14 Best Backup Software For Windows [Free & Paid]

If you are a Windows user then you must be aware of the fact that computer hard drives are vulnerable to crashes/failures. Also, your PC can fall victim to ransomware attacks which might end up losing your precious data. These untoward can happen any time without any prior notice. So, your important files, music, photos, and other important documents are never safe on your computer and there is always a risk of losing them. These reasons are well enough to justify the need and importance of backing up your important data and hence, the need for free backup software.

There are many free backup software available on the web and each one of them has its perks and cons. Going through them one by one and choosing the best fit for your usage can be very time consuming and tiring. In this article, we came up with the list of 14 best Backup Software for Windows PC available over the web that can help you in backing up your important data and hence, keeping your data safe and secure.

Best Backup Software For Windows

After a lot of research and analysis, we have picked up for you the 14 best backup software for Windows available over the web. Before moving on to the list, we would like to know that while ranking the software in the list various factors such as their performance, ease of use, user ratings, reviews, etc. were kept in mind. However, the list is completely flexible and may vary from person to person depending on each individual’s usage.

Let us now have a look at the list.

1. EaseUS ToDo Backup

EaseUS Todo is undoubtedly one of the best Windows Backup utility. Talking about features, the EaseUS ToDo app is packed up to the brim with lots of essential features. There are a host of things that you do with it such as create backup tasks on schedule, automatically run data backup as often you need, restore your system and data instantly, and much more. There are four back up modes available in the EaseUS Backup software, namely: – full, incremental, differential, and scheduled backup mode. Last but not least, EaseUS Todo also makes use of disk imaging technology to assure strong data security.

The EaseUS ToDo Backup Softwares is available in three editions:

  • Free Edition
  • Home Edition
  • Business Edition

2. AOMEI Backupper Standard

AOMEI Backupper Standard is another free backup software that you can use to back up your data with some simple and quick operations. AOMEI free windows backup software comes with a gamut of basic and advanced features such as disk backup, file backup, system backup, volume/partition backup, automatic/schedule backup, file sync, etc. to ensure system and data security. Just like EaseUS Todo, AOMEI Backupper Standard also supports four backup modes: full, incremental, differential, and scheduled backup.

As of now, the AOMEI Backupper Standard software comes in four editions:

  • Professional Edition
  • Workstation Edition
  • Server Edition
  • Technician Edition

3. Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is a perfect fusion of reliable backup software and esteemed anti-malware technology that works together to ensure data and cybersecurity. Acronis True Image is the only software in this list that offers both local and cloud backups. Talking about features, Acronis offers dual protection, full image backup, file and folder Backups, disk Cloning, and more. Just like the above 3 software, Acronis True Image also supports all the four backup modes; full, incremental, differential, and scheduled backup. The only downside of Acronis True Image is that it not free. However, it comes with a 30 days free trial which is a sufficient period to backup or clone your system data.

4. FBackup

If you’re a normal user and just looking for hassle-free software that can perform the basics then FBackup would be the perfect pick for you. The user interface of FBackup is not very much appealing but it is very easy to understand and use. Also, it is not as feature-rich as other the software in this list but still, it possesses all those basic features that optimal backup software is supposed to have.

5. Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is yet another great backup software for Windows that you can use to backup and protect your data. Macrium Reflect is available in both free and paid versions. The free version Macrium Reflect version includes many essential features like disk cloning, file/folder backup, restore non-booting systems, scheduled/automatic backup, etc., however, if you want to access the premium features like backup encryption, ransomware protection, etc. then will have to buy the paid version of Macrium Reflect.

6. Paragon Backup and Recovery

Next on our list is the Paragon Backup and Recovery software from Paragon Technologie. Paragon Backup & Recovery is an advanced backup and restoring software that allows you to backup disks or specific partitions to several virtual image file formats. The setup file of Paragon Backup and Recovery is comparatively larger in size weighing around 200 Mb. The reason behind this is quite obvious. The software is packed up to the brim with a host of functions and features, hence resulting in larger software size.

7. Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is an advanced, stable, and reliable free backup software that you can use to make automatic/manual backups for your directories and files. Like other software in the list, Cobian Backup also possesses all the essential backup features & functions like file/folder backup, automatic/schedule backup, optional encryption, data restore, and more.

The only factor where Cobian Backup falls short is the ease of use. Cobian Backup doesn’t any wizard for beginners to automate the backup or restoring process so for first users, it might be a bit complex to use.

8. Clonezilla

Clonezilla is a freeware partition and disk imaging/cloning program which can be used for both partition management and backup purposes. The user interface of Clonezilla is not very much appealing, might be the ugliest in the list but beneath the old school user interface, there lies a competent backup utility. The official website of Clonezill claims that the lite and server edition of the software is capable of cloning more than 40 computers simultaneously, without any reduction in speed.

The negative side of Clonezilla is that the differential/incremental backup modes are not implemented into it yet. However, the company is working on it and we might get them through future updates or in the upcoming versions. To sum up, we would say that if you nothing much to do with the differential/incremental backup modes and can compromise with the user experience then you can give Clonezilla a shot.

Top 14 Free Backup Software for Windows 10

Here is a comprehensive list of best backup software for Windows 10 are stated below:

  1. EaseUS ToDo Backup
  2. AOMEI Backupper Standard
  3. Acronis True Image
  4. FBackup
  5. Macrium Reflect
  6. Paragon Backup and Recovery
  7. Cobian Backup
  8. Clonezilla
  9. O&O Disk Image
  10. Comodo Backup
  11. Genie Timeline
  12. MiniTool Shadow Maker
  13. Backup Maker
  14. Veeam Agent For Microsoft Windows Free

Final Verdict

In this article, we have covered the best free backup software that you can use for your Windows PC. Most of the software stated in the list is available in both free as well as paid versions.

The free versions of these softwares possess all the essential features that can get you the basic backup/restore tasks done. However, if you want to use them for professional purposes then we would suggest you go with the paid versions of the softwares to make the most out of them.

Also, let us know through the comment if we have missed any good backup software that deserves to be on this list of ours.

Thank You!

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