How to Fix “Confirm Form Resubmission” on Chrome?

Whenever you are trying to signup on a website but it’s not loading properly and due to which you have to refresh it again and again. Then you see the display of your computer showing the error “Confirm form resubmission”. This error is mostly prevailing on google chrome and also on other popular browsers. This error also occurs when you have entered when your doing a payment trough a particular payment gateway and then you refresh your form and get this error on your screen.

Actually this particular thing was introduced by google chrome to prevent a page from making payments twice, whenever the page is refreshed. But this feature resulted in an irritating error when it also started appearing on signup pages and other registration pages of websites.

Why Does It Happen?

The chrome modules responsible for this error are designed so badly that in order to remove this error now it has to developed again from scratch and no developer is that much good and perfect and accurate to develop this again from scratch. The other possible reasons behind this error may be:-

  1. Weak internet connection.
  2. A page that contains a certain kind of form has refreshed.
  3. You clicked the back button before the details in

How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission on Chrome?

Here are methods that can be used I fixing this bug. These methods are more than sufficient to fix his bug.

1. Adding Disable Prompt On Repost

Adding a disable prompt on repost may prevent this error from occurring. So, here are the steps that would help you in disabling prompt on the repost.

  1. Create a shortcut of google chrome and choose properties after clicking right-click on it.

  1. After clicking on properties you will see a field named “target”.
  1. The target field may be like, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”.
  2. Now you have to type “–disable-prompt-on-repost” at the end of it like, C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”–disable-prompt-on-repost.
  3. Save it and now open google chrome.
  4. Check if the issue has been resolved now.

2. Disable Motion Across The Browser

Another method that can be used this error is “Disabling motion across the browser”. If we look deep into this error this isn’t actually an error. This feature was actually introduced to prevent a page from making payments twice. But this feature resulted in an annoying error. This error gets raised because the browser is unable to cache post requests and hence attempts to submit the form, again and again, resulting in this error.

If you have a touch screen device then you can avoid this error by disabling motion across the browser easily by sliding option to navigate forwards or backward. Check if your issue has been resolved or skip to the next method.

 3. Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data

Google Chrome remembers each and every detail you have ever entered in forms and hence data redundancy occurs. Whenever you refresh the page Confirm resubmission occurs. So you need to clear your entire browsing history to prevent this data redundancy. You can go through these steps in order to clear your browsing data.

  • Open your Google Chrome browser & press on the three dots placed vertically on the top right corner of your web browser.
  • Now, select More Tools>>Clear browsing data from the given menu.
Clear Browsing Data
  1. Go to the Advanced Tab & select the data that you want to clear.
  2. Click on Clear Data and you are done.

4.  Using AJAX Submit Button

This error can also be avoided by using ajax() function of jquery. So that after submitting the form it stops its reloading. Add the following function to your web page’s code in order to stop reloading the page.

type: “POST”,
URL: “bin/validation.php”
data: dataString,
success: function(){
//Whatever you want to do on successful submission
return false;gaz

Now let’s discuss how this function actually works. This ajax() function of jquery as a URL property and if data collected implies that that the form has been submitted successfully once then it stops its reloading requests and there is no dialog popping.

5. Check Your Internet Connection

The silliest reason behind this error may be poor or no internet connectivity. Check your internet connection and reboot your pc and check if your error has been resolved now.

6. Delete ‘no-store’ From The Header

header(‘Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=0’)

In case you are using the form with the above-given statement present in the header. Then this error can be resolved very easily by just removing “no-store” from the header.

You can refresh the same with the same form check if your issue has been resolved now.


These were methods to fix this bug naming “confirm form resubmission”.This error can be fixed easily if these methods are implemented carefully. If you still face any difficulty in eliminating this error please let us know in comments. We will surely help you. Thanks!

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