CCleaner Review: Should You Buy it for Windows 10?

CCleaner Professional, the fine-tune software which lets you fast your slow computer and make it more secure. Fear your computer not much secure? or run slow? CCleaner Professional might fix your problem. So, Let’s have a look-see to its features and have a quick CCleaner Professional review!

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional is a fine-tune software developed by Piriform Limited. It lets one find out and the ll the junk files or others, delete them and fast the computer. It also helps one to keep their computer secure. CCleaner Professional supports Windows 7, 8, and 10. CCleaner has also got other versions that support Mac and Android too. Let us know what it has to offer in our honest CCleaner professional review.

Detailed CCleaner Professional Review

Let’s have a look-see to the CCleaner Professional’s features and have a detailed review.

1. Cleaner

Often, it happens that unnecessary cache files, cookies, memory dumps, and many more of either windows or applications may hold the memory or storage space for no reason which might cause the computer to run slow or even crash many a time. The Cleaner feature lets one scan, find out, and erase them.

Once analyzed, Cleaner suggests the files to be removed and one may run the Cleaner to delete them all. The Cleaner is a fine feature for sure. It lets you delete all the unnecessary cache files, cookies, memory dumps, and or other of either windows or applications all at once by just a click. Elsewise you had to delete all the unnecessary cache files, memory dumps, or other of either windows or applications singly.

2. Registry

Any registry errors might slow or crash often one’s computer. A registry is nothing but a database of settings & configurations info of the operating system or the computer. Settings improperly configured, missing Dynamic Link Library, viruses or any other may cause a registry error.

The Registry Cleaner lets one select the registries to be scanned, scan for the errors, and fix either one at a time or all at once. One may also select or unselect any registry errors before initiating the fix. Any could also create a registry backup and save it in a browsed location. The Registry cleaner works much fine and fixes most of the registry errors. As it lets you know what is the error or why it might have caused and also fix all errors at once by just a click, it’s a splendid feature for sure. Creating a registry backup also lets you revert the fix if need.

CCleaner Features

The CCleaner tools let one do more.

1. Uninstall

The Uninstall tool helps one to uninstall or delete any program or application. It is quite possible that even though one uninstalls any program or application through the built-in OS feature, some leftover data or cache might be still holding the space for no reason. But CCleaner Professional’s Uninstall tool lets one uninstall or delete any program or application completely.

The Uninstall tool works fine but you may not find it much useful as it doesn’t let you uninstall or delete more than one at a time. But still, it lets you uninstall or delete any program or application completely.

2. Startup

Sometimes many startups might cause one’s computer to run slow. The Startup tool lets one manage; disable or delete the startups which might fast the computer.

The Startup tool is a fine tool for sure. You may either disable any startup so that you may enable it if need or delete it. You may also select multiple startups at a time by holding CTRL key + click and disable or delete the same. The startup tool might help your computer to run fast.

3. File Finder

Duplicate files holding more hard drive space might be also the one amongst the reasons why one’s computer runs slow. The File Finder tool helps one to find the duplicate files or other on the drives or folders and let delete them.

The File Finder is a fine feature for sure. It figures out the duplicate files on drives or folders by matching-up the file name, size, and date. You may also select the match-by options so that the File Finder tool figures out the duplicate files by matching-up the same and the ignore options so that the File Finder tool ignores it. You may either delete all at once or many at a time by just a click once analyzed.

4. System Restore

Sometimes, system restore points may put one’s privacy at risk as it can restore any files or data one has deleted if they have created a system restore point before the delete.

The System Restore tool lets you remove or delete the system restore points with ease. But you will not be able to remove the last restore point for safety reason and the last system restore point will be greyed out. Still, it might fix and fast your computer.

5. Drive Wiper

Often, it happens that even though one deletes a file, the free drive space will be still holding some data of the same. The Drive Wiper tool lets one wipe the free drive space or even the entire drive if need which might fast one’s computer.

Even though wiping the free drive space might take much time, it works much fine and might fix your problem.


CCleaner has also got other options too which lets one do more such as schedule a scan, enable check-for updates, and more advanced options.

You may also include, exclude files for the clean.


Taking up all the views to the account, it is a fine-tune and ease-interface software for sure and might fast your computer. You may also try the Free version before upgrading to. All the features are ace features for sure but it doesn’t find out or remove any viruses or other malware if any. Still, it is much worth upgrading to CCleaner Professional.

Well, this is all about the CCleaner Professional review. Hope you find it useful and please let us know your doubts if any in the comments section below. We would be glad to assist you further.

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