apps and games.

Final Take :

iOS Emulators are easy, user-friendly and completely safe to use and you could work on any Windows device through it. Testing and running your iOS apps in Windows is quite easier now with the help of these Emulators. So that’s it, pals, we hope you have gone through our recommendations and have chosen your iOS Emulator and if you still find any query in our blog then do write to us below and we would be happy resolving it.

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