Driver Booster 7 Pro Review – Why Should You Use it?

Driver Booster enables you to boost all your drivers without much hassle. There are many things that need to be discussed about the Driver Booster 7 Pro and many features that are new are being elaborated in the article. Along with all the good things, I will also tell you about the areas where it lags. Read the full Driver Booster 7 Pro review so that you can know all you need to know about.

What Is Driver Booster?

In a single line, Driver Booster 7 Pro is the quick fix to all the driver-related errors.

In all the previous solutions to the errors, one main solution that existed was updating the drivers. Well, I know it seems like a hectic task but to make it easy we have an alternative now. Driver Booster 7 Pro is a Driver Updater that scans and updates all the outdated drivers. It even has an auto-update option that can be enabled for simplicity and convenience.

Features Of Driver Booster 7 Pro

Before we start looking at the key features of Driver Booster & Pro, we should get a basic outline of what we expect. As suggested by the name it has something to do with the Drivers and boosting them, which means auto-scanning and updating the out-dated Drivers. Now let’s go through the key features.

  • It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, and Windows Vista. So, as long as you are on Windows it won’t be a trouble for you.
  • It checks the out-dated Drivers and updates them by downloading the required resources.
  • Boosts Gaming Experience. So, if you are a gamer it is a recommended tool.

  • It is 100% legit and not fake.
  • It is safe for use, there exist no glitch.
  • Developed by IObit and thus you can be carefree about the data privacy.
  • The normal booster is free to use but the Pro version retails for $29.95.
  • Saves time due to compressed size.
  • Larger database to update more outdated & rare drivers, which is one of the important features.
  • It does not interrupt whatever you are busy with, updating is done with proper permission.

  • Game related drivers are updated first, which sounds like the Gaming heaven.

  • Isn’t it so annoying to receive notifications while gaming? It solves that too. No notification is shown while you work on the full screen.
  • It provides 24/7 support.

Driver Booster 7 Pro Review

As we saw all the features of Driver Booster 7 Pro, it is the right time to see all the Pros and Cons of it.

Pros of Driver Booster 7 Pro

  • Works for almost all versions of Windows.
  • Reduces the workload as it takes care of all the updates and downloads required.
  • Improves the Gaming Experience as it has got many features to enhance that feature in particular.
  • It is safe to use.
  • It has a good support system.
  • Heaven for gamers!

  • Data collection and storage is organized and efficient because of the updated Database System.

  • Reduces the pain of searching for a particular Driver.
  • Puts an end to the Driver generated Errors.
  • Can be upgraded easily from a normal version with just a license key.
  • It uses very few resources, which is about 75 Mb of HDD, 15 Mb of RAM, and 1-2% of CPU.

Cons Of Driver Booster 7 Pro

  • It promotes a lot of IObit products which may be a bit frustrating for people at times.
  • It is a bit expensive if you buy it directly.
  • Many people claim to avoid the Driver Updaters because drivers are just an interaction between the Windows and hardware and so buying or downloading a separate tool seems unhealthy practice to some people at times.

Is Driver Booster 7 safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. There is no glitch whatsoever. So, you can be carefree about your data and trust the tool completely. It just extracts the information about your drivers. After this Driver Booster 7 Pro review, I hope you already are familiar with the features of this tool and would be comfortable to use it for yourself.

Is It Worth Buying?

Well actually, if you ask me this question my answer probably would be no. You can easily update it using a license key. So the question should rather be framed as that should we use it? It has a lot of advantages and the cons seem to be pretty minimalistic and so it is okay to use it. I would recommend you to try this. Moreover, it is free so there is no bad in trying it and as I told, it is absolutely safe. So, even that is an add-on.


This was the Driver booster 7 Pro review. Overall, Driver Booster 7 Pro is a really useful and user-friendly tool. It is worth trying and buying since it solves most of the problems without us knowing that they existed in the first place.

I would recommend this tool to you as it seems absolutely safe to use and has no glitches whatsoever. If you found the review helpful, comment down below. Also, share your valuable feedback. Keep reading until the next time!

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