CSGO Keeps Crashing Randomly? Learn How to Fix

Counter-Strike series of games is one of the oldest and popular multiplayer first player shooter game series. As a result, many of today’s generation multiplayer games are inspired by Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the 4th game in the main series of Counter-Strike games. It was released in 2012 and even after being so old, it is still so popular. CSGO keeps crashing because of numerous reasons and here we will discuss those.

With so many players and servers, it is difficult to have control over each circumstance. The game has had troubles in the past with its crashes and even after so many patches and updates there are its players still report them.

CSGO Keeps Crashing


How to Fix CS GO Keeps Crashing Error?

There may be various reasons why your CSGO keeps crashing. Here we have listed out the most common reasons and their fixes which might help you to prevent your game from crashing.

1. Your Graphics Driver Might Be Outdated

The vendors of various graphics drivers keep on updating their drivers frequently. And it seems like that the graphics driver updates are more frequent than any other types of driver.

So, if you are a gamer then it is a must to update your graphics driver from time to time. An easy way to do so is by updating your Windows from time to time. If you are using any other operating system then you might need to update these drivers manually.

2. Don’t Overclock Your GPU

Most gamers have at least done this thing once in their life. Overclocking a GPU is fine till it has been done in a certain limit. If you’re going to push a piece of machinery to the limit, and expect it to hold together, you have to have some sense of where that limit is. Overclocking the GPU may be the reason why CSGO keeps crashing and it is advised that you turn back your GPU’s clock speed back to default.

3. Verifying The Game Files

There might be a possibility that some of the game files might be missing or corrupted. As a result, the game will keep on crashing. For verifying the integrity of game files follow these steps. Here we have used Steam to do so.

  1. Right-click on Counter Strike Global Offensive and click on Properties.                 
  3. The game starts verifying the files and once it is done, close the windows in Steam and exit Steam.
  4. Launch the CSGO again and see if the crashing has stopped or not.

4. Launch CSGO in -autoconfig mode

Here we have used Steam to launch the CSGO in -autoconfig mode

  1. Right-click on CSGO and select Properties, from Library.
  2. Under the General tab, click on SET LAUNCH OPTIONS.
  3. Type -autoconfig by clearing any previous entry in the text area and click on OK.
  4. Exit Steam and Relaunch CSGO to see if the problem has ceased or not.

If the -autoconfig mode does not work you can also try by launching the game in -safe mode. To do so in 3rd step above type in -safe instead of -autoconfig.

5. Rename fastprox.dll to fastproxy.dllold

  1. Open the File Explorer and click on View.
  2. Click on Options and select Change Folder and Search Options.
  3. Under the View, tab unchecks the box ahead of ‘Hide extensions for known file types’.
  4. Click on Apply and then OK to save changes.
  5. Now in the file explorer, go to the following path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wbem.
  6. Find a file by the name fastprox.dll, and rename it to fastprox.dllold.
  7. Launch the game and see if the fix works or not.

6. Disable The Compatibility Mode

If you have turned ON the compatibility mode or it has been turned ON automatically then disabling it might fix the issue.

  1. Find the CSGO executable files and right-click on it.
  2. Click on Properties.
  3. In the Properties Window, under Compatibility tab, uncheck the box  ahead of Run this program in compatibility mode for:
  4. Click on Apply to save changes and relaunch the game.

7. Try Lowering Your Game Settings

While installation the game identifies the specification of our system and sets the game accordingly. If your CS:GO keeps crashing or is running slow then try lowering these settings and then see if the game works fine or not. The recommended settings if the game is crashing are shown in the image.

8. By Deleting csgo.exe

  1. Visit the following path in the file explorer: Local Disk > Program > Steam > Steamapps > common > CS:GO and delete “csgo.exe” application.
  2. Go to steam’s library and then go to properties.
  3. Click on General and then Set Launch.
  4. Type this in cl_disablehtmlmotd 1.
  5. Now launch the game again to see if the problem is fixed or not.

9. By Disabling Shader Pre Caching On Steam

The shader pre-caching feature of your Steam client allows Steam to download pre-compiled shader code for OpenGL and Vulkan games. It makes our PC compile high-level shader code into a version optimized for GPU. Steam does this even before you launch the game. This feature sometimes causes various video games to crash and CS: GO is no exception. Disabling this feature might prevent Counter-Strike GO keeps crashing error. For doing this follow the following steps.

  1. Open Steam application.
  2. Click on Steam from the menu at the top of the window and select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the Shader Pre-Caching button from the left side navigation pane and uncheck the box ahead of Enable Shader Pre-Caching option.
  4. Exit the Steam client by clicking on Steam and then Exit from the menu bar.
  5. Launch the game again to see if the crash has gone or not.


If none of the above fixes worked then try uninstalling Counter-Strike and installing it again as the final resort. Make sure that the problem is something you can take care of. If your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements or the problem is with the connectivity then there is not much you can do.

I hope you have found this article helpful for your queries and one of the above fixes has worked for you. Cheers!

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