5 Best Overclocking Software for GPU, CPU and RAM

Overclocking tools are the best way to increase the clock speed of your PC, without replacing the entire computer. This process takes place on the graphics cards, processor, and RAM of your PC and drastically improves the slow speed of your PC. In general overclocking is the process that can speed up your slow computer and help you to get the optimal performance from your old computer. In this post, we have mentioned the top 5 overclocking software that will help you to increase the default clock speed of your CPU.

By default, your computer has a limited clocking speed configured by the manufacturers, however, by using various tools or utilities you will be able to bypass the limited speed of your PC. Now as you’re aware of the process of overclocking shall we move ahead and begin discussing the process in detail.

Does Overclocking Reduce CPU Lifespan?

Yes, overclocking reduce the CPU lifespan. The biggest reason behind the decreased lifespan of the CPU is heat. Overclocking pushes the CPU to work at its max, which means the CPU will generate a lot of heat, and when heat increases CPU and other parts of the computer will suffer.

However, you need not worry, if you considered taking care of a few things. For instance, mild overclocking will increase the CPU speed and doesn’t cause any serious harm. You might not be able to calculate the reduction in the lifespan of the CPU, it is negligible.

If you tend to overclock the CPU a little more, then you might notice a significant reduction but it won’t be too much.  Tom’s hardware forum says, if you set the CPU performance at 4.6 GHz, the lifespan of the CPU will last long to 5 years. In per opinion, it’s not bad because we all know that after  5 years of use, the system needed to upgrade anyway.

Another fact that can slightly reduce the lifespan of the CPU is the voltage. As the temperature increases, the CPU will suffer and put extra effort to perform the tasks that can be fatal conditions.

Even overclocking reduce the lifespan of the CPU, but it should not be your concern if you want the best speed from your PC.

5 Best CPU Overclocking Software in 2022

Tech guys prefer to use Windows utility BIOS for overclocking purposes. But it is a complicated task and requires impeccable knowledge of the operating system. Windows offers support for various overclocking software, which will help to increase the clock speed in a simple manner. Anyone with limited knowledge of Windows will be able to overclock the CPU using these tools. So without revolving around the topic further shall we begin talking about the best CPU overclocking software.

1. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is counted among the most popular intel overclocking software. Using this utility you will be able to take over the full control of your PC such as CPU speed. The ease to use interface of MSI Afterburner let you customize the profile and benchmarking. Aside from these functions, it can also test the stability of the graphic card.

2. EVGA Afterburner Precision X

EVGA Afterburner Precision X

EVGA Afterburner Precision X is another popular tool that gives you the full freedom of your profile. With its simple user interface, even a non-techie guy can customize the profile with minimal effort. On the home screen of the software, you will be able to view the overall performance of the PC.

This utility offers supports only Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. So if you’re using any of the older versions of Windows then you might not be able to use the EVG Afterburner Precision X.

3. AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen Master is the best overclocking tool for the AMD processor.  This tool works best with the AMD process and helps the users to unblock the increased clocking refresh rate on Windows computers.  AMD Ryzen Master will let you customize the four type profiles. On the home screen of the software, you will be able to see the clock refresh rate and the temperature of the PC.

4. NVIDIA Inspector

NVIDIA Inspector

NVIDIA Inspector is undoubtedly a popular tool for increasing the clocking speed on Windows PC. With its amazing features, you will experience another level of gaming. This tool makes you aware of the graphic card current status, GPU clocks, Memory clocks, and temperature of the Windows PC. Nvidia Inspector is worth a try.

5. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is another Window-based overclocking software that is best suited for beginners and pros. It helps you to increase the clocking just by following a couple of steps. Also, let you monitor the overall performance of the system effectively. It shows the CPU utilization, temperature, and clocking speed in the form of a graph so you can easily monitor changes.

This software works best on Windows 10, a 64-bit operating system. The latest version of the tool provides support for the next generation intel core CPU.

These were our top picks of recommended software that can be used for CPU and GPU. Based on your preferences you can consider using any of these tools.

Final Take:-

All the processors might not be comfortable with the increased clocking refresh rate, so it is recommended to use them on the default clocking rate to ensure a smoother experience. In this post, I have tried to address all your concerns related to overclocking. Additionally, I have also shared a recommendation of the 5 best overclocking software that is worth a try. While overclocking the CPU, keep an eye on the temperature of the PC, if the temperature hits the max level then you should avoid using the overclocking software.

So, guys, this is the end of today’s post, I hope it helps you enough. We request you to share this post with friends so they can also know about the overclocking process.

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