CPU Fan Error on Windows Boot [Easy Fix]

So, your Computer just restarted itself and now its showing”CPU Fan Error!“. If you are having this error, then the problem is clear, your CPU fan is not working. But Why? and how will you fix it?

Well, Hello folks and Welcome to another error fix. In this article, I will teach you, How to fix the CPU fan error? unless until the CPU fan itself is working. In case you still had trouble after trying all these fixes then consider buying a new cool CPU cooler.

What is CPU Fan Error?

The CPU Fan error is something you get when the CPU fan is not working and your CPU temperature rises up to its maximum limit.

When you do multitasking or high-end gaming, your CPU has to work a lot, which increases its core temperature. Now its the CPU Fan’s job to disperse that heat and cool the CPU. So, if it stops working, the CPU temperature will rise and it will literally melt your motherboard and other peripherals.

To prevent that, your system shut itself down, as your CPU reaches its temperature limit and won’t start until it cooled down enough. This can make two things.

  1. Your CPU Fan is not working anymore or stopped working. Which means, either it needs repair, or you have wiring issues.
  2. It is a software error which could be your OS, or it is not optimizing its speed along with CPU’s core temperature.

In either of cases, you will have this error but you won’t find out without poking here and there. And, by poking I mean trying the given fixes below.

Note- If you had a new CPU fan and it’s not working, try checking its compatibility, like power requirements, etc with your motherboard.

How to Fix CPU Fan Error?

So, here are simple ways to Fix CPU Fan Error;

1. Reinstall CPU Fan

Since the error is related directly to the CPU fan, lets us start by checking the fan first. If you own a desktop then open your cabinet’s side panel to check whether your fan is working or not. And if you have a laptop it will have some kind of vibrations.

If the fan is not working, first check the fan’s connection with the motherboard, then try rotating it or re-installing it. Still doesn’t work? In that case, visit your nearest computer repair shop or your manufacturer if in warranty period. You can also consider upgrading it to a better variant.

If the fan is working, then it must have slowed down as the fan is unable to cool it properly. In such a case, unplug your fan and clean it properly.  Make sure you clean the vents and fan blades properly, you can use air canister or vacuum to clean the congested areas.  Also,  ensure that the air is getting out of your cabinet instead of rotating around.

If this does not solve the problem,  check your BIOS for fan speed or move your computer to a more cooler place for better temperature control.

2. Stop Overclocking

One of the biggest reason for this error is Overclocking. No, I am not saying that overclocking is bad, but overclocking with bad cooling system and non-overclockable CPU is bad. Imagine being 124 lbs and lifting 140. Putting stress on CPU which is not meant for it will end up messing up with all your component.

Even little overclocking puts a lot of stress on your CPU.  So if you want some next-level performance, spent a little more on an overclockable CPU  and a liquid cooling system if you have few bucks extra.

3. Check BIOS 

One of the factors for CPU Fan error could be the fact that your fan is not optimizing itself properly. As I mentioned before, you are getting this error because your CPU was getting overheated, whether the CPU fan is not working is just the obvious conclusion. So let’s say that your fan is working but you still getting the error which means you fan is not fast enough.

It’s like you know how to run but that still does not ensure that you will win a race. But unlike us, CPU fans have variable speed, which normally adjusts itself automatically, but it could be fixed on a particular RPM value. So adjusting it manually or putting it on auto might solve the problem

To do so,

  • First, open your BIOS. Restart your PC and press Del key to access BIOS for HP. You can also search “the BIOS button for (Your manufacture’s name)” on google.
  • In BIOS the Fan controls are usually under Advance Setting > Hardware Monitor > CPU Fan. Here you can either set the fan on max speed or in auto so it optimizes according to the CPU core temp.

4. Get New CPU Fans

Let us asses the situation once. You are getting a CPU fan error but your CPU fan is working fine, you haven’t overclocked it, it is clean and is also running at its maximum speed. So despite everything being fine, your CPU fan is unable to fulfill its requirements which means it is time to get a new one. But before you go to buy a new cooler, you will have to consider a few things.

  • Fan size
  • Power requirements
  • Motherboard compatibility

Usually, the fan size does not matter much, but If you are buying a big cooler, make sure that your cabinet has enough space to fit it in. Also, ensure that your PSU is powerful enough to run that fan. After installation of your new fan, just go to your BIOS and adjust the fan speed for improved cooling.

Bottom Line

First of all, CPU Fan error is not a common error at all. And the fact that you are getting it is either because your PC is too old, or something is definitely wrong. But, the original problem here is overheating of CPU.

If your CPU fan is faulty then the error is obvious, otherwise, something is putting a lot of stress on your CPU.  It could be overclocking, high-end gaming, or multi-tasking, and stopping these will stop the error. But the best option would be upgrading it to a better one. So you can do your work, without facing any issues.

With that said, Thanks a lot for your time, I hope this article was helpful. Also, feel free to comment if you have any queries.

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