How To Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue?

Undoubtedly Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the best and well-known games. Well, most time game launch perfectly and delivers an amazing experience. But sometimes because of various reasons, you might get an error such as Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch. If you’re also getting this error code, then worry not. In this post, you will get to know about the possible solutions you can use to fix Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch error.

fix Dragon Age Inquisition won't launch

Dragon Age Inquisition is counted among the most played role-playing games, the game was initially released in November 2014 by Bioware. Till the time we manage to see the third edition of the Dragon Age Inquisition franchise, this shows then how popular the game is. Also this game capable to deliver an amazing experience across platforms such as Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

What Causes Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Error?

This error code can happen due to several potential reasons, however, we mentioned some of the most appropriate causes below.

  • Services running in the background:- Is is quite possible that any service running in the background of your computer can lead to this error. Not every time you can blame Windows. sometimes third party applications can also prevent the game from running.
  • Outdated or missing game files:- This is another prominent reason behind this issue. As we know every game is required to have the access to essential game files to work perfectly. If anyone of the game file is corrupted or missing then the game might start performing weirdly.
  • Compatibility Issues:- Might be the version of the game you’re trying to play on your computer is incompatible with the version of Windows. If this error happens due to compatibility issues, then you should use the Windows feature which helps to fix the compatibility issues.
  • Lack of permission:- Dragon Age Inquisition is required to have admin privileges to work perfectly on your device. If you avoid granting permission, then you will possibly see such type of error codes.

These were some of the possible reasons behind the Dragon Age Won’t Launch error. Now as you are aware of the cause shall we proceed to the solution section.

Ways To Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Problem:

In this section, you will get to know about the possible solution that will help to fix the Dragon Age Inquisition crashes on launch issue. So without revolving the topic further why can’t we start discussing them.

1. Perform Clean Boot:-

This is the step you should consider to fix Dragon Age Inquisition crashes on startup issue. Sometimes due to corrupted files or viruses, Dragon Age Inquisition starts crashing. Let’s see how to clean boot your computer.

  • Press Windows+R simultaneously on your computer and enter MSConfig to get access to System Configuration Window.


  • From the top bar click on Services and mark Hide all Microsoft services. Afterward, make sure to click on Disable all.

2. Update Graphics Card:-

If you’re using the outdated or corrupted version of graphics cards then you will probably face issues while playing Dragon Age Inquisition. So you need to update the graphics cards in order to ensure the smoother game experience. All you need to do is just follow the steps given below.

  • Press Windows+X simultaneously on your keyboard to head to the Device Manager.


  • Under the device manager, you will see Display Adapter click on it.
  • After that, you will able to see a list of all the display adapters installed on your computer. Here you need to choose the Update driver.

Update Display adpaters

  • Now two options appear on your screen, you can either choose Search automatically for updated drivers or Browse my computer for drivers.  We suggest choosing the first option cause it is easy to follow.

Online driver updates

3. Verify Dragon Age Inquisition Game Files:-

In some cases, the required files for the game got corrupted. These corrupted lead to many issues including Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch Windows 10. In this step, you will get to know about how to verify game files.

  • You need to head to the Origin Client and Sign in to your game account.
  • In the left panel, you will able to see the Game library. 

Game library

  • Once you’re in Game Library, right-click on the Dragon Age Inquisition after that you will able see the Repair option click on it. This will automatically replace the corrupted game files.
  • Once you have followed up on all the steps, you need to relaunch the game again and check whether your issue got resolved or not.

4. Allow Administrative Permissions:-

Dragon Age Inquisition needs to have administrative privileges in order to work smoothly. If you tend to ignore allowing administrative privileges to game then you might face problems. So it is best to allow administrative privileges to the game. In the steps written below, we have talked about how to do this.

  • You should head to the game installation folder.
  • Here you need to locate the .exe file and right-click on it after that choose Properties and click on Compatibility.

Run as administrator

Final Thoughts:-

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the widely played games across the globe. The fame of Dragon Age is increasing every day and there is always something to do. With the help of the solutions stated in this will not only help to fix Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch issue, but also let you fix some other commonly seen Dragon Age issues also.

But still after going through the solutions discussed so far won’t help to fix the error code then you should ask for the help in the game forum. You can also leave a message using the comment section.

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