Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Chrome [9 Ways]

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error usually occurs when your browser is not able to establish a connection to the destination site. Some sites will open while some other sites show the error message. The error comes up with the 101 code and shows the message “This website is not available. The connection with was interrupted. ERR 101 (net: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) The connection was reset”. It means that the connection could not be established correctly.

In this article, we have covered 9 ways to easily fix Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error in Chrome Browser.

What causes ERR 101?

There can be many reasons for ERR 101 to occur. Some of the reasons are-

  • Faulty network router
  • The VPN app is causing this problem
  • Internet connection is disabled
  • Outdated or corrupted network driver
  • Changes in registry etc

How to fix Err_connection_reset in Chrome

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error can be easily fixed by following the given methods. We have a total of 9 ways that you can try out. So, without wasting time, let’s begin.

Method 1 – Check the internet connection

The very first thing to do when this error occurred is to check your internet connection.

If you are using cables, then check that all connections are properly done. And if you are using a wireless connection, check that the wifi is working properly. Error in internet connection could be the reason behind Err connection reset problem.

Note: Almost 70% of people face this error when their Internet itself is not working. It has nothing to do with your settings. 

Method 2 – Clear browsing history

To clear browsing history from google chrome, follow these steps-

  • Go to your Google Chrome Browser.
  • Press Ctrl and H simultaneously

  • Click on Clear browsing data option
  • Choose the data that you want to delete or you can choose full browsing history to delete

  • Clear the browsing history

Method 3 – Restart the router

Restart the router by pressing the power button of the router. In some routers, power buttons are not available. In such cases disconnect the power supply to the router. After half a minute turn on the supply and check if the error or resolved or not.

Method 4 – Update network adapter drivers

Updating network adapter drivers could help in fixing the Err_connection_reset error. Here are the steps to update the network adapter drivers –

  • Click on the Start button
  • Right-click on Computer and select Properties menu
  • Open hardware and go to Device manager

  • Click on Network adapters option
  • Select the driver you want to update
  • Right-click on the driver name and select update option

Method 5 – Change proxy settings

This is the most effective solution to fix this error. To change proxy settings, follow these steps –

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on Internet Options

  • Open Connections tab from the above options

  • Select LAN Settings
  • Uncheck the Use a proxy server for your LAN

Method 6 – Reset Winsock

Resetting Winsock could help in fixing ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error.  To reset Winsock, follow these steps –

  • Type command prompt in the search
  • Go to Command Prompt
  • Right-click on command prompt and select Run as administrator

  • Type the following commands when the Command Prompt opens

Method 7 – Google cleanup tool

You can use Google integrated cleanup tool to fix the error. it helps in finding the error causing software. You can do this by typing chrome://settings/cleanup

After that, click on the blue button to start the cleanup process.

Method 8 – Disable AppEx network accelerator feature

To disable this feature, follow these steps –

AppEx Networks Accelerator slows down the network connection. It is better to disable this feature when this error has occurred. These are the steps to disable AppEx feature-

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Network & Internet option
  • Click on Ethernet and select change adapter options

  • Right-click on your network and select properties
  • Find AppEx Network Accelerator and uncheck it

  • Save and Exit

Method 9 – Call your ISP

If you have tried everything and the error continues, then contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your Internet Service Provider also uses the firewall system to automatically block a particular IP address for their customers.

Call your ISP and tell them about this error so that you can find out if they have blocked the website which you are trying to access. ISP can help you in resolving the error.

Bottom line+

These are the 9 methods to fix ERR CONNECTION RESET error in Windows 10, 8 and 7. These methods will help you in quickly fixing this error. Try to resolve this error by checking the internet connection first. Then go for clearing browsing history and restart your router. If all these methods didn’t work then try the other methods which are mentioned above and contact your Internet Service Provider if you get stuck somewhere.

If you tried these methods wisely, you are now using your PC without getting frustrated by this error. I hope I helped you in fixing this error. For any query and suggestion regarding the topic comment below in the comment section. Have a great day!

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