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The Internet is our daily need, and people nowadays can’t even imagine their life without an internet connection. There are several sources on the Internet. Some of the most popular sources are WiFi, Wireless Telecommunication, Ethernet, etc. Among all these sources, WiFi and Ethernet are very often used in commercial and personal places.

Every device connected to the internet connection has an IP address, and we will discuss this term in detail later. Every WiFi or Ethernet connection has a default IP address, either or This IP address is used for configuring the WiFi or Ethernet connection.

What Is

As we all know, every device that communicates using an internet connection has a specific IP address. Similar is the case of WiFi and Ethernet devices, major Internet providing companies use as the default IP address for several local event management. This IP address can be used to alter the WiFi credentials, i.e., Username and Password, Tracing Upload and Download Speed, Managing Connected Devices, etc.

Every WiFI or Ethernet owner does not access the administration panel. In most cases, this is operated by technicians. Now let us understand the IP address.

What Is The IP (Internet Protocol) Address?

It is a numeric identification label assigned to every computing device connected to the Internet for communication. Just like we humans have our residential address, similar computer devices have an IP address. This address helps one computer to communicate with other computers around the globe over the Internet.

Moreover, this IP address is used by cyber police and other IT departments to trace down the location of stolen devices such as smartphones, computers, etc. Hence, the IP address of a device helps the authorities to catch hackers and fraudsters.

Initially, internet version 4 (IPv4) was used to assign the IP address to devices. But as we experienced a huge surge in the number of internet users, internet version 6 (IPv6) is used to assign IP addresses to network devices.

What Is The Administration Panel of a Router or Modem?

Various activities need to be monitored and controlled by WiFi or Modem owners. Such activities can only be controlled if you have access to your router or modem administration panel. The administration panel is the control room of your WiFi or Modem, where one can alter and control all the activities related to one’s router.

How To Login Admin Panel?

The procedure of accessing the administration panel of every WiFi router or internet modem is the same, yet the only difference can be your default IP. For better clarification, we have elaborated the procedure into the steps.


  1. Connect your computer device to your WiFi or Ethernet Connection.
  2. Once you are successfully connected to the Internet, open a browser and type ” or ”
  3. On the next screen, you will see a login page.
  4. Enter your credentials (ID and Password) to log into the administration panel. In most cases, these credentials are mentioned at the backside of your router or modem box.
  5. After entering the correct credentials, you will be successfully logged into the administration panel.

What Is The Use Of

Several tasks related to the management of WiFi or Ethernet can be performed by accessing the administration panel. This administration panel can be accessed only with the help of this IP address. Moreover, below we have mentioned several activities that can be performed with the help of the default IP address.

Changing WiFi Name – Initially, every WiFi name is set as random alphabets or numbers. One can change this name to anything of their choice.

Changing WiFi Password – Password plays a very important role; it can be changed easily by accessing the administration panel of the WiFi router or modem.

Managing Connected Devices – With the help of the administration panel, one can easily monitor the number of devices connected to the WiFi. Moreover, we can disconnect or blacklist the unknown devices connected to our network.

Data Monitoring – Via the administration panel, a user can monitor the total internet data. Moreover, we can monitor the amount of data utilized as well as the amount of data left.

Internet Speed Monitoring – Administration panel can be used for monitoring the downloading and uploading speed of the Internet.

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How To Reset Password of WiFi Router or Modem?

Many of us are bad at remembering passwords and usernames, and the same happens in the case of administration panel login credentials. We change the username and password of the administration panel, and later we forget it. Without the correct credential, one can never get into the administration panel. In such scenarios, we are only left with the option of resetting the username and password.

Every WiFi router or Ethernet modem has a hidden reset button, and this button is normally kept out of reach. This reset button can be pressed using a pen or other pointed object. Once this button is pressed for 10 -15 seconds, it sets all the parameters back to the default. 

Default Username And Password List Of Router Using

Usually, the username and the password is mentioned on the packaging box of the router, if in case your box misses these details you can have a look below.

ManufacturersIP AddressUser IDPassword






Note – The credentials mentioned above are subjected to change as per the wish of the manufacturer. Kindly refer to the router box or guide in case the username and password mentioned above does not work.


The IP address is the principal identification number of every device that communicates via the Internet. Many people know that they can configure their WiFi router or Ethernet modem using the default IP address (

The default IP address can be used for manipulating various settings of the administration panel. Here in this article, we have described the use of the IP address, and how one can access the administration panel with its help. If you have any queries or questions related to the topic, feel free to ask me down in the comment section.

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