Driver Easy Review 2021 – Fix all Driver Errors in 1-Click

Driver Easy, an easy solution to most of the computer problems which might have caused by the missing or outdated device drivers. Driver Easy scans the Windows and lets one install all the missing or outdated drivers. But does it finds all the missing or outdated drivers?

But is it worth buying? Need not to worry! You may find all you need to know about it in our Driver Easy review.

Let us begin!

What Are Drivers?

Before getting to know about the Driver Easy, let’s get a peek of what are Drivers?

A Driver is nothing but a software interface between the hardware and the operating system. E.g., suppose an application wants to scan a document. The application sends the command to the operating system. Now the operating system needs to send a command to the scanner to scan the particular document but both the operating system and the scanner are programmed different commands for different actions to be performed.

Thus, the operating system and the scanner uses the Driver, mostly written by the manufacturer of that particular hardware as an interface to communicate with each other.

About Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a software developed by Easeware Technology Limited which lets you scan your computer for any missing or outdated drivers and update them with ease. You may update your device either manually with the Free version or automatically with the Pro version.

Driver Easy supports Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

Driver Easy’s Features

  • On just a click, Driver Easy scans your computer and finds out the missing or outdated drivers.
  • Lets you download and install all your computer’s missing or outdated drivers either manually or automatically with ease.
  • Improves computer’s performance and stability by updating the drivers as most of the computer problems are caused by missing or outdated drivers.
  • Any hardware or devices plugged in!, Driver Easy Installs the driver one needs amongst the 8 million+ drivers.
  • One may also schedule a scan and never mind it again. Driver Easy will scan the computer and lets one update all the missing or outdated drivers.

  • Driver Easy also works offline. One may scan your computer offline and download the updates once the internet connection is available.
  • If a computer can’t connect to a network, one may scan the computer offline and find out the right network driver. Download it from another computer and copy it across.
  • Driver Easy also lets you backup and restore an earlier version of a driver.
  • Driver Easy pro automatically creates a restore point so that if there’s an error, one may easily restore Windows to exactly how it was before updating.
  • Driver Easy also lets you uninstall any drivers which are no longer in need.
  • Driver Easy also assures 100% service satisfaction and you may also request a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the Driver Easy Pro or any other paid version,
  • Driver Easy updates daily with new drivers and features.
  • Get quick info on all your computer’s internal hardware.
  • Also provides Tech support from Driver Easy’s Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Driver Easy Review 2021

As Driver Easy lets one scan the computer and find out all the missing or outdated driver on just a click, it’s an easy-to-use software and ease solution to most of the computer problems which might have caused by the missing or outdated drivers. The Driver Easy lets one compare the current and newer version available of a particular driver and also lets one view the quick info of the particular computer’s internal hardware. In our Driver Easy review, we found that you may download or update the drivers either one at a time or all at once with the Pro version.

The schedule of a scan feature is a splendid feature for sure. One may schedule a scan to occur when the Windows is idle or any other preferred time. Amongst the other options, one may also set the Driver Easy to wake up the computer for the scheduled scan or even end the scan if the computer is on a low battery level. Indeed, one should also need not worry much as most of the drivers are directly from the manufacturers and all drivers are certified.

On the Free version, the features are limited and one needs to upgrade to the Pro version to access all the other features. Also with the Free version, the downloading speed is limited to approximately 40KB – 80KB per second. It’s also a little unease that with the Free version, one needs to install the drivers manually which sometimes may turn a little messy.

Although on the test run of the Driver Easy Free version, the Driver Easy couldn’t find out all the outdated drivers and one has to install the updates manually which is a bit unease but still, it works much fine. Upgrading to the Pro version will also give you access to more features and enhance the performance as it does increase the downloading speed, create auto restore points, auto system backups, and many more.

Taking up all to the account, the Driver Easy works much fine and lets you fix most of the computer problems which might have caused due to any missing or outdated drivers.

Pros & Cons

Let us quickly wrap up the Driver Easy review with its pros and cons.


  • Scans the computer for any missing or outdated drivers by just a click fastly.
  • Scans offline and download the updates once online.
  • Allow users to schedule a scan.
  • Displays the computer’s internal hardware info.
  • Splendid features.
  • Provides 100% service satisfaction and money-back guarantee.


  • Driver Easy doesn’t support Linux, Mac or any other operating system other than Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.
  • On the Free version, the features are limited.
  • The driver updates should be installed manually on the Free version
  • With the Free version, one needs to download the driver’s updates one by one.
  • Sometimes, it’s also possible that the Driver Easy won’t detect all the outdated drivers.

Is It Worth Buying Driver Easy?

Well, taking up all aspects to account, it is worth buying. Upgrading to or buying Driver Easy Pro will let you access all its splendid features and fix most of the computer problems which might have caused by the missing or outdated drivers.

Should You Buy DriverEasy?

Well, this is all about Driver Easy. You may always try the Free version before buying or upgrading to the Pro version. Even though the many features aren’t available with the Free version and sometimes it doesn’t detect all the missing or outdated drivers, it still works much fine.

Hope you find it useful and please let us know your doubts in the comments section below if any.

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