14 Best Chromecast Alternatives You Can Have Look (2021)

Google Chromecast is probably the best and the simplest streaming device ever released. This super-compact media streaming device made it possible to stream our favorite content on TV screens directly from our smartphone via WiFi. With Google Chromecast, you can also stream movies or web series from different streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. directly on your TV via compatible devices. But did you that there are many other Chromecast alternatives that do the same?

Now here, the question arises that if the Google Chromecast device is so amazing then why there is such a demand for Google Chromecast alternatives? Let us find out!

Chromecast Alternatives


Why You Need Chromecast Alternatives?

Instead of being a brilliant media streaming device, there are some drawbacks to Google Chromecast that can be a deal-breaker for many users. To mention, Google Chromecast doesn’t have its native user interface. For streaming any content on your TV screen you have to use a compatible device. The device can be your mobile phone, Google Home Mini, or any other device that can be connected to Google Chromecast via Wifi. This can be troublesome for many users. Also, the lack of a  remote control device is another con of Google Chromecast device.

These reasons are pretty strong to justify the need for alternatives. Many people out there have been asking for the best Google Chromecast alternatives. So, if you’re one of those who are having difficulty in choosing the best media streaming device apart from Google Chromecast then this article is for you.  So, without further ado, let’s quickly jump into the article.

7+ Best Alternatives to Chromecast

There is an abundance of media streaming devices in the market that are cable of giving a cut-throat competition to Google Chromecast or even outrun it. From these excellent devices, choosing the best one for your self can sometimes be troublesome. So, to make the job easy for you we came up with this list of ours. After a lot of research and analysis, we have selected picked up for you the top Google Chromecast alternatives that you can try.

We would advise you to go through them one by one and keeping in mind the pros and cons of each, select the best option for yourself. Now, have a look at the list.

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

The first is our list is the Fire TV Stick from Amazon. Amazon Fire TV stick is no. 1 best selling streaming media player device on Amazon. Fire TV Stick connects you to a world of entertainment. With Amazon Fire TV Stick you enjoy 2000+ apps including Youtube, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. on your TV, watch thousands of movies and TV shows on HDTV. The interesting part about the Amazon Fire TV stick is the Remote that comes with it. The all-new Alexa Voice Remote can easily find, play, and control content.

Unlike Google Chromecast, the Amazon Fire TV Stick has its own User Interface and also features its own app store through which you can download and install apps like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and many more. While the Amazon Fire TV Stick was already doing good, Amazon really turned the tables on its competitors by releasing an upgraded version of it i.e. the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k that is capable of 4K and HDR streaming as well as features Dolby Atmos.

Standing out from its competition, this feature-packed media streaming device from Amazon is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Google Chromecast that worth your money.

2. Apple TV 4K

Apple, the name is enough to define the excellence of this product. This wonder box by Apple promises to bring 4K Dolby-HDR content to your TV. With the Apple TV 4K, you can stream content wirelessly via Airplay using compatible iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, or even Mac computers. The Apple TV 4K is crazy fast as it is powered by the A10X Fusion chipset that is the same processer used in iPad Pro. This processer is powerful enough to let you play your iPhone or iPad games on your TV screen.

Moreover, you can also access a wide range of online TV channels and other services like Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Hotstar, etc. The user-interface of Apple TV is very clean and easy to understand and the integrated Siri assistant is definitely an added cherry on the cake. The only down of Apple TV is its price. As of now, the Apple TV 4K costs around 179$ that can be over budget for many people. So, if price is not a barrier for you then you can also go for Apple TV 4K.

3. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick features smooth HD streaming to your TV and offers you the flexibility to choose from around 1200 channels of pure streaming experience. The Roku Streaming Stick comes with a dedicated Wi-Fi remote control and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

This Roku Streaming Stick is only 3.7 inches in size and will easily behind your TV like nothing is connected to it. Its small form factor adds to the list of its various perks the perk of portability. You can take it anywhere with you and enjoy non-stop entertainment. Just bring your remote along with power.

4. Nvidia Shield TV

If you’re one of those who are looking for a media streaming device that can do both streaming and gaming then this Nvidia Shield TV box is for you. This Nvidia Supports 4K HDR streaming with Dolby ATMOS integrated with Dolby Vision and DTS-X surround sound. The Nvidia Shield TV comes with its own user-friendly interface and also features an in-built Google Play Store that allows users to download and install various entertainment apps including Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, etc.

