IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Review – Should You Buy It?

There are many reasons as to why your PC may be underperforming. The most common reason is the addition of new software and hard drive corruption. As you download files, add new programs, and simply browse the internet, your computer becomes bloated and clogged with files that use up system resources. Moreover, you’ll probably end up downloading some malware and introduce bugs and viruses onto your computer over time. Manually fixing all these problems can be a tedious and time-consuming task, this is why a tool such as IObit Advanced SystemCare exists. And in this article, we will do a full IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro review so that you can decide if it is worth purchasing or not.

What is IOBit Advanced SystemCare?

Advanced SystemCare is basically an all-in-one PC optimization utility. It can remove malware, get rid of temporary files, clean up your hard disk, perform defragmentation, and much more. Instead of downloading multiple software or manually going through each and every problem your PC faces.

Advanced SystemCare provides you with an interface that displays all your PC’s problems and the solutions to fix it right at your fingertips. Moreover, there’s a free version of this software. It doesn’t pack as much of a punch as the Pro version but provides basic monitoring, protection, cleaning, and optimization for your PC.

Features Of Advanced SystemCare Pro:

To help you get a better idea of Advanced SystemCare Pro, we’ve shared some of its noteworthy features below:

  • Cleaning and PC Optimization: Advanced SystemCare Pro provides a premium disk cleaning experience. It dives deep to find unnecessary registry and temporary files to reduce system resource usage.
  • Boosts PC Speed: IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 13 claims it can increase your startup speed up to nearly 200%. It also states it can increase your network speed by nearly 300%.
  • System Privacy and Security Protection: This software provides basic malware remove, web browsing protection, and secures your personal data from untrusted login pages and forms. Moreover, it protects real-time protection and can be used as a substitute for any 3rd party antivirus software.
  • Extra Features: Some extra features include its auto-update tool which automatically keeps you updated to the latest version of Advanced SystemCare. Additionally, this software features a free 24/7 technical support.

Pros Of Iobit Advanced SystemCare Pro 13

Advanced SystemCare has several advantages compared to its competitor’s software. Without a doubt, its most notable feature is its easy-to-use user interface. In our IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro review we found it to be highly interactive, well-organized GUI allows users to easily navigate through its settings and tools. For example, with a simple click, you can run basic optimizations but also perform advanced operations such as defragmentation and registry cleaning. IObit’s Advanced SystemCare definitely offers a whole lot of functionality for its price.

Performing system cleans couldn’t be more efficient. It’ll scan the system for large files that use up the majority of your hard disk. Then it’ll give you the option to remove them. Advanced SystemCare can also scan for empty folders, broken shortcuts, and cloned files. It also provides a program known as Process Manager which is basically an alternative to Task Manager.

The security and repair features included in Advanced SystemCare Pro are also a huge plus. An excellent feature is File Shredder. This deletes files securely and ensures that there’s no possible way of recovering it through your PC. Moreover, if you’re on Windows 10, you’ll get unique access to the “MyWin10” feature. This is a tool that’ll check for common issues with your latest Microsoft Updates and operating system upgrades.

Cons Of Advanced SystemCare Pro

Despite IObit boasting and claiming about its 200% increased start-up speed we actually found little to no improvements. In fact, some users even claimed that their startup speed was slightly reduced. This is because Advanced SystemCare uses up a lot of resources to ensure the complete optimization of your PC. Moreover, it’s internet speed boost also seemed to fall a bit flat. In fact, in terms of speed improvements, only the graphics processing showed any increments. Hence, images, videos, and games showed some minor improvement but nothing too extravagant.

This next downside is more or so with the company rather than the software. It’s fair to say that IOBit has developed some excellent products. However, they constantly try to promote their other products within Advanced SystemCare Pro.

In our IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro review we found that during the installation process, there are “checkbox options” to install the company’s Driver Booster software. Being a premium product, I would expect less adware. Lastly, some of the features included in Advanced SystemCare require you to download them separately before they can be used. This was a little annoying as most users expect a complete package upon the first installation.

Final Take: Is It Worth Buying?

Yes, absolutely! The amount of functionality and features that come with the premium version of this product is actually overwhelming. It has the functionality of about 10 different types of software all combined into one. For example, it’s real-time scanning, surfing optimization, File shredder, and disk cleaning are some of its most talked-about utilities.

If you don’t have the time on your hands to manually clean out your PC, perform scans, clear out the registry and temporary files, then Advanced SystemCare is definitely a product worth the purchase.

Nevertheless, IObit does make some bold statements about its 300% and 200% speed improvements. We disagreed with this after running some performance tests and only saw minimal processing improvements.

Moreover, IObit’s tendency to constantly promote its other products within the software can be a little annoying. Despite lacking to improve computer speed and blatantly displaying ads, a large amount of other features Advanced SystemCare Pro has to offer truly makes it worth the minor trade-off.

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