30 Best Minecraft Mods for 2021 [Free Download]

Since the initial releases, Minecraft got so much fame and has become the most popular gaming platform across the world. If you’re also Minecraft fans then you should know about the best Minecraft Mods that will help you to add more function and set you in the right direction to improve your gameplay.

Best Minecraft Mods

Best Minecraft Mods 2020 will not improve the look of the game but add some different functionalities to the game. Countless modders seem devoted to introducing the new modes actively.

If you’re new to the mods world it would a daunting task to choose the best mods that help to improve the gameplay positively. So if you want to get an idea about which mod suits your preferences then read the best Minecraft mods for servers till the end.

Best Minecraft Mods

Our team of gaming enthusiasts tested hundreds of Minecraft mods to check their credibility and come up with a list of 30 best Minecraft mods for pe.

1. Archimedes Ship Mod

Archimedes Ship Mod

Archimedes Ship Mod is one of the most loved Minecraft mods that offers you the functionality to turn anything you build into a boat. You just need to special ship marker block and build a boat that you always dream to own. Also if you no longer want to ride your ship just use commands to destroy your ship.  After the last update, the game makes you enable to build an airship also.

Download Link:- Archimedes Ship Mod

2. Instant Lake

Instant Lake

Instant Lake is one of the best Minecraft mod for those who experience the lack of functionality to add the decorative lakes to the map. Once this mod is added to your gameplay, it will allow you to create two blocks: lave and water. Picking any one of them will allow you to feel the space of the map.

This mod offers support for the magic bucket that allows you to maintain the level of the lake or lava as per your preferences. These were some of the features of the Instant Lake Minecraft mod.

Download Link:- Instant Lake

3. Rei’s Minimap

Rei's minimap

Rei’s Minimap is useful for those who crave to add waypoints to the Minecraft map. The created waypoints visible on every side of the map, so you never lose control of the game and always stay ahead of your friends.

With this Minecraft mod, you will also able to locate the death points that make it the most popular Minecraft mod among the game enthusiasts.

Download Link:- Rei’s Minimap

4. Rope Bridge

Rope Bridge

You might face a hard time while getting around Minecraft. At that Rope bridge mod comes as a savior that makes it easy for the users to play the game. It offers a fabricate Hookshot item that aids you to climb mountains or buildings.

Rember to carry out enough material with you otherwise you can end up stranded upon some cliff.

Download Link:- Rope Bridge

5. Chance Cubes

chance Cubes

Life becomes more interesting when you have the opportunity to redeem random rewards. The same rules go with Minecraft, Chance Cubes is one of the popular Minecraft game mod that shows you dice looking blocks, by breaking them you will able to get amazing rewards or something worse can also happen.

You can build a mansion around you to invite zombies to attack you, this will make your game more interesting and fun to play.

Download Link:- Chance Cubes

6. Quark


Quark was introduced to improve the functionalities of the base game. The most popular Quark is that it helps you to add anything you add to the mod to the game directly.

Moreover, as a user, you have the option to disable the individual features of the mod if you found them irrelevant. Additionally, you can configure the game, by pressing the Q button.

Download Link:- Quark

7. Gravestone Mod

Gravestone Mod

It is quite a challenging task to begin a game where you have died. If you manage to start the game from the former yet there are no chances that you will able to retrieve items.

At that time, Gravestone Mod seems pretty helpful. This place a gravestone at the place where you have died, to retrieve the former game items you will need to break the grave.

Download Link:- Gravestone mod

8. Doggy Talents

Doggy Talents

In real life, everyone loves to educate their dogs especially kids. If you’re among those and looking for functionalities to add dogs to their gameplay and want to play fetch with their dog.

At that, the first name that comes to our mind is Doggy talents. This mod allows you to add 19 unique talents to your dog. Also got a chance to offer your food, bread, and bowl.

Download Link:- Doggy Talents

9. Optifine


This mod is the best suited for both newbies as well as pros. This mod works perfectly on the high-end specs PC that’s the reason why we have mentioned it in 9th position in our list of 30 best Minecraft mod 2020.

The main job of Optifine is to add some of the best visuals to your gameplay and give you an amazing experience while playing the game. This mod also plays a viable role in improving the gameplay and making it more smooth.

Download Link:- Optifine

10. Fastcraft

best Minecraft mod- Dungeon Pack

Dungeon Pack is a sort of mod that allows you to bring dungeons to the gameplay that will make games more fun to play.

It’s obvious to seem bored with building a similar kind of blocks over and over again. By installing this mod you will able to explore new thrill in your gameplay.

Download:- Dungeon Pack

30 Free Minecraft Mods for 2021

The following list shows 30 best Minecraft mods that you can install to improve your Minecraft gameplay.

  1. Archimedes Ship Mod
  2. Instant Lake
  3. Rei’s Minimap
  4. Rope Bridge
  5. Chance Cubes
  6. Quark
  7. Gravestone mod
  8. Doggy Talents
  9. Optifine
  10. Dungeon Pack
  11. JourneyMap
  12. Pam’s HarvestCraft
  13. The Twilight Forest
  14. Mine Colonies
  15. Xaero’s Minimap
  16. Chiseled
  17. Serene Seasons
  18. Tinker Construct
  19. Biomes O’ Plenty
  20. Just Enough Items
  21. Traverse
  22. Biome Bundle
  23. HWYLA
  24. Decocraft
  25. Thaumcraft
  26. Open Terrain Generator
  27. Mekanism
  28. AppleSkin
  29. Swing Through Grass
  30. Extra Utilities

Final Take

So far we have discussed the 30 best Minecraft mods, you can easily install them by clicking on the download link. They will help you to get most of the game and improve your gameplay. There are thousands of mods available for Minecraft we can’t mention all of them here. If you have any suggestions that worth adding to our list then don’t be shy to share.

Well, that’s the end of our today’s post. Our aim of writing is to make you aware of the best mods. You can try them one by one to check which you found more interesting.

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