How to Uninstall Chromium In Windows 10?

Chromium is a legitimate open-source browser project created by Google. It is almost identical with Google Chrome but the latest has an impressive list of improved features. The source code of chromium can be downloaded by anyone interested, modified, and then re-compiled into a working web browser. This can cause a series of security risks. Because of its open-source, some malware creators use chromium to create malware-infected and trick users. However, malware-infected versions are easy to identify and uninstall Chromium if you know how to look at it!

Problems Faced By Chromium:

If you are dealing with a malware-infected chromium browser, you are facing the problems stated below-

  • Default browser is changed to chromium without your permission
  • Extreme low start-ups and PC runs slow
  • More popups and notifications that can’t be blocked and demands to download additional software
  • Your default search engine is replaced with a shady search provider automatically
  • Constant re-directs
  • The number of advertisements increased

If your PC has these issues, then your PC has infected with chromium version.

How To Check If Your Computer Has Chromium Malware?

Open Task Manager by clicking Ctrl+Shift+Esc. If you see multiple browsers in your processes tab, then your PC has chromium malware. If you have multiple chromium processes that use high CPU storage, then you have the infected chromium version on your PC.

How To Uninstall Chromium?

There are various ways to uninstall chromium. Some of them are listed below-

Method 1: Through All Programs List

To uninstall Chromium through All Programs list, follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Click on the Start Menu and then select All Programs

  • Click on the Chromium folder and select Uninstall Chromium

  • Now Uninstall from the dialogue box

Method 2: Uninstall Chromium from Control Panel

To Uninstall Chromium from control panel follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Press Windows key and R to open run box
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter to open Programs and Features

  • Scroll down and go to the Chromium folder
  • Right-click on Chromium and then choose Uninstall

Now Reboot your PC and look for the traces of chromium. If there is still a chromium icon then follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Open File Explorer
  • Then open user and click on “your personal folder
  • Go to Appdata and open local tab
  • In Appdata, select Chromium folder and delete it permanently

(If you got a pop-up showing the message “Folder in use” then check your system tray for a chromium icon. If chromium icon is there, then delete Chromium again.)

Reboot your PC and check if the error is resolved

Method 3: Remove Malware from Google Chrome

To remove malware from Google Chrome follow these steps-

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to the Menu icon by clicking on the three dots from the right corner of the screen
  • Select “More tools
  • Then tap on the “Extensions

  • If you find any suspicious ad-on and extension to eliminate, then select and Remove it

Method 4: Remove from Mozilla Firefox

To remove malware from Mozilla Firefox, follow these steps-

  • Open your browser
  • Click the menu icon
  • Choose Ad-on

  • Tap on Extensions 

  • Remove recently installed plugins

Method 5: Remove Malware From Safari

To remove malware from Safari, follow these steps-

  • Launch browser and select “Safari” from the top left of the screen
  • Select “Preferences

  • Tap on the Extensions
  • Locate suspicious extension and click “Uninstall

Method 6: Remove Chromium From Internet Explorer

To remove Chromium from Internet Explorer, follow these steps-

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Push Alt+T
  • Click on Manage Add-ons

  • Select Toolbars and Extensions
  • Now click on Disable Chromium

  • Click on More information from the link available from the left-bottom corner
  • Click on Remove option

Method 7: Use Third-Party Software

You can also use third-party software to remove the leftovers of Chromium. If you are not able to remove chromium from the previous steps, download any third-party software and use them to uninstall chromium and its leftover files. There are many third-party Softwares which can be available for free. Some of them are Malwarebytes and Hitman  Pro.

Method 8: Reset Your Standard Chrome Installation

This is the optional step. Try this step only if the issue is not resolved by the previous steps.

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to the Menu icon by clicking on the three dots available on the right corner of the screen

  • Open Settings and then click on Advanced option

  • Go to Reset and Cleanup 
  • Select “Restore Settings to their original defaults

  • Click on “Reset Settings

Final Verdict

In the above guide, we have provided 8 methods to uninstall Chromium. If you try these steps wisely, you are now using your computer without Chromium redirect. We hope we helped you in fixing the error. For any related queries, comment below in the comments box.

Have a great day!

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