GarageBand for Windows: Download on PC

When it comes to professional work, people usually prefer Mac over Windows. May you be a beginner or an expert in your field, Mac OS fulfill every requirement. Mac OS or ios are not only optimized to offer extreme performance, but even the software supporting them are well developed. One of that software is GarageBand for PC.

But, no matter how good a software is, what’s the point if you can’t use it. GarageBand for windows is awesome, but it is only for Apple users. And even if it is good for professional work, Apple products are not cheap.

Long story short, if you own a Windows PC and want to use Garageband for Windows, Keep reading!

What is GarageBand?

GarageBand is a music production software developed by Apple. It is second to none when it comes to beginner-level music production. You can find this software pre-installed in both Mac and ios devices. Personally, for me, GarageBand for windows is just like Roblox for a game developer. Easy to access, simple to use and fun to learn. And for as easy as it sounds, GarageBand for PC is a lot complicated. But that’s something to worry after you have GarageBand.

Since GarageBand run on ios, you can not use an android emulator to run on Windows. For this to work, you will either need a ios emulator or you will have to run Mac OS on a virtual machine. Here is how?

How to use GarageBand on Windows PC?

Here are different ways to use Garageband on Windows 10/8/7.

1. Using iOS Emulator

Just like, you can use an android emulator to run android apps and games on Windows and Mac, you can use an ios emulator to run ios apps on Windows. And since GarageBand is supported by ios, Windows will support it via emulator. Bluestack is something, I have always suggested for an android emulator, but for an ios emulator, I would suggest iPadian to use GarageBand for PC.

iPadian is an ios emulator, that supports ios10. With the help of iPadian, you can directly download GarageBand from the App store. And just like every emulator works, you can run GarageBand through iPadian.

  • First, you will have to download iPadian. To do so, Vist ”

  • Now, click on Download for Windows to download, iPadian.
  • Once downloaded, open the downloaded file to install iPadian emulator on Windows.

  • Launch the software and open App Store.
  • Search for GarageBand and click on Open to download and install it.


  • Once, it is downloaded, you can launch it through Home.

2. Using A Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is a software that helps you run one OS on another OS. It not only helps you install a new OS but also lets you use all of its features. And, today we will use it to install Mac OS Sierra on Windows. Well, unlike emulator it is a bit more complicated, will take time, space and your system computing power but will allow you use to all Mac OS software including GarageBand.

Well, there are already several Virtual Machines used widely by developers or programmer but I personally use VMWare Workstation. It is one Virtual Machine I have been using for 6 months to run Linux on Windows 8.1.

So how to install VMWare?

  •  To install VMWare, search for VMware Workstation Player on google.

  • Now click on the top results to open VMWare download page.
  • On the download page, click on Download to download VMware.

  • Once, downloaded, first install it and then Launch it.

  • Well, you can also have VMware Workstation Pro, which is a paid version. In order to download it, Just follow the same steps as above.

Once, all this is downloaded, it is time to download our Operating System. To download Mac OS Sierra, just visit ” “.  After the download is complete,  you will have to download Mac OS unlocker. To do that

  • Visit, “ “.

  • Now click on Clone or Download and Download Zip.

  • Once the file is downloaded, unzip it to open.
  • Now, in the unlock-master file, right-click on Win-install.cmd and select Run as administrator.

  • Well, now open VMware Workstation Player and click on Open a Virtual Machine.

  • Now, browse to the downloaded Mac OS file and click on Open.
  • Well, now the whole process will be to set up your Virtual Machine. So you will have to choose the number of cores you want to dedicate or the amount of ram or storage etc.
  • Once, you are done, click on Play Virtual machine to run Mac OS.

  • Once, you are all set up, you can literally download GarageBand and use it like you would on a Mac book.

3. Alternative- LMMS

GarageBand is an awesome software but you can also use other software with the same level of functionality that supports Windows.  LMMS is an open-source music production software which is the most ideal alternative for GarageBand. LMMS can be run on both Mac and Windows, it comes with pre-made content, plugins, samples and many more.  You can literally download and run it, without worrying about compatibility. Use it as a beginner or take it to a new level LMMS will support you.

Visit  to download LMMS on any platform.

The Bottom Line

The better you get at something, the better resources you need. But, to be the finest you need the best one. If you are looking for a future in music production, then Garageband is an awesome choice for whatever level you are. And, since it is an Apple product, they never bothered to make any Windows version, which could have been a loss for us.

But fortunately, that not the case. Today, you can literally run any software from any platform on any OS. All you need is the right tool and a guide to assist you. And this article offers you both. By using iPadian you can use Garageband or other apps n the app store. With the help of a Virtual machine, you can run a whole OS, including GarageBand. If you don’t want the hassle, just go for the alternative, either way, you win.

With that said, I hope this article was helpful and everything works out for you. If you have any queries or suggestion, feel free to comment. At last, thanks a lot for reading this article.
God Bless!

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