iMazing Review 2021 – Is it Better Than iTunes?

If you are bored of using iTunes or iCloud because of their limited features, then you are at the very right place. Today, we have come up with a new device management application named iMazing that manages your device and takes care of your data. Let us get started with the detailed iMazing review!

iMazing Review

iMazing offers various features like Backup and restore, transfer files between devices, and your PC. We have put together a detailed review of this application along with its features, pricing, etc.

Honest iMazing Review

iMazing is one of the best iOS device management applications that help users efficiently manage backups and transfer files between your mobile device and PC.

It is much better than iTunes in several ways, such as it can export and print iMessages and directly transfer data from an old iOS device to a new one. You can easily extract any data such as photos, videos, call histories, etc from the iTunes backup files.

What Features Does iMazing Offer?

As mentioned above, iMazing comes with many features, ranging from backing up your data to transfer files between devices. Let’s discuss some of its features in detail.

1. Helps to Backup your iOS Device in a Smart and Quick way

With the help of iMazing, you can back up all the different types of data, including photos, video, contacts, call histories, and voicemails. You have to connect your iOS device once to your PC, and in the iMazing application, you will see a popup “trust your iOS device” like this. From here, you will have to choose if you want to backup your device now or later.

quick backup

After clicking on the later option, then you can explore all the features. There is a Backup option that has more few options inside it like Automatic Backups, Backup Encryption, Backup Location, Backup Archiving, Wifi Connection, and Additional Options.

2. Restore Files You Want From Backup In A Flexible Way

You can quickly restore your last Backup from iCloud and iTunes both, but iMazing is ahead of both the applications. iMazing provides a custom data restore option, which means that you can choose which data you want to restore. You can also recover a backup to several iOS devices in one go.

Sometimes iMazing can be a lifesaver as it can also view and extract the data which is being backed up by iTunes even if it is encrypted. This can be helpful if your iOS device if it gets damaged or lost.

3. Transfer Data From One Device To Another In A Convenient Way

iMazing application allows you to quickly transfer all the content from your old iOS device to a new one. Here also, you have the option to choose what you want to transfer selectively. This method can help you in saving your precious time and storage on your new device.

NOTE: You must have installed the latest iOS version on both the device and then you have to select the “Confirm Transfer” button. You have to carefully read the warning because once the transfer process starts, it will wipe the current data on the new device.

4. Move Files Between Your Ios Device And Computer Quickly

You can quickly transfer almost every type of data between your iOS device and your computer without using the iTunes application. It comes out as a time saver when there is a need to import or export the data between your device and computer.

Is iMazing Free? Pricing and Discount

No, iMazing is not a free application. However, it offers a trial version that is entirely free to download and smoothly run on your Mac. The free trial version offers some minimal functions such as unlimited backups, but to restore the backups, you need to purchase the full version of the application.

A one-time single license has a cost of USD 39.99. iMazing offers some end sale discounts such as educational discounts for students and professors at 30% off. After upgrading the app to the full version, you can also contact customer support which is available 24×7.

Is iMazing Safe?

On the practical level, this application is completely safe. You don’t have to worry about any of your data loss. While easing any content from your device, iMazing asks for a double-step verification.

You don’t need to worry about your data as it is secured by backup encryption, which is entirely safe and can protect your data as well.

About iMazing for MAC

iMazing is an application designed and developed for iOS users to take care of the complete management of the device such as Backup and restore and files transfers between devices or between devices or a PC.

From our usage of the application, we found that iMazing accurately delivers the same of what it claims and left iTunes far behind in terms of files transfer and many other features.

iMazing has a very sleek user interface, which is quite easy to use. All the features are put together in the application in an organized manner. So, you don’t face any problems while using the application. Also, iMazing has excellent customer support. The development team has created many tutorials to troubleshoot any problem.

Just like other applications, this one is also not perfect, and sometimes you can face force shut down of the application or even random crashes while taking the Backup. iMazing can’t back up the book’s data available on your device and can’t modify some backed-up data such as photos as they are read-only.

Should You Buy iMazing?

With some fantastic features and simple user interface, iMazing is considered as the best file management application. This application is more powerful & reliable as compared to iTunes or iCloud. So, yes, we do recommend you to buy iMazing. 

In this article, we tried our best to provide an unbiased review of a fantastic application – iMazing. If you find this information useful, then share it with your mates.

With this we conclude our iMazing Review, if you have any queries regarding the application, please comment on your query in the comment section below.

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  1. Thank you for this revise. I have ángel iPad with a library in Kindle. You Zaida that iMaizing can not backup books ?.
    Laso, could y backup my emails .Thank you

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