The latest model of Nvidia Shield TV comes with a Motion-activated remote featuring backlit buttons, Voice control, Bluetooth control, and an IR blaster to control your TV.

The gaming performance and compatibility of Nvidia Shield TV make it stand out from its other competitors. The Nvidia Shield TV comes with Nvidia GameStream support that allows you to cast PC games on your TV screen.

Moreover, you can use Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service to directly play and stream games. You can also purchase the Nvidia gaming controller to enhance your gaming experience. Overall, The Nvidia Shield TV is a good alternative to Chromecast that can handle both Gaming and TV needs of yours.

5. Samsung AllShare Cast

For those who already have Samsung devices, having a Samsung AllShare Cast can be an added advantage for them. It is very easy to set up and connect the Samsung AllShare Cast to TV. This media streaming device from Samsung serves two uses at a time. With this, You can stream videos, movies, TV shows and audio as well it allows you to stream your presentations on your TV using compatible Samsung devices via Wifi or HDMI cable.

The downside of the AllShare Cast is the fact that its use is limited to Samsung devices only. Users having any devices of any other cannot make the full use of it. So to conclude, we can say that the Samsung Cast is overall a good device to handle your both personal as well as business needs if you’re having a compatible Samsung Device.

6. Now TV HD

Developed by Sky, Now TV HD is a great effort in the category of media streaming devices and an excellent alternative to Google Chromecast as well. Now TV HD from Sky has proved to be successful in providing a number of unique and amazing features at a reasonable price. It is available in six different variants and all these variants are compatible with TV services like Demand 5 or BBC Player.

If you’re tight on budget and looking for an alternative to Google Chromecast that offers some decent features at a reasonable rate then Now TV HD will be the pick for you. So to wrap up, We can say that Now TV HD is a good budget-friendly option in the categories of media streaming devices, offering a decent price to performance ratio.

7. CheapCast

In this list of ours, CheapCast is the only alternative to Chromecast that is available for absolutely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right. CheapCast is basically an android app that allows you to cast Youtube videos as well locally stored files from your device directly to your TV/PC. All you have to do is to download and install the app on your device, connect your device to the TV via Wifi or HDMI, and start streaming.

So basically, we can say that Cheapcast is a software replica of the media streaming devices. However, the Cheapcast app is not that great as those of the proper hardware streaming devices and lacks many additional features that are offered by them, but still, it is capable of doing the basic job that a streaming device is supposed to do and that too, free of cost.

8. iPazzPort Cast

iPazzPort Cast is another alternative to Chromecast that allows you to cast/stream media content from smartphone to your TV. This HDMI dongle acts as a medium and connects your TV and mobile phone via data cable to stream local/online content on your phone such as movies, videos, pictures, music, PPT to your TV Screen.

One of the biggest advantages of iPazzPort cast is its compact size that makes it extremely portable and convenient to use. IPazzPort Cast is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms as well as Wi-Fi display technology, Airplay, DLNA, and Miracast Protocol.

14 Top Google Chromecast Alternatives 2021

Below are some more cheap alternatives to Google Chromecast to try out:

    1. Amazon Fire TV Stick
    2. Apple TV 4k
    3. Roku Streaming Stick
    4. Nvidia Shield TV
    5. Samsung AllShare Cast
    6. Now TV HD
    7. Cheapcast
    8. iPazzPort Cast
    9. WD TV Live
    10. AirTame
    11. Xfinity Flex
    12. MatchStick
    13. PiCast
    14. AllCast


So, this was our list of Google Chromecast alternatives. While arranging these media streaming devices in the list various factors were kept in mind such as their performance, price to performance ratio, user ratings, reviews, etc. However, the list is flexible and may vary from person to person depending on each individual’s needs.

Each one of these alternatives has its own perks and cons, so we would advise you to carefully study and analyze these available options and find out which of the following will work the best for you, rather than just looking at the numberings and make a blind decision.

We hope that this article has helped you in choosing the best Chromecast alternative for yourself. Let us and our readers know your pick through the comment section.

Thank You!

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