Free VPN Softwares For Windows PC [Top 20]

If you are an avid Internet User and always concerned about your data being private then you must need a server that protects all your data from being theft. When we use a free public WiFi hotspot connection, there are chances of data being snipped, that’s where you need a free VPN software which is way better than a regular proxy network.

VPN broadly called Virtual Private Network is a network from a different location that connects you with that location and you can access the internet, can share your private files,  folders, etc. with the help of this VPN software. It gives you protected internet access without sharing your identity or location and gives you your privacy in the online world. Now if the question arises that which VPN is best for you then here we brought to you a list and brief description of some of the best free VPN software which you can use in your way and at your convenience.

Free VPN Software for Windows 11 and 10

Now lets us discuss briefly the top 9 free VPN software out of the list above.

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1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN provides 500 MB of free data per day which is sufficient enough to stream 40-50 Minutes of Standard Definition Video Data and almost 20 Minutes of High Definition data. This VPN doesn’t look upon your browsing history but it does track your IP address but it deletes after your browsing session is over.

Although the free version supports advertisements and is limited to one server only. However, upgrading to a premium or paid version could provide you access to around 3500 servers and more than 72 countries. Premium subscription comes with a 7-day free trial and with 45-days money-back guarantee on every new subscription. You can download a free or premium version from here.

2. Psiphon VPN

Psiphon is a free and open-source Internet censorship circumvention tool, which allows you to browse being in censorship and still private. This VPN provides you the privilege of being fully hidden and still, you can browse the internet with full accessibility. The goal is to provide open access to the Internet and to fight censorship. To download Psiphon you can log on to the link.

3. Avira Phantom

This VPN comes in both free and paid versions and comes with a white security label.  This VPN has built up its service called PhantomVPN Pro. Avira Phantom free version is limited to 500 MB per month which is the same as the paid version, the only facilities you get in a paid version are bandwidth, internet kill switch and free tech support. You can simply download the Aviar Phantom free or Premium VPN via the link.

4. Spotflux

Spotflux is an easy to install free VPN that allows unlimited bandwidth during its free version so you can have unlimited access and its free version also protects your device from the malicious device.

Pros of Spotlux Free VPN

Since it is a free VPN Spotflux has some good points such as:

  1. Free encryption for internet activity
  2. No monthly bandwidth limitation
  3. It also comes with a paid version but most of its benefits are covered in the free version

Cons of Spotflux VPN

This VPN holds certain unbreakable barriers such as:

  1. This free VPN is supported by advertisements.
  2. Pages load slowly.

You can download Spotflux Free VPN here.

5. Neorouter Free VPN

Neorouter VPN is a zero-configuration setup VPN that can be used for small businesses and can provide remote access to it for easy and secure web browsing.

The best features of Neorouter VPN:

The promising features that set this VPN apart are:

  1. Safe & Secure web browsing from home or anywhere.
  2. Share your files securely.
  3. Exclusively protects your device from web traffic.
  4. Play network games.
  5. Its remote wakeup feature makes your computer and network sleep when an unknown network gets connected to your network.

You can download your Neorouter VPN from the website.

6. Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN provides 500 MB of data every day that will be enough for streaming 30 minutes of streaming. It provides robust encryption, decent speed and good secrecy. The only limitation is the absence of kill switch which means if your connection to the server fails anyhow, you will be unprotected towards privacy.

You can download the Betternet Free VPN

7. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a free VPN out of its Premium / Paid version and the greatest advantage of this is that it comes with unlimited data surfing and totally advertisement free. Its access to servers is only limited to the Netherlands, Japan and the United States. However, it could be possible that your speed may be low due to limited access to servers.

One of the best things Proton VPN strictly follows is it follows a zero-logging policy in which your privacy is strictly saved and its one-click quick connect feature allows you to connect to a nearby server so fast.

To download your free Proton VPN, just click on the link.

8. Cyber Ghost Free VPN

Cyber Ghost VPN is a commercial network-based VPN that is free as well as paid. However, free service based in Romania Server only from Romania server and here this VPN has no browsing limits. Its free service is restricted to 15 countries.

Pros of Cyber Ghost VPN:

The best features of the Cyber Ghost VPN are listed below:

  1. Fast network speed when it is considered as free VPN software.
  2. No monthly / per day data limitation.
  3. Servers are considerably more in this free service.
  4. No guest server log-in.

Cons of Cyber Ghost VPN:

Certain limitations that bounds this VPN are:

  1. You cannot surf torrent websites.
  2. Auto disconnection after 3 hours of usage.
  3. No free service for iOS
  4. Free service is limited to 15 countries.
  5. Ads can be seen every 90 minutes.

You can download Ghost Free VPN from its official website.

9. Globus Free VPN

Globus Free VPN is quite different from the VPNs that we have covered above. When you download this VPN, it also downloads a browser that is linked with this VPN and it pins this browser to your taskbar menu.

The only thing you can notice negatively is that only UK servers can be seen in the VPN and it cannot connect to US and France servers and another thing we could count in a shortfall is that sometimes while browsing, it cannot let you know if the connection gets drooped out as you will always be ticked on connected, thus there is a data theft issue.

You can download Flobus free VPN software from here


Pros Of Using A VPN

Let’s now have a look at some of the best things you get out of using a VPN:

  1. Private browsing.
  2. Data Encryption.
  3. Geographical Network access.
  4. Secure Wi-Fi.
  5. Your online identity can be hidden.
  6. At some places like hotels or airports, you get easy access via Firewalls.
  7. You can safely unlock Torrent Websites.

Cons Of Using A VPN

VPN has some limitations that we are going to see below:

  1. It can slow down your internet speed.
  2. Good quality VPNs do come with a paid service.
  3. The connection can be dropped anytime leaving your network open in the online world thus can lead to data hacking.

Top 20 Free VPN Softwares For Windows PC

The list of top 20 VPN software are stated below :

  1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  2. Psiphon
  3. TunnelBear VPN
  4. Avira Phantom VPN
  5. Globus Free VPN
  6. Betternet VPN
  7. SecurityKiss VPN
  8. Spotflux VPN
  9. Neorouter VPN
  10. Hola Unblocker VPN
  11. Cyber Ghost VPN
  12. Windscribe
  13. Proton VPN
  14. Private VPN
  15. Surfeasy (Opera Free VPN)
  17. Speedify
  18. Globus Free VPN
  19. Express VPN
  20. Total VPN

Final Verdict

So that’s all for now folks. We hope you have gone through every detail that we have provided here and amongst the ones that you have been looking for regarding VPN Softwares.

We are waiting for your feedback and queries so do post them below and we would love to hear from you.

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