How To Fix Minecraft Not Responding Issue?

Have you encountered problems while playing Minecraft and greeted with a message saying Minecraft not responding? If the answer is yes, then this article best written for you.

Minecraft manages to become the most popular game since its initial release in 20111. But these days several users reported having the issue of Minecraft not responding. If you also experience the same then fret not cause you’re not alone. However, Minecraft has a dedicated team of experts, but it doesn’t make it an error-free platform.

Minecraft not responding

In most cases, this error code appears because of outdated java software, an older version of Windows, corrupted game files, improper game installation, or the crack version you’re using on your computer.

Whatever the reason is, we have comprised a list of solutions that will help you to fix Minecraft not responding. These solutions will help you to fix this error code within a minute, so without revolving around the topic, shall we dive into the solution section.

How To Fix Minecraft Not Working Issue?

Before I suggest you the prominent solutions, it is best to practice to reboot your computer. Most such software problems can be easily fixed by restarting the computer. If this method won’t work for you then consider checking out the solution, we rounded up below.

1. Update Java Software

Outdated java software

This is the first step you should take whenever you see Minecraft not responding issue. Java software is essential to ensure that game and applications coded in Java language runs smoothly on your computer.  If you have using the outdated version of Java then possibly you will encounter issues while playing Minecraft.

To update the Java software on your computer, you can take the help of the steps we have discussed below.

  • Press Windows+S on your keyboard simultaneously and search for the Java software.
  • Once the Java software is open, you need to click on Configure to open settings.
  • At last click on the Update tab and if any update is noticeable on the screen then click Update now and that’s all.

update java software

Now you need to wait for some time until the update process is finished. After that launch Minecraft again on your computer to check the issue got resolved or not. If still Minecraft is freezing then you should move to the next step.

2. Install The Windows Updates

Outdated version of Windows

This is the second most prominent reason that causes Minecraft not responding problems. So you need to update the Window, in order to fix the issue. To do so, we have mentioned the steps below, go through them, and fix the issue.

  • Head to the Settings on your Windows computer. To do so press Windows+I at the same time.


  • Once settings are launched, click on the Update & Security tab.

Update and security

  • In the left sidebar, you will see the windows update option, click on it.
  • If any update is available for your computer then Windows will notify you. You need to follow the on-screen instruction to install the update.

Windows updates

Once you have updated Windows to the latest version, you might need to reboot your computer. After that prefer to check whether Minecraft starts working or the issue remains persists.

3. Launch Minecraft As Admin

If you’re facing issues while launching Minecraft then you should launch Minecraft as an admin. Here is how to perform this.

  • Right-click on the Minecraft icon and select the Run as administrator option.

Run as administrator

  • At last, it will ask for permissions, you need to press on Yes.

After that step, your Minecraft starts launching properly. If still, Minecraft is hanging, then move to the next step.

4. Update Video Drivers

As we know Windows needed proper drivers installed on your computer to work perfectly. Minecraft starts crashing if you are using the outdated or corrupted version of the graphics card. If the above solutions failed to perform then you can follow these steps. The following steps will let you update the video graphics card on your laptop.

  • Head to the Device Manager on your Windows 10 machine.

device manager

  • Under the Display Adapters, you will graphics card, right-click on it and choose the Update driver option.

5. Reinstall Minecraft

Now if none of the solutions we discussed so far able to fix Minecraft’s not responding issue, then this is the last step you can take. It’s quite possible that at the time of installation we have made some mistakes or the Minecraft file got corrupted.

Reinstalling Minecraft will help to fix such type of mistakes. You can also consider updating Minecraft instead of reinstalling it. If updating Minecraft able to solve the issue then you need not reinstall. Now we’re assuming that none of the solutions have helped you enough and now you’re looking for the steps involved in reinstalling Minecraft.

  • Press Windows+S on your computer simultaneously, this will invoke the search box where you need to enter the appwiz.cpl.

Minecraft unistallation

  • Locate the Minecraft and right-click on it and then choose Uninstallation.
  • Once again you need to invoke the search box by pressing Windows+S simultaneously on your computer. This time you need to enter %appdata%.

App data

  • Search for the.minecraft once you are able to see this folder, right-click on it choose the delete option.

Uninstall Minecraft

Once Minecraft is successfully uninstalled, you need to install it back by visiting the official website of Minecraft. This time be careful and choose the versions of Minecraft carefully as per your operating system. Most of us tend to install mod applications or crack versions.

If you’re also doing the same then Minecraft can block your IP address. So we suggest you download Minecraft from official sources only.

Final Take

Well with that we have a list of some of the possible steps that will help to fix the Minecraft not responding issue. Along with the solutions we have also mentioned the possible causes of Minecraft not working issue. Let us know which method helps you to fix this error code. For better assistants you can connect with the customer support of Minecraft, they will help you to fix this issue if none of the methods work for you.

Even after going to our post, you have remained some questions unanswered then don’t be shy to share with us. Leave us a comment with your question and we will answer your question shortly.

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