What To Do If The Computer Turns on by Itself?

A computer turns on by itself is one of the disturbing situations. Most of us are unaware of the reasons that can cause this issue and how to fix this problem? This post was specially written for those users. Here we will tell you the reasons that cause the computer turns on by itself and what steps involved in fixing the issue. All you need to do is to read the article and find out the answer to all your questions.

Computer turns on by itself.

Windows Task Scheduler is a default Windows utility that used to automate the activities or tasks to run at a particular time automatically. This utility employed with a very simple and interactive interface that allows the users to monitor the scheduled tasks effectively.

However, it seems like an odd situation but sometimes due to the misconfigured settings of Windows Task Scheduler, you will possibly notice that your computer turns on and off by itself.

Why The Computer Turns On By Itself?

causes of computer turns on itself issueThis issue primarily appears due to 2 potential reasons. The principal reason for this error is the Windows Fast Startup feature. This tool is intended to make the cycle of bootup exceptionally quick. However, this component is known to have a bug that makes your PC naturally turn on indiscriminately times.

The second thing that can cause this issue is planned maintenance or programmed wake-up clocks. The Windows Tak Schedular option is accessible in the Windows to automatically simulate the Windows update tasks or perform support assignments.

The thing is, these assignments at times make wake up clocks that will consequently awaken your computer to play out the planned tasks. There are a few settings that can be changed to disable these wake-up clocks and planned maintenance undertakings.

How To Stop Your Computer Turns On By Itself?

Now as you are aware of the reasons that can turn on the computer automatically on Windows. It’s a perfect time to talk about the solutions.

1. Turn Off Fast Startup:-

As I have said in the pioneer section that this issue can arise due to the fast startup feature. Thus it is best to turn off fast startup. Below you will find a list of the steps involved in disabling the fast startup on Windows.

  • First, you should prompt the Control Panel then select the Power option to succeed in the next step.
  • In the left sidebar of the Control panel, you will manage to see Choose what the power button does option and you need to tap on it.

choose what does power button does

  • The next pop up window will suggest to Change settings that are currently unavailable. Took the references of the following picture if you have any doubt.

power button

  • At last, you need to unmark the checkbox available before Turn on fast startup(recommended). After that click on Save Settings to apply changes.

Turn of fast startup

At the end of the steps, we suggest you restart the computer to check whether the issue got resolved or still persists.

 2. Disable Allow Wake Timers:-

This is another effective solution and can be proven helpful when above mentioned won’t work as per the expectations. It is quite an easy task to disable allow wake timers on Windows but a non-techie guy can suffer. In this case, you can follow our subsequent steps.

  • Again prompt to the Control Panel and then select Power Option exactly as we have done in the previous section.
  • The next screen will display some useful options, among them you need to click on Change plan settings. This option can be located under the Balance(recommended) settings.

change plan settings

  • As you proceed to the next step you need to click on the Change advance power settings option.
  • On the next prompted screen, it will suggest you double click on Sleep and Allow wake timers.
  • Within the Settings section, change the available setting with the Disable.

Disable walk timers

  • To successfully save the changes you need to click on Apply followed by ok.

3. Disable Automatic Restart:-

Automatic restart is one of the features that automatically restart the computer at the chosen time. If none of the above-discussed methods works for you then this is another prominent method, you should try. Here are steps that will aid you to disable the automatic restart.

  • Prompt the Control panel on your Windows computer.
  • On the next appeared window, strive to click on System followed by the Advance system setting option.

Advance system settings

  • Top of the screen you will see multiple tabs,  Advanced tabs are among them, click on it, and later choose the settings option.

startup and recovery

  • To fix the computer turns on by itself issue, you require to unmark the checkbox available before the Automatic restart. Later click on OK.

computer turns on by itself

4. Disable Automatic Maintenance:-

Now we will make you aware of the last step you can take to fix the issue effectively. Most times above mentioned solutions are enough to fix the issue. However, it is best to know an additional step that can help to fix the issue when the above won’t seem affected.

The subsequent list shows the steps required to follow, in order to disable automatic maintenance.

  • Just like the above solutions, this solution also is begun by launching the Control Panel.
  • On the control panel, you will manage to see Security and maintenance option, tap on it, and move to the next step.

Computer turn on by itself

  • Under the Automatic Maintenace section, unmark the box of Allow scheduled maintenance to want to up my computer at the scheduled time. To allow PC to make changes click on OK. 

computer turns on by itself

Final Take:-

In this post, we have introduced the 4 ways you can entertain to fix the computer turns on by itself at night windows 10 issue.  If you’re also undergoing through the same then, these steps are enough to let you fix the issue.

In addition to the above-suggested solutions, if you also have other working solutions then don’t be shy to share with us. You can prefer to use the comment section to share your thoughts with us.

Well, with that we have come to the end of the post.

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