AtkexComsvc Process: Why You Should Disable It?

Several processes took place in the background of the computer, the AtkexComsvc process is among them.  Most of the Windows users noticed the AtkexComsvc.exe program running in the background, and begin to believe that it is a virus. If you’re among them then consider reading this post carefully. In this post, we have covered some of the basics regarding the AtkexComsvc process such as what is AtkexComsvc? Why you should disable AtkexComsvc? And how to uninstall AtkexComsvc?

AtkexComsvc Process

What Is AtkexComsvc Process?

This is a software program introduced by Microsoft and comes as standards parts with computers that use the ASUS motherboard. The main task of this program is to keep the BIOS and driver updated to the latest version.

AtkexComsvc.exe also invokes the communication process required by the ASUS motherboard to work smoothly. Since it is not the default Windows utility it can be disabled easily by following a couple of the steps.

AtkexComsvc Process

Why You Should Disable AtkexComsvc Process?

AtkexComsvc.exe is designed in such a way to launch automatically when your computer boots up. It uses high CPU resources to perform its task and as a result, you will face a lack of speed from your computer. So many users begin to report that their computer becomes slow after AtkexComsvc.exe appears in the task manager.

AtkexComsvc Process

The basic tasks of AtkexComsvc can be done using the in-built Windows users. So anyone who noticing that AtkexComsvc is using the high CPU resources can proceed to disable the process.

Besides slow speed, AtkexComsvc can also prompt some of the most commonly seen Windows errors such as corrupted files. So it is best practice to disable the AtkexComsvc process as it causes no harm to the other functionality of the computer.

Remember the fact that ASUS is a well-known company that means AtkexComsvc is not a virus. But if you are sure about your decision then you have two options either you can disable the AtkexComsvc or uninstall it completely. It completely depends upon you which option you found more appropriate.

How To Disable AtkexComsvc Process?

In this section, we will let you know about the solutions that will help you to disable the AtkexComsvc.exe program. This option is appropriate for those who are unsure about the decision, they can disable the process and in the future, if they seem the need for the process then they can enable it easily.

So without revolving the topic further shall we begin to talk about the steps that will help to disable the AtkexComsvc program.

  • First, you need to invoke the search box on your computer. You can do this easily by pressing the Windows+R.


  • In the search field, you need to feed the Services.msc.


  • In the next prompt, you will able to see several Windows services running in your background. Here you need to locate the AtkexComsvc.exe, right-click on it followed by clicking on the Properties button.
  • In the Startup sectionyou need to set it to Disabled. Additionally, you can also set Service status to Stop. 
  • Once you have managed to make suggested changes, click on OK to apply the configured settings.

In the future, if you have changed your mind and want to enable the AtkexComsvc process then you can do this by simply following the similar steps but this time you need to set the startup section to enable.

How To Uninstall AtkexComsvc Process?

As we have discussed earlier that it usages high CPU resources that make the computer run slow. So it is best if you completely uninstall the program.

On the off chance that you’re a non-techie guy, you might not aware of the installation process, for those we have mentioned the steps below that will aid you to uninstall the AtkexComsvc.exe program.

  • Navigate to the Control panel, followed by the Program and features. 

AtkexComsvc Process

  • On the next prompt, you will see the number of programs, discover the Asus Motherboard Utility, right-click on it, and elect Uninstallation. 

If you follow the steps exactly as we have suggested then you will able to get rid of the Asus motherboard utility completely.

Final Take

Some users also reported that the Asus motherboard utility Windows 10 also causing problems with other elements of your PC. Therefore it becomes essential to uninstall the AtkexComsvc executable files. It will not cause any harm to your PC and can be done easily using the steps we have discussed above.

Our primary aim of writing this article is to make you aware of the AtkexComsvc process, and how to disable and uninstall the process. I hope we have able to achieve our aim, however, any of your questions remain unanswered then let us know using the comment section.

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