How To Use AirDrop For Windows 10? [Free Alternatives]

Have you ever used Mac or iOS or recently switch from Mac to Windows? If yes, then you’re probably aware of the AirDrop. AirDrop is one of the well-known products for Mac and iOS devices used to transfer files between devices. Are you impressed with AirDrop and want to use AirDrop for Windows? If yes then consider yourself lucky, this article is specially written for you. Today’s we will try you to answer your most commonly asked questions such as can I use AirDrop on Airdrop, how to use AirDrop on Windows, and the best alternative of AirDrop for Windows. Stay with us till the end to get the answer to all your questions.

How to use AirDrop on Windows

What Is AirDrop?

How To Use AirDrop o Windows

AirDrop is a very important feature of Mac and other iOS devices that enable the users to wirelessly share photos and videos from one Apple device to another Apple device. Most of us tend to think that using AirDrop we can only transfer photos and videos. AirDrop can do a lot more such as it can transfer an entire website from one Apple device to another Apple device. Also, you can transfer text and notes from one Apple device to another Apple device easily using the AirDrop.

AirDrop takes the help of Bluetooth to make a connection between two Apple devices. That means you need to connect with your internet to transfer files between two devices. To ensure that no one except you and your friend can able to see the files transferring, AirDrop creates a firewall around the devices. You just need to place both devices close to each other to ensure you get a higher transfer speed.

Due to the advanced features of AirDrop, many Windows users looking for methods that can be used to install AirDrop on Windows 10. If you’re among them, scroll down to know about how to use AirDrop on Windows.

How To Use AirDrop On Windows?

If you’re here in a hope that you will get to know about how to use AirDrop for Windows. Sorry to say, that there is no way to use AirDrop on Windows. Apple has never branched out and developed the AirDrop for other operating systems such as Windows.

There are plenty of sites available online that claim to introduce effective ways to use AirDrop on Windows. But when the time comes to meet their promises most of them fail to perform. However, you can find AirDrop alternatives for Windows that offer similar features of AirDrop on Windows.

how to use AirDrop on Windows

AirDrop Alternatives for Windows 10:Free AirDrop Alternatives

There are plenty of tools introduced for Windows to work as the AirDrop alternatives for Windows. Most of them are free to use and compatible with almost all operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. So the transfer of files can be done seamlessly between these devices.

These replacement tools of AirDrop are up to mark in terms of speed and efficiency they offer. We have rounded up a list of best AirDrop alternatives, to help you out in choosing the best one. Scroll them and begin exploring them one by one.

1. AirDrop Alternative: Snapdrop:-

AirDrop Alternatives For Windows

Snapdrop is a file-sharing platform that was introduced in 2015, with the aim of offering functionality to send files between a mobile device and Windows PC. It manages to become the best AirDrop alternatives since its initial release.

Snapdrop is easy to use web app that enables you to transfer files over the same network. The working of Snapdrop is pretty much similar to the AirDrop. You just need to open the webpage of Snapdrop, connect with the device you want to share files with and it will visible on another device instantly with the message of saying the file available for download. Snaprop is completely free, and there is no limit over the size of a file.

Snapdrop works on browsers, so it is essential to have an active internet connection to share files. Snapdrop is an open-source project that means you need not to worry about the security.

2. AirDrop Alternatives: Windows Nearby Sharing:-

Windows Nearby Sharing

Windows Nearby Sharing is a built-in Windows 10 tool that was introduced with the April 2018 Windows 10 update. This feature lets you share files between two Windows devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi just like AirDrop does.

Windows Nearby Sharing can be accessed by the users either from the settings or from the quick settings panel. If you haven’t used this tool ever before then you need to turn in on by visiting the settings application. Navigate to the Settings -> System -> Shared Experiences. Here you need to turn on the Nearby Sharing option.

3. AirDrop Alternatives: Windows Photo Companion:-

Windows Photo Companion

Windows Photo Companion came out as a part of the Microsoft Garage Project. It is an application for Android and iOS devices that make it easy to transfer files from your smartphone to a Windows computer. To use this application your phone and computer needed to connect with the same network.

You just need to install the Windows Photo Companion application on your smartphone. On your computer, you need to launch a Microsoft photos application and click on the import button to receive files. However, with the help of this tool, you can share only image files.

4. AirDrop Alternatives: Zapya:-


Zapya is one of the most popular file-sharing applications that are compatible across most of the operating systems including Windows. It is also for the web, which makes Zapya one of the best alternatives to Airdrop for Windows. Zapya comes with both a free and paid version. The free version of Zapya offers functionality to share files from Smartphones to PC or PC to PC effectively.

5. AirDrop Alternatives: NitroShare:-


NitroShare is one of the best alternatives to AirDrop for Windows. It is designed in a way to offer simple file sharing across all cross platforms. NitroShare is an open-source project that means you need to worry about security while transferring files.

NitroShare offers support for almost all operating systems including the Windows operating system. This tool built to share files between two devices effectively at a very high speed.  Due to advance features and easy to use UI NitroShare worth to include in our list.

Final Take:-

AirDrop really an amazing application, but if you’re a Windows user then don’t get disappointed. You can use any of the above-given applications on Windows to effectively transfer files from one Windows device to another. In our today’s post, we have also tried to answer all your commonly asked such as can I use AirDrop on Windows, what are alternatives to AirDrop for Windows.

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