Driver Booster Review (2021) – Is It Worth $22.95 for Pro?

In order to ensure your computer runs smoothly, it’s important you keep your device drivers up to date. However, it’s not easy maintaining and keeping track of all your drivers. Checking for outdated drivers through Windows Device Manager can be a stressful and tedious task. Hence, this is where IOBit’s Driver Booster may come in handy. This tool scans your computer and detects any faulty or outdated drivers. Moreover, it automatically updates them using their database containing more than 3,000,000 device drivers. In this article, we’ll give you a general Driver Booster review, so you can decide if it’s worth getting or not.

What Is Driver Booster?

As mentioned before, Driver Booster is a driver detector and auto-updating tool used by gamers, content creators, and designers who need to regularly keep up to date with their device drivers. With its recent integration with Steam (an online gaming platform), this has been without a doubt, the most downloaded driver software by PC gamers.

Driver Booster provides a one-click solution to detect and update any faulty drivers on your computer. Furthermore, its clean interface allows you to easily identify which outdated drivers are limiting your computer’s performance. Let’s check out some of the key features that are included in this software.

Features Of Driver Booster 

  • Secure Driver Updating: All drivers provided by Driver Booster are WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) approved. This is a Microsoft procedure that certifies software compatibility. Moreover, Driver Booster automatically creates a restore point before updating to a new driver.
    Hence, if you face any compatibility issues with the latest driver you can always revert back to the old one. Also, a recently added feature checks and fixes your screen resolution if any issues were to arise after installing a new update.
  • Compressed Driver Downloads: Driver Booster uses a complex compression algorithm to reduced driver file size by up to 30%. Hence, you can spend less time downloading drivers, and more time playing your favorite games. You can also set driver downloads to take place when your computer is idle so that your network connection won’t be interrupted when in use.
  • Enormous Database: Driver Booster claims it can fix nearly 400,000 supported devices. It also provides driver updates from over 5,000 authorized manufacturers and companies.
  • Game Booster: Driver Booster comes pre-installed with a game booster that ends all unnecessary background processes. This gives you a slight increase in framerates and therefore better gaming performance.

IOBit’s Driver Booster Review: Pros & Cons

It was fairly difficult to find any major limitations to Driver Booster. However, there are some important points we need to mention. First, let’s highlight the benefits that users have experienced with Driver Booster, and then we’ll discuss some of its limitations.


  • One of the biggest advantages of driver booster is its download speed. It was able to download standard drivers nearly two times as fast due to its file compression feature.
  • Furthermore using its slick and clean user interface was very easy. The buttons, tabs, and categories are all clearly labeled, making navigation for novice users a piece of cake.
  • Driver Booster’s one-click scan faired pretty well amongst competitive updating tools. It was able to detect nearly 70% of all drivers installed on your computer. This is considered significantly high by the industry’s standards.
  • There are also several minor features such as the special exclusion feature and scheduled downloads. Special exclusion lets your choose which drivers require frequent updates and opt-out on drivers that don’t need regular updates.


  • In our Drive Booster Review we found that there’s no support for any operating system other than Windows. Linux and macOS users will simply have to find another updating tool.
  • Moreover, even though Driver Booster’s driver files are WHQL tested, IOBit still doesn’t confirm that their database is OEM (Original Manufacturer Equipment). It unlikely that’ll you’ll receive unauthorized files, but it may be a good idea to double-check the downloaded driver and make sure it matches your device details.
  • One thing I didn’t like was how dramatic some of the warnings about outdated drivers were. It seemed as if the software was forcefully telling you to update all your drivers. You should only update your drivers if you notice any major performance issues or errors.

Final Words – Is It Worth Getting?

If you’re a novice Windows user who doesn’t want to spend the time individually updating all your drivers, then yes this software is absolutely worth getting. In most cases, the free version should contain enough features to keep your system running smoothly. However, if you want to check it out, Driver Booster Pro ($22.95 USD) has some added features such as automatic updates and game optimization.

Sometimes, updating certain drivers such as graphics cards can be a real pain. If you mistakenly download the wrong driver model, it could potentially crash your computer. If you’re new to the concept of drivers or how to install them, we highly recommend you use Driver Booster.

Nevertheless, if you feel okay using Windows Update or Device Manager to update your drivers manually then it’s not really necessary to download any third-party tools. Moreover, if you’re a gamer and you’re familiar with downloading graphics card drivers from NVIDIA or AMD’s websites then you don’t really need this software.

Also, if you know how to end unnecessary background processes, you won’t find much use from the Game Booster. Considering this, if you really just want an easy one-click solution to downloading all your drivers from one place, then we recommend you get this software.

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