How to Fix Invalid Partition Table On Windows 10

On Windows PC the drives are divided into “Partitions“. Mostly there is one partition per hard drive. Operating system treats each partition as a separate drive. Properties of each drive’s partition are stored in a file called “Partition Table“. On booting the PC, you will get a message which shows “Invalid Partition Table_” and boot cannot be performed by the operating system.

This partition table didn’t work properly when it is damaged. Once the partition table is damaged, the system will not be able to boot normally. Let’s take a look at how to fix the error in this article.

What Causes Invalid Partition Table Error?

The most common cause of this error is corrupted or damaged partition table due to failing hard drive or disk write error. A partition table is located in the Master Boot Record (MBR). The error “Invalid partition table_” also occurs when MBR detects two active partitions on the current disk. Another cause of this error to occur is an incorrect boot sequence. Incorrect boot sequence leads to unsuccessful booting. Outdated BIOS could also lead to “Invalid partition table_” error.

11 Ways to Fix Invalid partition Table Error on Windows

Here are the 11 methods to fix Invalid partition table issue that you may face after installing Windows 10 or Ubuntu or after cloning OS. Scroll down to learn about them.

1.  Press Esc Key

Pressing Esc button could help in fixing this error. According to many users, pressing Esc key would enable Windows boot without any problem. But note that this fix will be temporary. You will need to repeat it whenever the problem occurs.

2. Disconnect Other USB Devices

This problem might be related to USB devices. These devices sometimes interfere with the boot sequence and cause this error. For fixing this, remove all the connected USB devices and then check whether the problem is fixed or not. After that connect USB devices one by one to check which device is responsible for this error.

3. Check Your Boot Priority

For fixing this problem, you need to enter BIOS and boot manually. Make sure that you have set your hard drive as the first boot device. Disable USB and other devices from the boot sequence. Save the changes and Restart your computer. Your system should be able to boot.

 4. Turn Off Secure Boot In BIOS

Safe boot provides protection to your PC, but sometimes this can be the cause of this problem. To fix this, turn off safe mode, that means make the secure boot disable in the BIOS.

  • Power on the PC and press DEL or F1 or F2 or F10 depending upon the manufacturer to enter into BIOS

  •  Disable secure boot

  •  Save the settings and exit BIOS setup

5. Perform Startup Repair to Fix Partition Table

Startup Repair automatically scans your hard disk and tries to fix the error. To perform setup, first, turn on and off the computer three times while booting. After the third time, windows 10 will boot into diagnostics mode.

  • Click Advanced Options when the recovery screen appears. 
  • Click on Troubleshoot Startup

  •  Click on Advanced Options

  •  Click Startup Repair option

  •  Select your account
  •  Type your account password (if any)
  •  Click the Continue button

6. Upgrade BIOS Version

By upgrading bios, the overall performance of your PC improves. Thus Upgrading Bios version might help in fixing Invalid Partition Table.

  • Click on Start
  •  Open System Information  (Type “msinfo” in the search box and click on System Information at the top of Start window)

  •  Check your computer’s model name  (skip this step if you have a custom-built computer)

  •  Find your BIOS Version number

  •  Open your BIOS manufacturer’s support site
  •  There you will find BIOS update file
  •  Download the update file

7. Rebuilding MBR

MBR (Master Boot Record) is a loader code at the beginning of the Computer’s hard disk.  It consists of an Operating System boot loader and Partition table of the storage device. Rebuilding MBR could solve this error. To rebuild MBR, these steps can be taken –

  •  Insert the Windows Installation Media
  •  Restart your PC and boot from the installation disk
  •  Click Repair your Computer

  •  Select Command Prompt from the System Recovery Options

  •  Run the following command and press Enter after each command

  • Restart your computer

8. Fixing By Command Prompt

We can try fixing Invalid Partition Table by command prompt. For this, the following steps can be taken-

  • Press Windows Key and X simultaneously
  •  Open Command Prompt

  •  Type the following commands when the Command Prompt opens-

9. Check Partition Using Diskpart

  •  Boot from Windows Installation Media
  •  Select proper language, time and keyboard. After that click on Repair your Computer
  •  Choose the Windows installation drive, usually “C” drive and click Next
  •  Choose Command Prompt from the System Recovery Options
  •  Type the following commands  and press Enter after each command

” diskpart

list volume

select volume x

inactive “

10. Check Hardware Failure

Recovery from a hardware failure requires repair or replacement of the offending part. First of all, check that all the driver cables aren’t damaged. After that, check that all driver connections are done properly. We do not suggest to do further checking by yourself. Contact your PC manufacturer for fixing hardware failure

11. Change Boot Sequence

Wrong boot sequence could be responsible for this error to occur. To fix this, disconnect the unnecessary devices and go to the boot menu. Make sure your PC is set to boot from correct system boot. Restart your PC to check whether the problem is fixed or not.


These are the 11 best methods for fixing Invalid Partition Table in Windows 10. These methods are helpful for fixing this error in an easy manner. If you tried these steps wisely, you are now using your PC without being frustrated by this error.

Hope we helped you in fixing Invalid Partition Table_. For any query regarding the topic, comment below in the comment section. Have a great day ahead!

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