Fix: ASUS AURA Service Is Currently Unavailable

AURA services come by default with the ASUS motherboards. It enables the users to customize the color RGB lights as per the preferences. However, since the initial launch, many users have stated that ASUS AURA works as per the expectations. Most of the users encounter the error code ASUS AURA service is currently unavailable issue.

In this post, you will know about the reasons that prompt AURA sync not working issue along with some quick and easy fixes that will help you fix the issue. So we advised you to read this post carefully.

aura service is currently unavailable

What Is Asus Aura Service?

AURA service

ASUS AURA has gained acceptance as the best utility that allows users to customize the RGB control as per convenience. With this utility, you can disable all the lights if you wish. This utility becomes so much popular among RBG gaming fans.

RGB LED’s can generate several effects that can be set using the AURA services on your ASUS motherboard. You can easily personalize the color of LED lights as per your choice.

What Cause AURA Service Is Currently Unavailable Issue?

This utility works perfectly most of the time because of some occasional hiccups it might cause errors such as AURA sync not working. The following are some possible culprits that can affect the working of the AURA service.

  • Installation File:- This is one of the prominent reasons for this error code. Many users across the world state that because of any reason ASUS AURA service installation becomes corrupted.
  • Installation Path:- It is essential to keep the installation path of the ASUS software to be the default. Otherwise, there are high chances that you will experience the ASUS service is a currently unavailable issue.
  • Software Conflict Issues:- If you have installed another RGB LED control software on your computer. This software will cause issues and contradicted with the ASUS AURA service.
  • Incompatible AURA Version:- This is also one of the reasons the brings issues, so it is best practice to make sure that you’re always using the version of ASUS AURA that is compatible with the hardware.

How To Fix ASUS AURA Sync Not Working?

Now, as you have an idea about the reasons that can prompt the ASUS AURA service is a currently unavailable issue, the time comes to talk about the solutions.

1. Disable Fast Startup

Fast startup is one of the best features of Windows features that intended to reduce the boot time of your PC. It collects all the essential information when you shut down the computer and when you boot the computer it will use those details to reduce the boot time.

But a sometimes fast startup can cause problems while using ASUS AURA services, so it would be best if you disable the fast startup.

  • Prompt to the Control panel on your Windows configured computer.  After that select the power option.

Fast startup

  • Choose What the power buttons do options to proceed to the next step.

choose what power button can do

  • Now on the next prompted window, you need to click on Choose settings that are currently unavailable.

change the settings that are currently unavailable

  • At the last prompted screen, you require unchecking the option available before the Turn on fast startup.

turn off fast startup

2. Reconnect RGB Headers


It is essential to connect RGB headers with your motherboard properly to ensure that your computer lightens up properly as you have expected.  If there is some glitch persists with the connection, then you will surely experience the issue, AURA sync not working is among them.

We recommend it that you follow the connection manual carefully to ensure that every step is taken care of properly while making a connection.

3. Uninstall Other RGB Lighting Software

If you tend to think that installing more than RGB lightning software will help you personalize the REB LEDs more attractively. This is the biggest mistake you’re doing, to fix the issue should uninstall the RGB lightning software except for ASUS AURA.

You can simply do this by identifying the RGB lighting software installed on your computer and head to the control panel to uninstall that software. Once you have uninstalled additional software, try to use ASUS AURA service. If ASUS AURA service begins to work as you have expected then congratulations otherwise you can proceed to the next solution.

Uninstall Asus AURA

4. Reinstall ASUS AURA Service

If none of the solutions we have discussed so far able to fix the ASUS AURA service is a currently unavailable issue, this is the last step you can follow.

You need to uninstall the current version of the ASUS AURA service from your computer and then install it back by visiting the official website. Sometimes, instead of reinstallation, you can consider updating the service to the latest version.

Follow the on-screen prompts to successfully install ASUS AURA on your computer.

aura service is currently unavailable

Final Take

These were some easy to follow solutions involved in fixing ASUS AURA service is currently unavailable issue. Our team did extensive research to come up with these solutions, in this post we have tried to keep the solutions as much simple as much we could do. However, if you still face any trouble while undergoing the issue, let us know using the comment section.

Well, we have come to the end of our today’s post. If still any of your question remains unanswered, share with us we will try to update you with the answers as could be possible for us.

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